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  • Michael Costa

California Parents Doxxed, Attacked, and Intimidated by Antifa Mom

Gays Against Groomers made a splash in 2022 by speaking at local school districts around the country, beginning with California. And we are doing the same in 2023. Several months ago, our former Director of Chapters, Mario Presents, attended a meeting in Conejo Valley, California at the request of concerned/bullied parents. Parents, psychologists, and others being pressured into silence about their concerns is occurring all over the country. We have had multiple parents from California fill us in on some that they have with this district.

The first situation involves a local clinical psychologist who spoke against gender-affirming curriculum. She delivered a sincere and professional speech about her concerns. She commended the school on being inclusive of students who may feel different or isolated. She encouraged the importance of empathy. But she feels like some of the school’s policies are creating adverse effects on the mental health of students. Before adolescence, children do not have the neural connections of brain architecture to understand the concept of identity. So when third graders are presented with abstract concepts about transgenderism and gender fluidity, they are not able to process these concepts in a rational way. They can only think in terms of black and white. They can only use concrete thought. The schools are introducing abstract concepts years before students are able to mentally process them. Some children have been seeking therapy because the school material is causing confusion and psychological issues. Young girls are developing hatred and insecurity about their bodies. She had a patient who was anorexic because she wanted to delay puberty. She was afraid of developing curves and hips, like females do during puberty. She eventually got the issue under control and developed according to her natural puberty. A few years later, she started testosterone. Her body issues returned and she assumed that testosterone would get rid of or redistribute her body fat. She is now detransitioned, suicidal, full of regret, and her body is irreversibly altered. She was falsely labeled as transgender and prescribed hormones because of pre-existing psychological conditions that were not addressed before allowing her to transition. The psychologist fears that many of these individuals are struggling with other issues that are being clouded by an excessive focus on gender. While she supports diversity and inclusion, she felt the responsibility to voice her concerns because the school policies could be creating more and more cohorts of these girls through what they are learning in school. The psychologist had a complaint lodged with the licensing board for bringing up concerns about the mental health of children to her local school board.

A local father went to a school board meeting to voice his concerns about what his daughter was learning in school. He said that his daughter was shown a video and book about transgenderism and became confused. Her friends even tried convincing her to shave her head and identify as a boy. The main takeaway from his speech was that in order to create an inclusive educational environment, PARENTS also must be included in making decisions about what their kids are learning at school. His story was picked up by a local newspaper and the article received a lot of backlash from activists. In May, a local school was vandalized with spray paint because of the radical sexual curriculum being taught to children. Although he had nothing to do with the incident, Schneider’s article in the local newspaper was blamed for “creating hate in the community and encouraging citizens to commit criminal acts against schools.” It was a method of gaslighting parents, claiming that expressing disagreement with the content taught in the classroom is somehow dangerous and leads to violence. In June, Schneider was accused of being the one who vandalized the school. There was no evidence of this, but the accusation was still thrown his way and he was investigated as a suspect. Law enforcement found no proof of him being connected to the crime. Another parent who spoke up at a school board meeting had his business doxxed by Antifa.

Gays Against Groomers was recently notified by a concerned parent that the school is currently bringing a transgender student to different classrooms. The school is bringing the student into kindergarten classrooms to influence 5-year-olds about gender identity and encourage them to “explore their gender.” All of these issues lead back to a local activist mother named Megan Goebel. She is connected to the doxxing & harassment of several parents who disapproved of the curriculum and classroom material. She is the head of LGBTQ District Advisory Council for Conejo Valley School District. She is the mother of the transgender child being brought into kindergarten classrooms. And she is connected to the doxxing of the parents and professionals who spoke up at these school board meetings.

A video of Goebel recently went viral on Libs of TikTok, where she claims that her child started showing signs of cross-gender identification before the age of two. This mom transed her 2-year-old son because he liked to dress up in dresses and makeup. On her social media, most of her content is promoting child transition to her audience of parents and young people.

On her website, she even has a recommended list of books that promote gender ideology to children. Some of these books, including “Call Me Max” have been read to students, causing parents to become concerned. In December 2020, she founded Unity Conejo – an organization whose mission is to fulfill the 2016 Ca Healthy Youth Act: Teen Talk and to spread transgender education to K-5. Clearly, she is determined to force gender ideology in schools in every way that she can. Goebel is the lynchpin for LGBTQ affirmation in Conejo Valley and is adamant about introducing this material to all other children in the district. The district currently has an affirmation-only model or gender identity. She also works closely with the ACLU and is connected to Antifa.

This is being done in our name, even though gay people loving one another has absolutely nothing to do with indoctrinating children into a cult of disembodiment and nonsense. After being contacted by multiple parents in his own school district Mario Presents went to yet another school board meeting to notify them about how Gays Against Groomers feels about all of this:

“Children fantasize about being princesses, or superheroes all the time. We indulge children because to them the world is a beautiful and wondrous place and we want to preserve that innocence. Last Friday, your children’s innocence was shattered because the actions of an adult created a lockdown situation, terrifying them, and that is not okay.

I’ve uncovered a school official in another District who began the process of affirming their 18 month old son because he likes wearing fingernail polish like his older sister. That child’s mother is LGBT Director for the district, and now trotting the child to the elementary schools as a living incarnation of the “I am Jazz” story. This is indoctrination. “Gay & Lesbian" refers to men and women who are same-sex oriented. It is not a belief, not socially influenced, and requires participation of consenting adults...It is about who you love. Trans is a belief that requires everyone to participate in your identity...even at school. It is a social & medical process that starts at any age. Jazz Jennings began this process as a child and now suffers from severe health problems as a young adult. Not to mention a 100-pound weight gain from depression & a binge eating disorder.

Luka Hein, a detransitioner from Nebraska had her breasts removed at 16 because she was affirmed and given cross sex hormones immediately after. Now at 21 she suffers constant joint pain and uncertainty about her ability to even have a child. She will never breast feed a baby because of a choice she made as a minor who could not understand the long term consequences of her actions.

Scott Newgent is a trans man who underwent the process at 42, a grown adult, and now lives with constant infections and complications from these experimental processes. If Scott Newgent, Luka Hein, Chloe Cole, Jazz Jennings, Cat Cattinson, Oli London, Sinead Watson, and countless others are having this experience, what chance do your children have if an educator is willingly, deliberately, and directly influencing your children? Listen to these parents because they will pay the medical bills, you… you’ll be responsible for the litigation when the finger is directed at the culprit of indoctrination.”

When parents send their kids to school everyday, they should not have to worry about what teachers are going to do behind their backs. And they should not have to be afraid to voice their concerns. The repeated doxxing, reporting, and defamation of concerned parents are not just isolated incidents. There is a pervasive issue caused by aggressive activists running the system, using schools to push their beliefs onto children, and intimidating people into silence. An education system that caves to the demands of aggressive trans activists, despite mental health and safeguarding concerns, is not a system that parents, gay people, or taxpaying citizens should support. We are going to keep speaking out about this until it is resolved.


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