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Gays Against Groomers' Official Stance on Pride

Years ago, Pride was about LGBT people stepping out to show the world we are normal people deserving of equality and marriage rights. We wanted the world to see that same sex relationships were not a threat, and in fact resembled the dynamic of straight relationships in many ways. We marched for our rights, and in 2004 the first legal gay marriage in the US was performed in Cambridge, MA. In June of 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 US states.

We had endured an excruciatingly drawn out battle, so there was all the more reason to celebrate the anniversary of legal same-sex marriage every June. But as the years went by, this celebration morphed from one of love and equality to a raunchy display of overt sexuality and debauchery in our name. We became tired of the predictive pandering from companies looking to exploit us for profit by pretending to support us. We found ourselves exhausted by fellow members of our community who put their sexuality on a pedestal as if it were their singular personality trait. And most of all, we find ourselves incredibly disturbed by the inclusion of children in these annual sexual exhibitions.

Gays Against Groomers is comprised of LGB and T individuals who feel like our community has gone too far. We believe there is a firm difference between education versus indoctrination, inclusivity versus pandering, and celebrating your right to marry versus exhibiting disgusting behaviors meant for the privacy of your own home. We are the LGB and T people who don’t make our sexuality our dominant attribute, who don’t need the world to accept us, and are satisfied with our current rights. We don’t go along with the mainstream narrative regarding our community. Because of this, we face an onslaught of character assassinations daily, something we’ve grown numb to.

Not only do we find Pride unnecessary now, we are concerned by the exposure of inherently sexual materials that fall under the LGBT umbrella to children. In the past, we have seen young children brought to parades where grown adults are selling sex toys, hardly dressed, and displaying inappropriate behavior many minors should not be witnessing. In this day and age, many believe this is a form of empowerment, and a way to educate children with “sex positivity.” In reality, we are looking at the destruction of innocence right before our eyes, and we won’t be silent about it.

Each year Pride seems to go on a little longer. It’s not just Pride month now, it’s Pride “season.” We firmly believe this is completely unnecessary. We are appalled by scenes like half naked performers taking money from young children like strippers, or kids being taught how to pole dance, or seeing “This Book is Gay” being given to minors. Children are being indoctrinated, sexualized and even medicalized in the name of “LGBTQ acceptance.” The slippery slope has become a very real phenomena and we are on a dark road to legal pedophilia.

Gays Against Groomers will not let this happen without a fight. We are here to stand against it all and hold the line and our community accountable. While this is something that has to happen from inside of our community to be effective, we appreciate any and all support in our efforts to hold the line and save the innocence of children. The right thing is not always popular, but we will persevere.


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