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  • Judith Rose

EXPOSED: Vancouver's Drag Scene Under Fire For Child Exploitation

Trigger Warning: Exploitation of Minors  

The following article contains discussions and depictions of the exploitation of minors as performers, a deeply sensitive and distressing topic. We recognize the gravity of this subject matter and aim to handle it with the utmost care and respect. Please be advised that the content may be disturbing or triggering for some readers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or distressed, we encourage you to seek support from a trusted individual or a professional resource. Our intention in addressing this issue is to raise awareness, promote understanding, and advocate for the protection and well-being of all minors.  

Over the weekend, we received a very distressing email from a transsexual man in Vancouver, asking for help exposing something deeply disturbing happening in a string of bars and pubs across BC. For safety purposes, our source wishes to remain anonymous, something we completely understand as tension around trans ideology has greatly increased in recent years and multiple trans people have made headlines committing acts of violence.  

Even though this is recorded happening outside of the United States, not only do we feel a responsibility to sound the alarm for the sake of the safety of children in Vancouver, but we also know that this could be happening right under our noses and has simply not been properly reported.  

It’s easy to be outraged over a half-naked adult dancing for and collecting tips from children. Adults are supposed to know better. It’s something Gays Against Groomers exposes with a heavy heart on a semi-regular basis. You’d have to be blind not to see our posts. Whether they’re at Pride or not, we’ve caught some scantily clad adult performers interacting with young children during some very provocative shows.  

But the crisis has reached a new low, and we’re distressed to report that some of these drag performers in Vancouver performing nearly naked with adults are children themselves. Three bars were named specifically by our source, accompanied by graphics advertising drag shows with underage performers: 

Regularly featured at these shows with adults using stage names like Buster Cherry, Androgynass, and “Papa Bear” Kevin, is a minor under the stage name Nova Tropica. Nova is a 13-year-old girl and self-proclaimed Drag King, which is typically a woman crossdressing as a man to perform for adults in a fashion similar to Drag Queens. However, Nova has also self-described as non-binary, disabled, mentally ill, neurodivergent and openly admits to now being on cross-sex hormones. 

We urge readers and supporters NOT to interact with Nova Tropica and remind them that this is a CHILD, please respect their space. Screenshots are provided for integrity’s sake only.

Nova has been seen at previously listed Vancouver bars in revealing clothing, sometimes down to a mesh top and tape, dancing for an adult audience.  

On Nova’s Instagram, provided for us by our source, Nova’s posts depict performances in very little clothing for adults as well as their locations, inviting followers to support her in the name of LGBTQ rights. Many of Nova’s posts revolve around the belief that gender dysphoric youth must be allowed access to “gender affirming care” or said youth will commit suicide before they reach their 18th birthday. In one notable post, Nova playfully proclaims she is “everything Lucifer wanted her to be.” Nova truly believes that her mental health has absolutely no correlation with her gender confusion, and often expresses outrage at not being recognized as a “disabled non-binary Drag King” even within the community itself. 

Every sane parent is thinking the same thing right now. What kind of parent would allow their child to do this? Is Nova’s Instagram, littered with obscenities and provocative poses, monitored by an adult?  

Meet Nova’s mother, Chrysta. 

A quick glance at Chrysta’s page (through the mess of extremely mediocre art) reveals posts that mirror Nova’s beliefs and clearly support Nova’s risqué performances. Since parents are a child’s very first role model, we know that not only did Chrysta enforce Nova’s mental illness, but fiercely advocated for Nova to begin transitioning at just 11 years old as per her post on May 26th, 2023. 

Here, Chrysta pulls a false statistic on trans suicide out of thin air and admits she has been advocating for her child to transition since age 11, insisting that “forcing a child to live in a body that is not authentic to their person is MURDER.” We’re pretty sure murder is murder, but okay Chrysta.  

Both Nova and her mother have been expressing fear over a new seven-point plan implemented by the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Maxime Bernier in May of 2023.  This plan by Canadian conservatives has “sparked fear amongst the 2SLGBTQIA+” people of Canada. Of course.  

The plan includes: 

  • Modifying the Criminal Code to outlaw the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and any form of bodily mutilation on minors with the goal of “transitioning” to another sex 

  • Protecting women’s spaces – bathrooms, changing rooms, shelters, and prisons – from “intrusion by biological men” 

  • Abolishing federal programs that fund sex change operations for civil servants and prisoners 

  • Removing the ban imposed by Bill C-4, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy), on helping minors who suffer from gender dysphoria accept their body. (This allows therapists to understand the root of mental turmoil, instead of blindly affirming dysphoria.)  

  • Strictly enforcing section 163.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code in order to remove inappropriate pornographic content from schools and libraries, which Action4Canada defines as sexually explicit and pornographic books that are being made available to children via schools and public libraries 

  • Maintaining separate competitions for women in which “biological men” cannot participate in sports regulated and funded by the federal government 

  • Repealing Bill C-16, which makes gender self-identification grounds for protection against discrimination (something easily abused) 

Many of these points are the same things Gays Against Groomers advocates for to protect children from indoctrination, sexualization and medicalization (under the guise of LGBTQ) prior to full prefrontal cortex development. Since this new plan interrupts and effectively criminalizes what Chrysta is doing to her child by allowing Nova to inject cross-sex hormones at age 13/14, we can see why this upsets them.  

A quote from our source:  

“I hate seeing this exploitation happening to children and it being seen as okay because it's under the LGBTQ+ label. It's scary seeing this creepy abusive stuff being promoted and celebrated in Vancouver as progressive. Who thought having kids dance in bars/pubs for adults was a good idea? Also, who thought it was appropriate to put an unstable [middle] school feminine girl on testosterone? Vancouver Canada is a complete mess, and more people need to see this stuff to stop it.”   

It is worth noting that British Columbia has Canada's 3rd-highest number of transgender, non-binary people per capita, per 2021 census. “In an emailed statement to CBC News, Statistics Canada said it limited analysis of gender diversity to people aged 15 or older because children and youth may not be fully aware of their gender identity when filling out the census questionnaire.”  

In other words, despite how radically Canada has approached and perpetrated neo-trans ideology, Canada still recognizes that children under 15 are not necessarily fully aware of their gender identity. And yet parents like Chrysta are somehow convinced that as soon as a child says they think they’re born in the wrong body, depriving them of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones is equal to murder.  

How did we get here? Even radical trans activists don’t seem to know. They like to guess that it’s because “public acceptance and therefore media visibility has risen” in recent years, and yet they cannot confirm the cause of the sudden explosion of trans and non-binary identifying youth. Many deny the rise of technology and social media since 2010 has any correlation with internal conflict and mental turmoil, despite research that strongly suggests otherwise.  

A prominent Canadian trans rights group have a website that explains while it is true that trans people have the same rights as everyone else, including the right to have a license with the gender they identify with, it is still important to advocate for visibility and “equality.” The site provides resources and guides on how to force public acknowledgment with things like specific bathroom signs, demand single space bathrooms, and encourage public service members to "reeducate their perspective.” The site also suggests that if a trans or otherwise LGBTQ+ person experiences any type of discrimination, it is important to file a Human Rights Complaint.  

It is no wonder that adults and children alike have been radicalized, outraged, and weaponized by “trans rights” groups who brush right past the fact that they do have equal rights and instead advocate for public harassment and children to perform sexually for adults in the name of LGBTQ rights. It’s difficult to comprehend how these people cannot understand the pushback from people like us and Bernier when we see extremely mentally ill children who have no idea that their gender confusion may very well dissipate if they learned to love themselves through puberty and beyond.  

This has been a heartbreaking story to cover, and the prospect of so many children growing up like Nova out in the world is a heavy weight. Interrupting a child’s development instead of helping them through mental turmoil is child abuse. Allowing a child to perform provocatively for adults is also child abuse. And yet many therapists are being trained and weaponized to work in tandem with this abuse, not against it. Those of us who speak out against this complete destruction of the youth are constantly vilified and labeled disgusting, hateful names, but we don’t care. We’d like to thank our source for bravely reaching out, especially as a member of the trans community. Let the record show that not all LGB or T people agree with this blatant child abuse, and we will expose as much of it as we can possibly stomach until it stops worldwide.  

Are you a concerned parent with a child grappling with gender dysphoria, confusion and mental illness with nowhere to turn? Go to Resources | GaysAgainstGroomers and check out our podcast Dark Side of the Rainbow Podcast ( You are not alone!  



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