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  • Robert Wallace

Canva Bans Gays Against Groomers and Indirectly Accuses the LGBTQ+ Community of Being Pedophiles

Canva has joined the growing list of companies to deplatform and cancel Gays Against Groomers. We have noticed a very dangerous trend among companies who claim to care about gay people and our community. It involves silencing those who disagree with an ideology that targets children. The repeated attempts to discredit organizations whose goal is to advocate for safeguarding and wellness should raise a red flag. It suggests that there may be something amiss, either in the values or policies that corporations advocate for, on behalf of political interest groups.

The email Canva sent to Gays Against Groomers alerting us they refuse to print our brochures

One possible interpretation is that these decision-makers and advocates suffer from the woke mind virus – a condition that could lead them to misinterpret the intentions of organizations like Gays Against Groomers. They seem to believe that when gay people push back against sexual content being exposed to children or object to sexually provocative performances, we somehow accuse all "LGBTQ+" people of harming children. They seem to believe that when gay people push back against putting pornography in school libraries and the amputation of children's healthy body parts, it somehow equates to being "anti-LGBTQ+."

It is important to note that Gays Against Groomers has been extremely transparent in distinguishing its mission from the distorted interpretations that biased media outlets, trans activists, and even pedophiles have spun from its mission statement. These distortions serve to degrade and undermine the entire LGBTQ+ community. They aim to ensure the survival of their own ideology and exploit the "LGBTQ+" label as an excuse for sterilizing children. The "LGBTQ+" movement is a lie. It is a complete misrepresentation of what gay rights have always stood for.

The implication that fighting the war on children equates to being "anti-LGBTQ+" reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of what gay men and women believe. Radical trans activism does not define our community as a whole whatsoever. They represent a loud, politically charged minority. It is both slanderous and inaccurate to equate the actions of a few with all gay or transgender people.

Gays Against Groomers' statement on being banned by Canva

Accusing our organization of being "anti-LGBTQ" has been a recurring theme. It resembles a childish game of "I know you are, but what am I?" This strategy is also employed across various aspects of public life where opposition to extreme ideologies that threaten families is met with rejection by the public. Its aim is to demonize common sense and normalize an ideology that is out-of-touch with reality.

This not what we stand for.

Recent trends among vocal minority groups have made companies like Canva feel that their culture, identity, and existence are under attack. What is purposefully overlooked, either out of blind or willful ignorance, is that being gay does not imply promoting sexually explicit content for school-aged children. Being gay does not mean exposing children to sexually provocative drag performances historically intended for adult audiences in late-night bars and clubs. These venues, by their nature, are adult-oriented and sexually charged, even the so-called "kid-friendly" versions.

Activists who argue for children's access to such content, and companies that endorse this view, have increasingly identified with the "LGBTQIA+" label without understanding what being gay entails. This trend has led to the normalization of boundary-crossing behaviors and an overall decline in public support. Moreover, the rise of detransitioners has revealed how dangerous it is to tell a child that he/she is "trapped in the wrong body." This misguided practice especially endangers children who are gender nonconforming. It tells them that their body is wrong and needs to be corrected with surgery. Research findings point to a desistance rate of up to 88% in trans identification for gender-confused youth. Due to groups that glorify and protect such misguided practices, a new generation of gender-distressed youth has emerged.

This social contagion, left unchecked, has necessitated the formation of organizations like Gays Against Groomers and various parental rights groups. The contagion has been perpetuated through peer pressure, the immoral influence of social influencers, mainstream media, and certain activists who have emerged to popularize and normalize a mindset that should be addressed through therapy, time, maturity, and personal development.

Canva has unfortunately aligned itself with groups and companies that prioritize sexual perversion over mental health. They place the sterilization of children above all else, celebrating child sexual rights and deviant thinking to ensure everyone feels validated. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they have associated themselves with the notion that the gay community is one which promotes a nefarious agenda, as the social contagion they defend has shown itself to be. This is the legacy they are creating, not ours.

We DENOUNCE Canva, an anti-gay organization that takes pride in homophobic abuse. Nobody who silences gay people is on the right side of history. By deplatforming Gays Against Groomers, they are abusing their power to promote lies and bigotry about the people they claim to advocate for. They get away with it by hiding behind diversity, equity, and inclusion policies that contradict the principles they claim to uphold. They are no different than any other homophobic group that seeks to harm and silence gays. And it says a lot more about them than it does about us.


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