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  • Miki Cutler

GAG TN Chapter Leader, Miki Cutler's Speech at Moms For Liberty Tennessee Event

Hello everybody. My name is Miki Cutler and I am the Gays Against Groomers chapter leader for the state of Tennessee. I would like to start off by thanking Moms for Liberty for reaching out to Gays Against Groomers and being the helping hand in us being able to get started here in Tennessee. It takes a team, and it’s nice to know that there is a strong one present here in Tennessee. A strong team willing to fight for any and every child.

I know I’m not a parent and I’m probably not the face you expected to see here today. I am a lot closer to being a child than I am to being a parent. I am 20 years old, but I have been in this fight for two years now. I am here fighting for children on behalf of Gays Against Groomers because I was one of those children that had those ideologies and sexualities pushed on them. “Are you sure you’re not trans?” “You sure do wear a lot of boys clothes, you might just be a guy” These are just a few things I have heard since deciding to chop my hair off as a middle schooler. Things like this do not make it easier for children to ‘Find their true selves” in fact, it makes it a lot more difficult. I was 13 and being told I was probably trans when I didn’t even really know what that meant. When I was 13 I was worried about that Saturday sleepover with my friends, not my sexuality or what I identified as.

Like I said, I was 13 when I first started being told these things, imagine how confused the 7 year olds are when they come home telling their mom and dad that they learned the word “Non binary’ in school today. Imagine how confused these children are when mommy and daddy say they’re taking them on a fun little trip and they end up in front of a half naked drag queen dancing provocatively and lip-syncing to explicit songs. Imagine the confusion of a child who goes to their school library and picks up a book only to open it and find pornography on the pages inside.

I don’t believe in the idea of people being entitled, of people believing that the world owes them something. However I DO believe in children being entitled to their innocence and we owe it to them to protect that innocence from people trying to steal it. They are the only exception to my general beliefs surrounding entitlement.

We, as in Gays Against Groomers, are already in this fight. But we are ready to take this a step further, lock arms, and join this fight with not only Moms For Liberty, but the various other organizations who are also being represented today. It is time to take America’s children back and it is time to let parents parent their children again, not some elementary, middle school, or high school teacher. It is time to let children be children again, allowing them to enjoy the simplicities of childhood. I am not sure how all of these gender ideology and child exploitation issues skyrocketed so quickly in such a short amount of time, but I am positive that it is not going to stay this way. WE are not going to let it stay this way and we are not going to let them steal our children.

So, let’s keep fighting.

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