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Radar Watchlist: Eli Erlick

Eli Erlick is a radical transgender (MTF) activist and co-founder of an organization called Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER). Erlick is a Ph.D candidate at the University of California for Feminist Studies and History of Consciousness, despite being a biological male, and is credited in all leftist corners of the internet as an internationally-awarded writer and public speaker, with works featured in NY Times, Time Magazine, and The LA Times. Erlick has made several television appearances and was dubbed the “New Face of Feminism” by Teen Vogue in 2016.

Eli was raised by activists, and during a period of childhood turmoil, Erlick came out as transgender at 8 years old, and was evidently permitted to transition shortly after publicly presenting as a girl at 13. Three years later, Eli co-founded TSER, but is not openly credited on their About landing page. In 2017, when Eli was a senior at Pitzker College, Glamour magazine named Eli one of their “College Women of the Year,” making Eli the first transgender chosen for said acknowledgment.

Eli believes that anyone who feels they are transgender or even “gender non-conforming" should have free and immediate access to hormone drugs and has promised to provide them for “any youth that can’t access formal medicine.” Erlick caused internet controversy by openly bragging about distributing hormone drugs for free with “no questions asked.” Despite being exposed for this by Libs of Tiktok, as of March 7, 2023, Erlick proudly admitted to the continuation of the crime, even encouraging those who order the drugs to order in bulk.

Matt Walsh took action in response to Eli, contacting the governor of Mississippi where Erlick resided in March and inspired the state to ban transing minors. The now far-left infiltrated Wikipedia sympathizes in Erlick’s entry that Erlick was a victim of “stochastic terrorism” by conservatives, who Erlick accused of essentially attention and money seeking behavior. The entry downplays Erlick’s admission of dealing hormones illegally, and completely neglects to address the controversies and allegations Erlick has faced over the years from trans-identifying POC specifically, the primary targeted demographic of TSER.

Multiple victims have come forward to accuse Eli of sexual abuse and predatory behavior only to be faced with ridicule, shame and humiliation from Eli in response. One of Eli’s victims, known as Danie, committed suicide after attempting to expose an unstable relationship with Erlick that led up to rape, only to be silenced. Danie served as a Board Member, Grant Writer, and Program Director of TSER. Erlick is occasionally removed from certain LGBTQ activist sites but has yet to face any major consequences from dealing illegal hormone drugs or sexual assault.

A self-described “gender non-conforming transgender,” Eli has been seen sporting a shirt saying “Down With Cis,” and in 2015 Eli wrote an article about why equality shouldn’t be the goal of the transgender movement. Instead, Erlick aims for supremacy using TSER, which advocates for teaching trans students how to organize and educate others by “transforming the education environment.” TSER is credited for birthing the gender propaganda icon known as The Gender Unicorn, a child-friendly graphic designed to introduce identity politics to children as young as 5 years old.

Not only is Eli Erlick distributing illegal hormones to minors, but Erlick is responsible for mass indoctrination happening across the public school system at this very moment. We would reach out to Erlick for comment, but we have been blocked by Erlick on every social media platform.

See our blog post for more screenshot receipts: TSER and Eli Erlick Exposed; Converting & Exploiting POC Youth


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