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  • Michael Costa

Gays Against Groomers Public Comment to The Biden Administration's Proposed Title IX Amendments

Title IX – Spring 2023

[Docket ID ED-2022-OCR-0143-0001]

Gays Against Groomers

Gays Against Groomers is a movement of gay Americans who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+” We have assisted in passing sixteen regulations, laws, and guidelines that ban transgender ideology from being forced onto children. Across the nation, bills are being introduced that ban child sterilization, mutilation, castration, and amputation of healthy body parts all in the name of “gender identity” – an ideology that is being forced down their throats at schools.

The notion that the gay community is a monolith is a lie. Members of our community have been waking up in droves to the corruption being done in our name. Our movement has skyrocketed so quickly in less than a year, mostly due to our hardline approach and exposing the reality of what is happening to our community. We appreciate that The Biden Administration’s most recent interpretation of Title IX laws seem to be a little more reasonable than last summer. However, we are still concerned over the fact that “gender identity” is still very much on the table and being prioritized over the rights of everyone. These laws, on the basis of “gender identity” are toxic, discriminatory, and destructive for the first half of the LGBTQ+ alphabet. They do NOTHING for gay people. Upon re-reading the amendments with the second round of proposed changes, we find them to be anti-gay, anti-parent, anti-child, put people in danger, and goes against everything that our movement has accomplished thus far. Also, what worries us is what happens next. According to legislation recently introduced in the senate, progressives seek to codify “gender identity” in Title IX and then apply it to everything covered under the Civil Rights Act. So, this does not just stop at schools and sports. “Transgender and nonbinary people” are demanding complete and total colonization of civil rights laws granted to gays and lesbians. This would also harm children. We completely reject a framework which enacts gay erasure, child mutilation, pressured speech, and seeks the complete and total bodily autonomy of “transgender and nonbinary people,” most of which are minors.

We hope that this information can provide some insight as to why we are fighting this so vigorously. Gays Against Groomers asks once again that you reconsider our viewpoints, from the same adults who spent decades fight for our rights – none of which included gender identity – and run completely antithetical to “queer” activism. We have addressed our concerns to dozens of progressive politicians regarding its effects on gay people. We still have not received a straight answer. We challenge these lawmakers to stand up for what they believe in and admit to what they are fighting for: the sexual citizenship of children. Activists from the HRC and the ACLU have been on record claiming that none of this was happening, even though all of it was. We are sick of the predatory lies being put forward in our name by the transgender Taliban. Everything in this public comment is backed up by academic, legal, and scientific information, as seen in the corresponding studies. We would like to thank our allies at The Paradox Institute for helping us with science, statistics and data. The gender cult’s disdain for gays and lesbians sticking up for themselves shows how anti-gay their belief system is at its root.

We are unsure of the process that The Biden Administration had to go through in order to combat these “anti-trans” bills. But if they are paying attention to the details of these bills, then they see Gays Against Groomers helped put these laws in place. On all senate/legislative documents, testimonies and speeches, the name of our organization is publicly recorded. The biggest LGBTQIA+ lobbying organizations have villainized and slandered us, making false claims that we are a far-right group of homophobic straight people. If any other gay movement was accomplishing as much as we have for the benefit of their community, then they would not be accused of being awful bigots. We are all extremely gay and proud. And we proudly choose to side with common sense and reality, in order to do what we feel is best for the gay community – a community whose well-being we value over anyone who tries to get in the way of our success. We are getting new applications every day and messages from members of own community thanking us for what we are doing. No matter how hard gender activists try to slander and demonize us, we have more gay adults siding with us on this issue in droves. Millions of people agree with us. Our views are not some fringe political issue – it is a moral issue that is plaguing our community.

Gays Against Groomers helped pass bills across the nation that pump the brakes on anti-gay medical malpractice, get rid of the filth in our schools, ban sexualized material, advocating for all who are in this fight, and cleaning up the mess that has infested the community which we worked decades to build. On behalf of the trans mafia, The Biden Administration proposed new Title IX amendments that still enshrine the concept of “gender identity.” This is their way of saying that “transgender and nonbinary people’s “rights” on the basis of gender identity are still on the table.

Transgender rights/”gender identity” includes:

- Unrestricted child sex-changes for tomboys

- Pornographic schools

- "Age-appropriate" child sexual mutilation [there is no such thing]

- Puberty blockers, sterilizing hormones, and amputation surgeries with no barriers or safeguarding

- Removing children from parents who do not comply with their child's transgender demands

- Removing free speech

- Erasing women and gays

- Putting themselves in charge of making rules about the bodily autonomy of children

- Punishing anybody who does not comply

We Do Not Consent

If any representative from The Biden Administration would be willing to reach out and discuss this further, then we eagerly accept the offer.

“Gender Identity”

Modern discussions of gender often include statements like, “Sex and gender are different.” or “Gender is something you identify as.” While many attribute it to feminists, the first person to use “gender” in such a way was John Money in 1955. He is often referred to as “the father of gender identity,” since he is the one who invented the term. While John Money is mostly famous for his work on transgenderism and the infamous David Reimer case, he actually has an extensive history of sexological research that is controversial, to say the least. This groomer’s ideas are currently being replicated in the current conversation about sex and gender.

John Money’s work on the sexual citizenship of children has earned him the title of “Pedophile Advocate” – rightfully so. His work on “chronophilia” described an erotic attraction to people of different age groups. These age groups included minors, not surprisingly. And he tried to normalize this for years, despite there not being scientific evidence that this exists whatsoever. In 1994, he opposed the classification of pedophilia as an abnormal fetish, even though that is what the overwhelming amount of research has proven (1994, p. 41). Clearly, he had an ulterior motive and thought that it was appropriate to include his personal goals of “sexual liberation for children” in his work and label it as science. The same year, he said that he wanted to look at pedophilia “in the broader, cultural purview of sexuality’s timetables” and his reasoning was that pedophilia was historically legal and that society is stigmatizing “attraction to juveniles” in order to fulfill an anti-liberation agenda. His work includes advocating for a reconsideration of sex offender laws (1992) to further normalize child abuse in the law.

Just because something is considered legal in some places does not mean that it is good or should be accepted by society. Not only did he seek the normalization of child abuse – he glorified it. In 1983, he claimed that these relationships should be considered a blend of “devotion, affection and limerence…a comradeship with a touch of hero-worship” and that society’s”rule of age-avoidancy” is negotiable (Money & Weinrich, 1983, pp. 42-43, 46, 53). He proposed the concept of “Lovemaps” and “sexuoerotic age” that include an age range of attraction which may differ from one’s actual age (Money & Clopper, 1974, p. 174). Once again, there was no solid scientific evidence that such a concept exists, but he decided to claim that it did, anyway. The fact that his ideas are reemerging in the current cultural climate and being labeled as “science” is worrisome, inaccurate, and should not be tolerated in any form. Frankly, we think they should be ashamed of themselves.

John Money’s work in the mid-1980s included a resurrection of “psychosexual age” (Money, 1986) a term from the 1950s that Money rebranded as “sexuoerotic age” (Hammer, 1954). That same year, he advocated for “erotic age roleplay,” suggesting that some people have an inner-child, making them attracted to minors and that this is something that should be accepted and encouraged…even though he did not have scientific proof to back him up. “Chronophilia” (Money, 1986), a palatable rebranding of his ideas about “age-discrepancy paraphilias” (Money, 1981) is the “most accurate way to describe persistently identifying as an age other than one's chrono age & typically feeling an intense desire to transition in full or part to living as one's identified age."

Transgender and nonbinary activists are claiming that people have an inner-child whose age does not match up with one’s “biological age.” It is a concept that they claim is similar to gender incongruence but is classified in terms of age – sometimes referred to as “age dysphoria.” Similar ideas can be seen in Money’s work. He claimed that “the paraphile’s age is discordant with his/her actual chronological age and is concordant with the age of their partner” (1986). He also applied these concepts to include “apotemnophilia” which is a term that describes people with an erotic fixation on amputees and castration fetishes in his work on skoptic syndrome. In 1985, Money claimed that “age matching” is normal and works the same way as an a consenting adult relationship. Money also advocated for “reciprocal sexuoerotic rehearsal play,” which is just a pseudo-intellectual way of saying “sexual activity for children” (Money, 1989). He was known for making up complicated jargon for pedophilic acts [like “gender identity”] in order to purposely confuse his detractors into accepting his ideas as scientific advancement.

John Money advocated for the sexual liberation of children, using pornography and kink. He thought that “unrestricted enjoyment of erotica and sex in childhood” would encourage healthy sexual development in adulthood. In his book “Sexual Signatures: On Being a Man Or a Woman” (Money, 1976), he stated that pornographic images for children should be included in sex education. Specifically, he stated that "The best time to introduce such pictures is before a child's biological clock has signaled the start of puberty. Prepubertal children are intellectually capable of understanding sex, and their curiosity about life runs high." They will no doubt find these pictures erotically stimulating, but as the novelty wears off they will soon settle down and accept the information in the matter-of-fact way they accept information about other facets of adult life. If their first exposure to pictures of sexual relations between men and women comes after hormonal puberty has begun, the education will still be helpful but their erotic response will be harder for them to manage and they will need more exposure before the pictures cease to arouse it. In short, it takes older children longer to grow bored with such pictures." (Money & Tucker, 1976). He labeled his retractors as “victimologists” and said that people who oppose his ideas are just moralists who want to stifle the healthy development of children. He even criticized anti-pornograhy lesbian feminists, implying that they were just prudish and did not understand the importance of pornography and kink in psychosexual development. John Money thought that the desexualization of gender was in accord with the zeitgeist of contemporary sexual politics together with victimology and an expanding criminalization of sex. This is eerily similar to current-day trans activists who claim that pornographic content in schools is a good thing, and those who disagree are just overreacting or trying to harm the psychological development of “transgender children.”

On The Basis of Sex

Transgender rights, on the basis of “gender identity,” apply to children and directly go against our rights. Adding “gender identity” to the category of “sex” completely subverts the meaning of sex (male and female) to include a variety of identity labels which do not exist and erase the gays in the process. Same-sex marriage grants us the right to marry one another on the basis of sex. We cannot properly categorize and protect same-sex oriented people if we do not have a proper definition of sex.

Children are being taught in school that biological sex is not real. They should be taught the truth: Biological sex is immutable and defined by the capability of an individual to produce either sperm or egg cells. In the bills that we’ve contributed to and passed, biological sex is legally defined as the biological indication of male and female in the context of reproductive potential or capacity, such as sex chromosomes, naturally occurring sex hormones, gonads, and nonambiguous internal and external genitalia present at birth, without regard to an individual's psychological, chosen, or subjective experience of gender. They set the boundaries of sex being binary – male and female. There is no third. There is no in-between. There are no subcategories. Typically, 99.98% of the time, the chromosomes are karyotyped as XX or XY. There are variations to this for .02% of humans. Someone may have chromosomes XXX, XYY, X, XYX, etc. "Biological sex at birth" means an individual's sex, as being male or female, according to distinct reproductive roles as manifested by sex and reproductive organ anatomy, chromosomal makeup, and endogenous hormone profiles, as listed in our senate bill (SB0016) in Utah.

These anti-child mutilation laws specifically exclude disorders of sexual development, a lot of which also fall under “intersex” and “sex characteristics” in the proposed Title IX updates. People diagnosed with a disorder of sexual development (intersex) are not affected by the laws and policies that Gays Against Groomers have created, and their medical care will still continue as is. Every single person is male or female, regardless of whether or not a disorder of sexual development is present. Services are provided when a health care practitioner has otherwise diagnosed a disorder of sexual development that the health care practitioner has determined, through genetic or biochemical testing, that the person does not have normal sex chromosome structure, sex steroid production, or sex steroid hormone action for a male or female body. This applies to individuals born with external biological sex characteristics that are irresolvably ambiguous, born with 46 XX chromosomes with virilization, born with 46, XY chromosomes with undervirilization, has both ovarian and testicular tissue, or has been diagnosed with a disorder of sexual development by a physician. Humans with karyotypes containing a Y chromosome, such as XY, XYY (Jacob’s Syndrome), XYX (Klinefelter Syndrome), “49, XXXXY”, XXYY Syndrome, etc. are all male. People with karyotypes XX, XXX (Triple X Syndrome), X (Turner Syndrome), XXXX (Tetrasomy X), etc. are all female. Sexual orientation is completely based on maleness and femaleness. These laws do not affect medically necessary treatment for precocious puberty, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, ovarian disorders, or sex-hormone stimulated cancer. Regarding puberty blockers (GnRH Agonists), these laws say that puberty inhibition drugs are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Possible adverse outcomes of puberty blockers are known to include diminished bone density, pseudotumor cerebri and long-term adult sexual dysfunction. These laws clarify that research on the long-term risks to children of prolonged treatment with puberty blockers for the treatment of gender dysphoria has not yet occurred; and the full effects of puberty blockers on brain development and cognition are unknown. The use of cross-sex hormones in males is associated with risks that include blood clots, gallstones, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, tumors of the pituitary gland, strokes, elevated levels of triglycerides in the blood, breast cancer, and irreversible infertility. The use of cross-sex hormones in females is associated with risks of erythrocytosis, severe liver dysfunction, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and increased risk of breast and uterine cancers. Minor means an individual who is less than 18 years old. These laws indicate that a health care provider may provide a hormonal transgender treatment to a minor only if the health care provider has been treating the minor for gender dysphoria for at least six months. Puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries are banned for everyone else under the age of 18. For an individual whose biological sex at birth is male, this includes castration, orchiectomy, penectomy, vaginoplasty, or vulvaplasty. For an individual whose biological sex at birth is female, this includes hysterectomy, oophorectomy, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, and any surgical procedure that is related to or necessary for a procedure that would result in the sterilization of an individual who is not sterile. An "attempted sex change" means an attempt or effort to change an individual's body to present that individual as being of a sex or gender that is different from the individual's biological sex at birth. They exclude procedures that remove a body part because the body part is cancerous or diseased, for a reason that is medically necessary, other than to effectuate or facilitate an individual's “attempted sex change.”

Our organization has banned secondary sex characteristic surgical procedures on minors, which are included under “sex characteristics” in the corresponding legislation for this public comment. They have been made illegal if they were for the purpose of effectuating or facilitating an individual's “attempted sex change.” For an individual whose biological sex at birth is male, breast augmentation surgery, chest feminization surgery, or facial feminization surgery are banned under the age of 18. For an individual whose biological sex at birth is female, mastectomy, breast reduction surgery, chest masculinization surgery, or facial masculinization surgery are banned or minors under the age of 18. Secondary sex characteristic surgical procedures do not include surgery or other procedures or treatments performed on an individual who is born with a disorder of sexual development.

A bill we passed in Oregon categorizes “gender-affirming treatment” as a procedure, service, drug, device or product that a physical or behavioral health care provider prescribes to treat an individual for incongruence between the individual’s gender identity and the individual’s sex assignment at birth. If you identify as something which you are not, according to your sex, then you are categorized as transgender. Transgender is a legal umbrella term for people whose perceived “gender identity” does not match their sex. There is an unlimited amount of gender identities one can choose from and in some states, there are over thirty labels/“gender identities” one can legally identify under. Anybody who falls under the trans umbrella – nonbinary, genderflux, genderqueer, bigender, transgender, demiwoman completely and totally benefits from all of the laws based on “gender identity.” Everyone else is bulldozed in the process. There are adults who experience distress due to the fact that they identify as something which they are not, according to their sex. While some identify with having a mental disorder – this phenomenon (gender dysphoria) is not discussed nor addressed in any of the civil rights laws. Whether you have a diagnosed mental health condition or not, you indefinitely benefit from “gender identity” policies. “Transgender” is dependent on the belief that we have an inner psychological “gender identity” that is separate from our physical bodies.

The laws that we passed specify that they pertain to anatomical, endocrinological, and chromosomal sex-based characteristics, for male and female people, on the basis of sex not gender.

Gay rights revolve around instilling protections on the basis of one’s biological sex at birth. The foundation is completely dependent on the sex binary in a way that humans are divided into two sex classes, so one can enact legal change based on sex, and address the ways in which disadvantaged populations are prevented from having equal footing in society with the dominant class. Sex and sexual orientation cannot exist alongside a belief system that seeks to deconstruct both of them. Sex is important when collecting data about crime, medicine, demographics, etc. to ensure accuracy. It creates issues when tracking gay hate crime statistics if we do not have a definition of sex or sexual orientation. Sex-based civil rights are being taken away right before our eyes.

The Title IX amendments and gender identity-based laws cite that trans people have high suicide rates, so letting them destroy everything and butcher children is the only way to prevent the cult members from committing suicide. Everyone must hand over their rights and participate in their delusion…or they will kill themselves. That is abuse. Protect “sex” and “sexual orientation” on the basis of the sex binary at all costs.

Queer Sexuality

It is cruel to tell a teenager who is just figuring out their sexuality that sex and gender are on a spectrum that can change from day-to-day. If a teenage girl is distressed about her attraction to females, telling her that she can change her sexual orientation is the opposite of what one should do. Nor should she be taught at school that a men can be women. Queer sexuality being promoted in a school curriculum which says that society must deconstruct gender in order to achieve equity. So, we need to deconstruct gender…by making 100 new genders?

Transgender rights laws reference that transgender and nonbinary people have always existed throughout history. That is a lie. They reference “third gender societies” which mainly consist of gynemimetic males who are feminine from childhood being placed into a separate gender role. They are often castrated and sex trafficked, sometimes before adulthood. Some of these “third gender societies” that they reference sex trafficked feminine or gender nonconforming boys and some still do. The hijra in India are known for abducting and castrating boys and young men. We are not sure if that is what the transgender community wants to be known for, but if so, then they are doing a great job. One of these indigenous “third genders” that they reference is Two-spirit: a term created by white people in Canada in the 1990s in order to be inclusive of indigenous people who did not ask for their culture to be appropriated in the first place. Assuming that all indigenous populations had the same gender caste system is an extremely broad and ignorant generalization. Fa'afafine are gynemimetic males of the Samoa region. Their existence does not validate nor have to do with the gender spectrum/nonbinary identities. They recognize that they are male and do not compete in sports against women. They do not and have never claimed to actually be female. They believe that Fa'afafine is specific to Samoan culture and do not appreciate other countries appropriating their cultural identity for political gain. They do not oppose people recognizing biology. They should not even be included in the discussion about “gender identity.”

Queer sexuality is included under Title IX protections, along with “gender identity” but nothing is defined and its meaning is completely up to interpretation. According to the literature, the true definition of “queerness” cannot be easily summarized. In order to understand this ultimate definition of queer sexuality, however, they must consider the definitions provided by the queer experts that they have cited throughout the years. Warner describes “queerness” as defined by “heteronormativity,” which suggests that sexuality is an oppressive system. “Queer” challenges this assertion and legislates that sex and gender are social constructs which are not rooted in biology. If queer sexuality is included in legal protections, a man who assumes the “gender identity” of a woman and subsequently enters into a relationship with another woman is now considered a lesbian. It would enshrine that a biological man can be a lesbian, and he will receive the same rights/protections as lesbian women. This insanity has been put into law in multiple states. That is unacceptable. Men are not lesbians.

Queer sexuality is also rooted in the Butlerian concept of “collective contestation” and says that queer should never be “fully owned, but always and only redeployed, twisted, queered, from a prior usage and in the direction of urgent and expanding political purposes.” Basically, queer sexuality includes straight people. It is so ridiculous. This is a cult. “Queer” has also been defined by as an identity without an essence. As such, queer is a movement, a deployment, which unsettles all attempts to fix theology within the contingent lineaments of heteropatriarchy. Queer sexuality can be defined as a system of subjective belief and political theory designed to upend heteronormative and homonormative dominance and believes man and woman to be nothing more than social constructs. Queer sexuality and “Gender Identity” deny fundamental truths of what makes us human. It blurs the lines between man and woman and in doing so, erases homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality. “Queer” also includes pedophilia, fetishes, “furries,” and BDSM.


Transitioning Minors is Medical Malpractice and Anti-gay Abuse

Our main focus has been banning the transgender medicalization of gender non-conforming minors. This is malpractice. It is going to eventually be made illegal in all 50 states, whether people like it or not. The reason why the trans lobby is pushing back so hard is because they know that they are going to lose. They are already losing. GAG has assisted in passing more legislation to ban it than any other organization in this fight to end the mutilation of minors. We got it outlawed in six states so far.

Puberty blockers and sex hormones do not have U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for children’s gender care and no clinical trials have established their safety for such off-label use. The drugs’ long-term effects on fertility and sexual function remain unclear. More than 42,000 children were diagnosed just last year, up 70% from 2020. The number of children who started on puberty-blockers or hormones totaled 17,683 over the five-year period, rising from 2,394 in 2017 to 5,063 in 2021. The Endocrine Society, in its own guidelines, acknowledges the “low” or “very low” certainty of evidence supporting its recommendations.

"There is no argument among medical professionals – pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, adolescent medicine physicians, adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, et cetera – about the value and the importance of gender-affirming care,” claims Dr. Rachel Levine. That is a lie.

According to WPATH, there are no studies of the long-term outcomes of gender-related medical treatments for youth who have not undergone a comprehensive assessment. The decision to start gender-affirming medical interventions may not be in the long-term best interest of the young person at that time. Reuters interviewed parents of 39 minors who had sought gender-affirming care. Parents of 28 of those children said they felt pressured or rushed to proceed with treatment. In one case, after an initial one-on-one consultation of little more than an hour with the teen, a psychiatrist said he was a good candidate for puberty blockers. An endocrinologist recommended the same after talking with the family for 15 minutes. In a 2018 study published in the medical journal Clinical Pediatrics, researchers at Yale University noted a sharp increase in the off-label use of puberty blockers and said these drugs “have not been thoroughly investigated in populations with normally timed puberty.” In Texas earlier this year, bone scans indicated that a child, 15 years old at the time, had osteoporosis after 15 months on puberty blockers. Psychiatric events have been reported in patients” taking puberty blockers. Events include emotional symptoms “such as crying, irritability, impatience, anger and aggression.” Reuters found 72 adverse event reports submitted to the FDA from 2013 through 2021 of children on puberty blockers who showed suicidal, self-injurious, or depressive behavior. The children were taking the drug for central precocious puberty or gender dysphoria or were simply identified as under 18. A 2020 paper cites that “pubertal suppression may prevent key aspects of development during a sensitive period of brain organization.”

In its new guidelines, WPATH makes no age recommendation for hormones. In Oregon, teens have been given hormones without parental consent starting at age 15. A California study found that a quarter of 869 vaginoplasty patients, with a mean age of 39, had a surgical complication so severe that they had to be hospitalized again. Among those patients, 44% needed additional surgery to address the complication, which included bleeding and bowel injuries.

For adolescent males, puberty blockers and hormones can complicate eventual genital surgery. That’s because the medications can stunt development of the male genitalia from which a vagina and vulva are constructed. In 2020, de Vries and other Dutch researchers urged clinicians to inform transgender youth and their parents about this risk when starting puberty blockers. Bowers, the new transgender president at WPATH is worried that some patients who begin puberty blockers at a young age won’t ever be able to have an orgasm because they never experienced one prior to pausing puberty, regardless of whether they have surgery.

Studies show that gender discomfort will alleviate for 80% of these children after they go through puberty and wind up being lesbian, gay, or, bisexual adults. Boys and girls who are socially transitioned before going through puberty are more at-risk of becoming sterile for life. When gender-nonconforming children are not transitioned, anywhere from 63.4%-88% of them grow up to be gay and bisexual adults. Females who detransition are three times more likely to be lesbians.

Finland, France, England, The Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, and Switzerland have also been sounding the alarms about this problem. For adolescents with feelings of gender distress, the risks of puberty suppressing treatment with GnRH-analogues and gender-affirming hormonal treatment currently outweigh the possible benefits. The United Kingdom came under the spotlight in 2019 when “Keira Bell, a lesbian who regretted taking puberty blockers and male hormones as a teenager and detransitioned back to her original female gender, took a case to the High Court, along with the mother of a 15 year old girl with autism who was on the waiting list. The court ruled that it was ‘very doubtful’ that children under 16 would be able to understand the immediate and long-term consequences of the treatment and to give informed consent, and it said doctors might want to consider court authorization before giving over 16s the experimental treatment.” This judgment is based mainly on three factors: the continued lack of reliable scientific evidence concerning the efficacy and the safety of both treatments, the new knowledge that detransition occurs among young adults, and the uncertainty that follows from the yet unexplained increase in the number of care seekers -- an increase particularly large among adolescents registered as females at birth. A systematic review published in 2022 by the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services shows that the state of knowledge largely remains unchanged compared to 2015. High quality trials are still lacking and the evidence on treatment efficacy and safety is still insufficient and inconclusive for all reported outcomes. It is not possible to determine how common it is for adolescents who undergo gender-affirming treatment to later change their perception of their gender identity or interrupt an ongoing treatment.

Children aged 8-14 are undergoing rapid changes in their body. An immature amygdala coupled with elevated developmental hormones prevents the ability of foresight in teens and our society takes great measures to assure that these impressionable minds are protected. Gender identity ideology is trying to convince rational people that a child can choose their gender at the onset of puberty. Thailand made parental consent a cornerstone of their gender affirming legislation in 2013, even for those we would consider adults. Without parental consent those aged 20 and younger are prohibited from receiving gender affirming care. Anyone under the age of 18 is barred from these procedures completely. Adults who truly feel like they need this type of medicine are followed closely by endocrinologists and therapists throughout their long-term care to avoid rejection of their new identity. This is included in Thai law, as well. Never before in history have so many young people been rushed to hormone blockers, chest binders, and double mastectomies as they are now. Children are NOT an experiment, nor will we allow them to become lifelong pharmaceutical dependents.

Let Them Grow

If a feminine boy or masculine girl is told that their existence is based on shallow stereotypes and then given the option to choose their daily pronoun, then there is a good chance that they might pick one which is not congruent with their sex. Boys and girls cannot make these decisions because they do not have the autonomy to consent to this ideology. In the proposed Title IX updates, “sex” is defined as sex stereotypes, mannerisms, interests, and clothing. Childhood gender variance is estimated to be 8 to 15 times higher for gay adults. Most gay men expressed more stereotypically feminine traits in childhood, including mannerisms, interests, clothing, hobbies, and socializing with girls. This is so common that the concept of “Gender Incongruence” in childhood needed to be completely reevaluated because it was based on masculine/feminine stereotypes that were not a medical issue – it was just children expressing themselves in ways that did not conform to gender stereotypes placed on male and female people by society. There has been a recent shift where children like this are now being sterilized and having their healthy organs amputated, in accordance with their “gender identity.” A girl who likes to play sports, cut her hair short, or wear pants instead of dresses should never be told that she is “wrong” for doing such things. However, schools are encouraging “tomboys” to identify as male and socially transitioning them at school, which likely leads to medicalization. Schools teach children that “gender identity” is on a fluid spectrum. If gender is fluid and constantly changing, then why would children be encouraged to irreversibly alter their bodies permanently? There is no way to tell whether an individual child’s gender-variant behavior is indicative of anything significant enough to warrant surgery. In the vast majority of these children, that is not the case. Studies show that over 80% of the time, these children just wind up being lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. When a gender nonconforming child is not socially transitioned, two-thirds of gender dysphoric boys grow up to be gay and bisexual men.

Most children who meet some of the criteria for “early-onset gender incongruence” outgrow their dysphoria and wind up being gay and lesbian adults. This is the new conversion therapy. They are too young to consent. Minors cannot consent to this treatment. What parents and teachers are doing is abusive. This ends now.

When a child is socially transitioned before going through puberty, this very often leads to medicalization and these children are likely to be sterilized. Social transition is often a direct pathway to puberty blockers and exogenous hormones. Most of these issues resolve with their natural male/female puberty. A gender nonconforming child can socially transition at school without the parents’ knowledge and will most likely result in becoming a permanent patient for the rest of their lives under the proposed Title IX updates.

Studies show that socially transitioning a gender nonconforming child will most likely lead to being sterilized before puberty. Socially transitioning children is correlated with persistence and medicalization. A follow-up study of 139 gender dysphoric boys determined that 88% of them desisted and did not go through with transition and chemical castration. Research in this area should be considered, including the data which suggests that this recent outbreak of female adolescent gender distress is a psychic epidemic. In 2018, a research study concerning young adults and teenagers who identify as “transgender” stated that exactly two-thirds (67.8%) of them are in friend groups containing multiple gender dysphoric teenagers who did not have a previous history of gender incongruence in childhood. Nearly 87% of them adopted their transgender identities at the same time. The same study confirmed that 37% of these groups consisted mostly of “transgender” teenagers. For such a small demographic of people, these results are shockingly high. We believe that this is the result of grooming. For instance, some schools provide chest binders for teenage girls to flatten their breasts. These binders are very tight and cause lung damage. They are linked to health issues including chest pain (30%), becoming light-headed (30%), shortness of breath (49%), and back pain (65%). Testosterone use is highly correlated with heart attacks and cancer.

Last year, a study of 237 detransitioners found that the majority of them medicalized their bodies due to homophobia and feeling insecure about being same-sex oriented. Research shows that 51% of female detransitioners and 45% of male participants medically transitioned because they thought it would result in society treating them better. 52% cite homophobia as the main issue and reason for doing irreversible harm to their bodies. Females who detransitioned were three times more likely to be lesbians. This information suggests that gender transition for children is a new form of conversion therapy. Gender dysphoria will alleviate for 80% of these children when they go through puberty. If puberty seems to be the cure, then it is completely unethical to block their natural puberty from ever occurring. More gay and bisexual detransitioners are coming forward and sharing their stories about what happened to them. As gay adults, we find this extremely concerning. Most of us were gender nonconforming in childhood. And we are now living successful and fulfilling lives without having our bodies destroyed at an age where we did not know any better. We want this permanently outlawed on a federal level. Until then, we are going to make sure that wall-to-wall legislation banning the mutilation of minors is enacted in as many states whose policy makers will listen to us. Transgender and nonbinary rights are losing battle.

Our Community Is Hurting.

We side with the gay and lesbian adults who were hurt by gender medicine after being told that it was the best option to help them achieve happiness. We do not side with the groomers who are inflicting this pain onto people like us and celebrating it. That is SICK. Nothing good comes from this "gender identity" tragedy. It is a health crisis in our community that is quickly coming to light. We are going to stand by them until this medical experiment is gone for good. And we hope they raise hell in court. When asked about detransition, we are told that only a tiny percentage of young people detransition. However, this data is very outdated and does not cover the current transgender outbreak we are seeing in young people. The uncertain evidence that indicates a low prevalence of treatment interruptions or any aspects of regret is no longer unchallenged. Although the prevalence of detransition is still unknown, the knowledge that it occurs and that gender confirming treatment thus may lead to a deteriorating of health and quality of life is important for the overall judgment and recommendation.

Do not make the claim that you were unaware of the devastating effect this has on gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Evidence and data backing up our assertions have been provided throughout the past ten months. We want the groomers to have no excuse as to why they supported sterilizing children after being thoroughly informed of the facts from the people who have always been in charge of the “community.” We do not want these queer radical lunatics telling us that they did not have enough information to halt child transition. If you are choosing to go against gays, women, parents, women, and the average American, then it is important that you are aware of the damage that you are inflicting on groups of people you claim to advocate for.


Gay, Not Queer: Gay Erasure

When "gender identity" was added to Colorado's sex-based protections, they immediately changed sexual orientation along with it. "The Act adds gender expression and gender identity as protected categories. Gender expression means an individual’s way of reflecting and expressing the individual’s gender to the outside world, typically demonstrated through appearance, dress and behavior. Gender identity, on the other hand, means an individual’s innate sense of the individual’s own gender, which may or may not correspond with the individual’s sex assigned at birth. In addition to these changes, the Act also revised and expanded the definition of sexual orientation, which previously referred to an individual’s orientation toward heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. Now, sexual orientation has been broadened to refer to “an individual’s identity in relation to the gender or genders to which the individual is sexually or emotionally attracted and the behavior or social affliction that may result from the attraction” in our laws. That makes no sense. This is unacceptable.

The three sexual orientations are homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual. It is insane that this needs to be clarified, but lesbians are female. Gay men are male. Bisexual means two sexes. Women have a right to pair with one another and live a life completely devoid from the shackles of patriarchal oppression that male supremacists are now dictating to women about how they should act and love one another. “Gender Identity” ideology puts all of these shackles back where they came from. It makes it so anybody can identify into another sex class, including ours. Identifying into other people’s demographics was never part of the deal. Men are not lesbians. No, thank you. No other “civil rights” movement requires the self-appointed oppressed class to erase the rights of everyone else and rewrite them according to what they want. This is tyranny.

This whole debacle is the most anti-gay movement we never thought we would witness in our lifetime. How can gay people make the case for experiencing discrimination due to being same-sex oriented, when being gay no longer means “same-sex oriented” and is reduced to “gender identity?” How can gays and lesbians properly articulate their experiences as same-sex oriented people and the concerns we have with alphabet radicals without a proper definition of sex and sexual orientation? We cannot advocate for our interests if we have no solid definition to go off of. If there is no definition of homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual, then there is no solid definition of what constitutes homophobia. Gays and lesbians deserve to know the truth. They are being lied to. Straight women who identify as nonbinary were never included in the gay rights movement, yet our rights are being stolen by such individuals. They are chipping away at everything we fought for. Everything about this movement is a disrespectful slap in the face to every homosexual and bisexual person in the nation.

Sexual orientation and “gender identity” or “transgender” have nothing to do with one another. As seen in Colorado and Pennsylvania, once “gender identity” is added to civil rights law, the definition of sexual orientation is automatically changed, as well. It is solid proof that there is no such thing as being pro-gay and pro-gender. They directly conflict with one another. People who are on the gender spectrum do not face any systemic barriers or obstacles more than the average straight person. Claiming that they are somehow oppressed is laughable. This just reaffirms the patriarchal power structures that progressives claim to be fighting against. Gays and lesbians were denied the right to marry one another because we are of the same sex…not because we “identify” as gay. It is discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation to expect gays and lesbians to lie and pretend to not know what a woman is. Gay men know what a woman is, and we do not wish to marry one. That is the whole point.

We do not consent or being redefined, cheated, erased, or force teamed any longer. We demand that gay rights be legislated in the same fashion that they were always meant to be – on the basis of sex.

Men Are Not Lesbians

We are being removed as a meaningful category of people in our own country.

When the category of lesbian includes men, then lesbian no longer means anything.

No matter how you identify, the category of lesbian will never be inclusive of men. Lesbians in positions of power are being replaced by men. According to The White House, the most powerful lesbian in the United States is a man. As seen on, “In celebration of Lesbian Day of Visibility, the White House hosted a roundtable conversation with trailblazing lesbian and LGBTQI+ senior leaders from the White House and the broader Biden-Harris Administration. The roundtable included lesbian and queer advocates, community leaders, leaders across the federal government, several of whom are the first out lesbians to hold their position, including Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health, who is a lesbian, and the first openly transgender woman to achieve the rank the four-star admiral in any of the country’s uniformed services…”

Dr. “Rachel” Levine, who is a man, has lived as a man for 50 years with a wife and children. He left his wife and children and began “identifying as a woman” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) based on his “gender identity” and immediately became the most powerful lesbian in the United States who spends every single day making sure that as many teenage girls are mutilated as possible. We do not believe that a man who “identifies a lesbian,” after living over 50 years with all of the straight, white, male privileges can somehow identify out of that privilege and into an “oppressed class” just by changing his pronouns. Trans ideology makes that absurdity a reality. There is no valid explanation for saying that a man is a lesbian inside of The White House. Nothing makes that okay. All it does is tell millions of lesbians in our nation that the way they love one another is completely irrelevant. And falling in love with a woman is somehow comparable to partnering with a man in a dress. That is homophobic and insulting. We should not have to try and convince our government that lesbians are female. But they would rather take political advice about chopping up children from people like Dylan Mulvaney and a mob of deranged crossdressers who do not know what they are talking about. Declaring war with a movement full of angry lesbians is not a fight that anybody can win.


Progressive politicians have started referring to our marriage rights as “LGBTQ+ marriage.” That is an insult. We fought decades for same-SEX marriage, gay marriage, etc. Transgender people are on record getting married since the 1940s. “Queer marriage” makes no sense whatsoever. It is disrespectful to rebrand the rights that we worked hard for in order to appease a sadistic cult that targets children. This was only an issue for gays and lesbians. Gay rights are being falsely appropriated by people who did not fight for them and did not need them in the first place. Laws made on behalf of transgender and nonbinary people are being labeled LGBTQ+, despite the fact that they are TERRIBLE for us.


Schools and Transgender Radicalization in Adolescent Girls

Comprehensive sex education has become more prevalent in schools than ever before. While this might encourage positive discussions of consent, adolescence, and preventative measures among children, it also adds to the existing confusion and social pressure in their school environment. Giving kids the option to choose among 97 genders, 18 pronouns, and 19 sexual orientations is not productive nor developmentally appropriate. A BBC sex education program from 2021 tells children as young as nine that there are over ‘100 genders’ and that being transgender is a way to be ‘happy’. We don’t want kids learning these concepts in a half-baked fashion at such a tender age. Also, we believe that children would find out there are gay, trans, and detrans people in the world by themselves - there is absolutely no requirement for forceful sexualized education. We do not support the indoctrination of cult “queer” pseudoscientific concepts during the springtime of their lives when they should be learning algebra and natural science instead. These instances reflect a radicalized politicization of classroom learning. They have set a precedent for even more sexist medicalization of children - which is not far from reality as children have already been placed into this sadistic cult as we speak. There has been a steady rise in the number of children identifying as transgender and nonbinary. Books with explicit sexual content, like ‘Gender Queer’ by Maia Kobabe, show direct sexual acts in the form of cartoons to kids who should be learning about science and literature. And if standing up against this indoctrination is considered 'anti-LGBTQ', how does that reflect the status of schooling and learning as a whole? While these attempts to create a more inclusive environment for gender-diverse children might be perceived as a ‘noble’ thing by contemporary social-justice activists, what is being ignored is the decades of clinical studies on childhood cognitive development and the intricacies and nuances associated with these findings. The classic cognitive development theories including Piaget’s model and Erikson’s stages of development indicate children start developing materialistic reasoning of their identity and societal roles only after age 12. Developmental psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg first proposed the concept of ‘Gender Constancy’ in the 1960s, referring to the cognitive stages of gender development and constancy in children. By about age 6 or 7, Kohlberg asserted that children often come to terms with their biological sex and understand that their sex is permanent and that it cannot be changed. While decades of such scientific literature and clinical findings reflect the nuances of developmental growth as children grow through their puberty, we have organizations like The Trevor Project and Mermaids promoting their ‘Protect Trans Kids’ campaign, and the ‘Kids as young as 3 have a stable sense of gender’ narrative, on the contrary. Gender identity theory, unlike biological sex and genetics, is not backed up by scientific methodology and rigor. Kids should be taught the secular truth: You are your body. Your brain is your body. Every single cell in a male’s brain contains a Y chromosome. “Identifying as a woman” is a completely male-exclusive experience and vice-versa. There are 4 billion women and girls on planet earth, and all of them are female (not because they identify as such).

We at Gays Against Groomers oppose sexualizing elementary school education in classrooms where children are supposed to learn science, math, and treating others with respect, in place of confounding pseudoscientific ideologies.

One can point to the alarming number of children who are self-identifying as trans, gender queer, or possessing one or more mental illnesses. The rise of these trends all at once is no coincidence, and it’s time our society gets serious about the causes and ramifications of allowing this behavior to continue. A radical educational system that preaches acceptance and affirmation makes it impossible to address children taking up one of these potentially harmful identities. Enshrining radical gender nonsense into Title IX would make all of this even worse.

Comprehensive sex education is promoting the use of social media to students and providing resources on how to express their “gender identity.” This has proven to be an abject failure. There are several studies showing that excessive use of technology and social media is visibly altering the adolescent brain, and not in a good way. At no time in human development outside infancy does the human mind experience such exponential growth as we do in our adolescent years. This creates the perfect storm for impressionable girls engaging with transgender content on social media, disassociating from their sex, and getting indoctrinated into the gender cult. Signs and indicators of radicalization include: Being influenced or controlled by a group; Spending an increasing amount of time online; Being secretive about who or what they are doing online or in person; An unwillingness to engage in dialogue about their views; Sharing extreme views on social media platforms; Personal crisis; Mental Health Issues; Desire for status; Searching for identity, meaning and belonging; An angry or obsessive desire for change; Looking to blame others; Becoming increasingly isolated from family; Young people who are talking as though from a script; and intolerance of other people’s views.

Texting and online communicating puts everybody in a nonverbal disabled context, where body language, facial expression, and even the smallest kinds of vocal reactions are rendered invisible. Children are increasingly becoming dysfunctional with their in-person communication. Children are increasingly reporting that direct communication is difficult or stressful, despite it being the most important means of human communication. Being able to talk to one another, read body language, and see and hear the repercussions of our words is an essential part of human communication. To a large degree, in-person socialization is what teaches children to be empathetic and mindful. When we rely on completely virtual communication through a screen, there is a disconnect from one’s interpersonal connections and their embodied self. At a time when teenage girls already struggle with body image, they are now being given the option to disassociate from their sex and identify as whatever “gender identity” they decide to make up.

An obvious and unfortunate reality of living online for these girls is that it becomes easier to be cruel. “Kids text all sorts of things that you would never in a million years contemplate saying to anyone’s face,” says Donna Wick, EdD, a clinical and developmental psychologist. She notes that this seems to be especially true of girls, who typically don’t like to disagree with each other in “real life.” Women and girls often compare themselves aggressively against their peers, often lashing out in order to feel better about their own self-image. Social media encourages this behavior by providing measurable metrics such as ‘like buttons’ and positive emojis. Girls will spend hours upon hours adjusting their online personas to be as ‘perfect’ as possible. This obsessive focus on the self is deeply unhealthy, and girls will often end up with a warped self image. At home, children have even more access through social media apps on their phones and multi-player video game chat rooms. Apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are where some of the most harmful trends and messaging is being presented to children. This is a notable pattern of these teenage girls to identify as "trans" or any host of genders/"queer identities."

The rise of self-identification can be attributed to the increased attention given to people who are perceived to be members of an ‘at risk’ group. In this case…it’s “trans.” This inevitably leads to transgender identification. In the last several years there has been a huge increase in children ‘declaring’ that they have gender dysphoria, despite never being diagnosed by a doctor. Despite living in a time where there is more acceptance towards LGBTQ+ individuals than any time in history, educational materials and radical activists still claim that LGBTQ+ people are the most victimized group in society. By today’s standards, nothing could be further from the truth. No one would willingly identify with a group that was truly experiencing widespread discrimination, yet self-identification as LGBTQ+ has never been higher. At the same time, teenagers are showing rates of suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety at higher rates than ever, particularly among youth who "identify" as transgender or nonbinary. Despite school efforts to be more accepting and supportive than ever before, children are increasingly unhappy. Simply put, children are imitating behavior that they perceive will garner them the most attention, and it works. The problem is that the longer children emulate this type of behavior, the more real it becomes. In a recent Gallup survey, it was found that around 21% of Gen Z Americans who have reached adulthood identify as LGBTQ+. This is nearly double the amount of millennials who identify the same way. In this same group, there has been a 1,000 fold increase with the number of girls who identify as “transgender.”

There are two main ways to interpret this information. You could see this as a genuine and exponentially increasing change in human behavior due to increasing social acceptance of mental illnesses and transgender individuals. Or alternatively, you could view this as a social contagion exacerbated by social and cultural pressures that incentivize the expression of all behaviors outside of the stereotyped norm. We have enough evidence to believe that it is the latter.

Those who identify as LGBTQ+ but display heterosexual behavior are becoming a distinct group with their own markers. This group tends to be extremely radical and report much greater rates of mental health problems. Most of them are straight people looking for an identity group to be part of. And most gays find them to be rather insufferable, especially when they speak on our behalf.

We have a society that has rejected the stigmatization of people who feel as if they are marginalized. No one would argue that this is a bad thing. However, when you take this further and turn destigmatization into a mandatory celebration, you are essentially encouraging children to drive themselves crazy. This trend is particularly pronounced for young women. For young men, gays outnumber bisexuals and the total number who claim LGBT membership is only half that of women. These trends are supported by Gallup, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and by the Cooperative Congressional Election Study. A look at the data leads to the conclusion that many youths are LGBT in name only, particularly self-identified bisexual girls. This raises the very serious issue of the “trans” identification plaguing our schools. This ideology preys on the anxieties and discomfort of youth in order to sell them a magical remedy in the form of “Gender Identity” where they can literally be anything they want to be. Teaching Gender Theory is as insidious as selling Snake Oil. It defies the most fundamental truths of our world and destroys the very concept of objective reality.

If you want to teach our history at school, then why don’t you teach about great historical figures, in general. And if they happen to be gay, then that isn’t something that needs to necessarily be hidden. But they are being taught age-inappropriate revisionist history. They are learning that the “queer liberation movement” (something that does not exist) started with transgender prostitutes of color and the gay community somehow owes their success to transgender people. That is a lie. The story commonly parroted by activists also tells the story of how these trans people lived in a house with transgender children and paid their living expenses via sex work. No, gay rights did not start with a transgender brothel for children. And we do not appreciate this fake story being alluded to in schools. Nobody should ever feel excluded. If a teacher wants to read a book where one of the characters has two mothers, then we see nothing wrong with that at all. What we do take issue with is giving children overtly sexual material and/or being fed the idea that they were born in the wrong body.

Gay parents want the same respect and tolerance that everyone else is granted.

There is a big difference between having an inclusive curriculum and a sexually explicit curriculum. Some of our members are gay parents who have been homeschooling their kids because of how much they detest the sexualized school curriculum. Gay teachers already have protections in the workplace. Gay adults in the school system are not at risk of being fired or losing their jobs more than any other employee, to our knowledge. But the narratives surrounding these school policies do not seem to be the case at all. Not every family has a mother and a father. Some families have one mom. Some have two moms. Some families have two dads. Some families speak two languages. Some families include grandparents. Every family is unique and should be treated equally. Equality does not include pornography in school libraries. As far as representation, the “queer” representation being provided do not represent the values of the average gay person. We want to live our lives like any other couple does.

In a porn-saturated culture that celebrates women being abused on camera for male gratification, it is no wonder why so many girls want to be boys. We live in a porn-saturated culture as it is. It is everywhere. So, why do we need it in the school library of all places? If you would not put pornographic videos in schools, then what makes it okay to have it in books? When we brought up these concerns over the summer, we were told that none of this was happening. This has proven to be false. If none of these things were happening, then we wouldn’t have been able to outlaw them in multiple states. Some of these books encourage meeting up with adults for sexual encounters. “Gender Identity” will allow boys and girls to use the same restrooms after sitting in class and learning about all of these sexual acts. What could possibly go wrong? Isn’t the point of sex education to avoid teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?

“Gender Identity” requires adults to affirm students’ gender in classrooms. We were told that pronouns are a way to be polite and show respect, as a courtesy. Now we are being legally forced to use them for kids, as long as they/them say so. We worry that the school curriculum normalizes dehumanizing gender-neutral language, referring to women and girls as birthing people, menstruators, uterus-havers, and individuals with a cervix. Normalizing such language in the classroom is not appropriate. And it also breaks down the boundary of adult and child. A woman is an adult human female. A girl is a human female child. Women and girls are female. Men and boys are male. “People who have a cervix” can apply to females of any age. The boundary of women (adult) and girl (child) disappears by implementing this language. Kids are being told that they have a gender identity which exists on a conceptual spectrum where sex does not exist. The notion of gender being on a spectrum is a completely philosophical concept that is not based in material reality. It is too complicated of a subject to properly understand. And frankly, it makes no sense. Please stop telling children that men can be lesbians. It is very creepy and disturbing.

Questioning or opposing a child’s gender identity can be classified as “sex harassment” under these Title IX amendments. Now that sex is meaningless, sex harassment can be interpreted to mean anything that does not affirm the gender identity of a child. One girl in California was taken away from her family and trafficked because her mother was deemed transphobia and unsafe by the school. We have spoken to a mother who had CPS called on her for not affirming her daughter’s male identity. Another family temporarily lost their child for not wanting to use pronouns at home. We completely reject a movement which seeks to separate children from their parents and sterilize them as early as twelve years old. When parents side with us and take the position that we have, they are called homophobic and domestic terrorists. We do not appreciate well-meaning people who do not hate gays being labeled as homophobic. Being homophobic is one of the worst things a person can be. It is a sign of unintelligence and irrationality. Throwing around that label is dishonest and abusive. When common sense statements like “Women are female. Stop telling kids that they are in the wrong body,” are deemed as homophobic, then the word loses its meaning.

We have received reports of Planned Parenthood installing “health clinics” on school campuses where minors can be referred to gender clinics to get hormones that trigger adolescent menopause. Minors are not mentally competent enough to provide consent for this. The argument for “gender identity” being proposed is that “transgender and nonbinary people” (most of which are KIDS) have the bodily autonomy to sexually disfigure themselves however they like. The transsexual child is an ideologically and pharmaceutically constructed pseudo-demographic of children whose sexual boundaries are irrelevant and gives them consent over their bodily autonomy. “Transgender” is a bodily autonomy movement for children. There. We said it.

If your “civil rights'' include putting pornography in schools, then your entire movement is a disgrace.

Get rid of this FILTH.

Save the Tomboys

Tomboys are being eradicated by the trans mafia and gender identity ideology. Children should be taught that it is okay to be a masculine girl or feminine boy. Stereotyped behavior and interests do not change the fact that everyone is perfect the way they are. Let kids be kids and let them grow into the adults that they are supposed to be, instead of lifelong medical prisoners to a pharmaceutical empire that hates them. The concept of “tomboy” seems to be fading out of our culture, and gender-nonconforming girls are told that they are actually boys. In the 1950s, transitioning a tomboy into a trans-man was considered the best outcome for dealing with girls who dare to not conform to societal sex-based stereotypes. They are being told that womanhood can be reduced to things like dresses and high heels. If you like wearing makeup, then you are a woman. If you like playing sports, then you are not a girl. Children are being taught that maleness and femaleness are based on hypersexualized images which make Barbie dolls the idealized norm for women, with GI Joe on the other end of the gender spectrum.

The Biden Administration’s updates in the Title IX interpretation of “gender identity” in a way that makes it more flexible for schools to have students play on teams, according to their sex. However, it makes it so state-wide bans are not allowed. It is very disappointing that they are not willing to make any compromises. Some of our members were tomboys when they were kids. If they were growing up today, they would be at risk of getting injured in their sports and having their scholarships stolen from them. We have received multiple reports of girls getting injured at school because they are being forced to compete against boys. Therefore, we assisted in passing legislation that would binarize school sports, on the basis of sex, in order to ensure safety. Just like all of the other “civil rights” that the trans lobby is asking for, mixed-sex trans sports policies are implemented behind parents’ backs. Mothers and fathers are not made aware that their daughters are in danger. And voicing any objection to it is labeled as sex harassment, on the basis of “gender identity.”

It is not a coincidence that the people most affected by this movement are females and gender-nonconforming people. Girls who like to play sports instead of wearing high heels are being told that such behavior is not ladylike, and they should become a boy instead. “Act like a lady and make sure your nails look perfect.”

It is the same 1950s anti-gay misogyny that we fought against.

“Gender identity” was created at a time when women and gays did not have rights and were constrained to the standards of heterosexist society built to disadvantage us, on the basis of sex. In order to successfully participate in civic life, women were forced to adhere to sexist attire and behavior that restrict their movement and make them feel uncomfortable. High heels, for instance, are unhealthy to wear and linked to heart disease, stroke, poor blood circulation, and atherosclerosis with extended use. Women fought for the right to wear comfortable shoes without the social stigma of not living up to sexist beauty standards. But nowadays, heart attack heels are being presented as the real thing, and girls who like to wear comfortable shoes are told that they are actually boys or non-binary. It is regressive and dangerous. Womanhood is defined by biology, not dresses. While claiming to deconstruct gender, this ideology reaffirms the sex-based hierarchical system that specifically disadvantages groups of people based on sex stereotypes. These girls are being transitioned at school as a mental health intervention. Yet studies also show no significant effects of social transition or name change on mental health status. There is no sound evidence that shows transitioning children at school behind their parents’ back is beneficial for their mental health or well-being. This is just a way to punish girls who do not behave in accordance to “ladylike” social standards. This ideology is misogyny in a dress. It has proven to be an absolute disaster. “Keeping secrets for/with children is a safeguarding red-flag. No child should be promised absolute confidentiality. Social transition - changing name, pronouns, clothing, hairstyle and access to facilities - is not a neutral act and can have far reaching implications on the individual child, their family and their peers. Policies and procedures that may affect the safeguarding of a trans-identified young person or their peers include allowing mixed sex provisions for sports, toilets, changing and overnight accommodation which impacts on other protected characteristics such as sex and religion or belief.”

Sex-separated Spaces, Prisons, and Female Erasure

The Vice President of The United States knows what a woman is. If women were not adult females, then we would have had a woman serve as vice president sooner. They has always been denied such opportunities, on the basis of having female biology. For the first female Vice President of The United States to disregard all the progress that women, mothers, and lesbians fought for is a shame. It would be unfortunate for the first female VP to leave her legacy by erasing females as a meaningful category worthy of protection, on the basis of sex. America deserves so much better.

“Gender Identity” policies as seen in the Title IX amendments would allow a girl to get undressed in a locker room full of teenage boys without parental consent. No parent in their right mind would consent to such nonsense. But according to “trans rights,” parents don’t have the opportunity to revoke consent to anything their child does. The state of Florida has come under criticism for its interpretation of Title IX in public schools. It must be noted that was interpreted in a way that would allow for a third space to be installed. There are ways for everybody to coexist peacefully with one another and not trample on the rights of others. Millions of dollars in taxpayer money is being spent on alphabet propaganda in schools, instead of allocating it towards fair compromises and solutions. But the way that these amendments are being presented, the law is not giving enough room for such accommodations. Rational citizens have no other choice but to denounce it in its entirety and keep the whole system based on sex.

“Gender Identity” laws are also creating situations where male rapists are being housed in female prisons. How can one claim that this is pro-“LGBTQIA+” when incarcerated lesbian and bisexual women are living in fear of violent men? Xena Grandicelli, a biological male born Jeffrey Willsea who now identifies as a woman. After pleading guilty to 11 counts of sexual assault against a 3 year old girl and serving just four months in Rikers Island state prison, Grandicelli went on to become a “trans rights activist” in New York. Despite being a level 3 sex offender in the state (which does not permit being within 1,000ft of a school), Grandicelli spoke at numerous panels and workshops, partnering with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project after they actively recruited him from prison. Claiming the female identity after serving time brought Grandicelli a lot of attention and sympathy as recently as 2021 by the Women & Justice Project for being a “woman who survived sexual assault during incarceration.”

Not only were Grandicelli’s crimes overshadowed by two of the most prestigious universities in the nation giving him a platform to speak on, but he was also presented with a Community Hero Award by the Anti-Violence Project, which sounds suspiciously like Orwellian double-speak. Grandicelli was not the only violent criminal the Sylvia Rivera Law Project supported, either. In 2014, the SRLP advocated for child rapist and murderer Synthia China Blast (born Luis Morales) to be released from isolated confinement by launching a petition to New York's Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Blast/Morales brutally raped and murdered a 13 year old girl and bragged about it afterwards to his friends.

It is worth noting that Xena Grandicelli has been known to use a community outreach program for an organization that advises incarcerated men on how to legally change their identification by declaring transgender status. It is also worth noting that transgender actor Laverne Cox spoke up as a representative of SRLP in support of Blast/Morales. But apparently Cox was not initially aware of Morales’ crimes due to the name change, later stating “If I had been made aware of these charges, then I would not have [shown support].”

In California, these self-ID policies, on the basis of “gender identity,” have given male sex offenders the ability to sneak their way into a female juvenile detention facility. A 26-year-old man who went to jail for violating a minor is being housed in a juvenile detention facility for girls. Hannah Tubbs admitted to assaulting a 10-year-old girl in the restroom of a Denny’s restaurant. The assault stopped upon somebody else entering the restroom. Tubbs is spending the remainder of his two year sentence in Dorothy Kirby Center/Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall. If Tubbs was able to manipulate the laws in this way, then future criminals might be a be able to use the same loophole. Rapist Adam Graham was the image that one might conjure when thinking of a hardened criminal: bald, muscular, tattooed and prone to violence. He was like the vision of a henchman of a mob boss in a heist movie. However, after facing rape charges in Scotland’s court in 2020, Graham decided to become a woman named Isla Bryson slapping on a wig and starting female hormone therapy. Conveniently, Graham/Bryson was then held at Cornton Vale women’s prison, where they claim he’ll undergo a rigorous risk assessment to determine if he will serve the final sentence in a men or women’s prison. In Scotland, people as young as 16 can seek a gender recognition certificate to confirm a change in one’s legal sex after living in their new gender for just three months, and a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria is not required.

Infamous Australian serial murderer Paul Denye went through a “trans phase” in prison while serving a 30-year sentence for strangling and stabbing three women to death in the early 90s. Denye confessed to the crimes in shocking detail. In letters sent to his brother, Denye allegedly stated that he’d committed the crimes “in anger over not being born female.” In 2021, he began openly identifying as a woman, asking to be called “Paula,” a phase that faded out within about a year after his application for gender surgery was denied.

Demi Minor, formerly Demitrius Minor, is another self identified trans woman from New Jersey who is now known for impregnating two female inmates, forcing a transfer to a men’s prison in 2022. Countless media platforms referred to Minor as a “she,” despite the extreme breach in conduct that is forbidden at the women’s prison Minor was housed in, as well as the gruesome murder Minor committed at age 16. It seems no matter what they do, self-declared “trans women” in the prison system all around the United States as well as other parts of the world are being protected and respected by media platforms and Senate Bills alike.

Take California Senate Bill 132, for example. Known as the Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law, effective January 1, 2021. The bill essentially lets prisoners choose their gender identity for the purpose of placement–regardless of sex assignment surgery or proof of hormone therapy. This means that violent men can take full advantage of this law by simply proclaiming themselves as women. There is currently an ongoing lawsuit between the state of California and female inmates of the state’s prison system, who are arguing that the law is unconstitutional in that it requires forfeiting any safety women in female facilities have left. These women want the world to know how unsafe they really feel.

Inmates at the California Institute for Women (CIW) have been reaching out to the media in hopes that their cries of help are heard, but the mainstream media is busy uplifting these predators by painting them as “stunning and brave survivors of the prison system.” These are women with very little rights left who now feel completely disregarded as men are allowed into their spaces. Studies suggest that as many as 1 in 4 incarcerated women in the US experience sexual violence, typically by male staff members. Now these women have a new threat: biologically male bunk mates who could potentially impregnate them with or without their consent. Sadly, states like California and New Jersey are allowing biologically male rapists into female prisons with no signs of stopping. And across the world in Ireland, a transgender woman named Barbie Kardashian (formerly Gabriel Alejandro Gentile) was sent to a women’s prison in Limerick for over five years for threatening to rape, torture and kill his mother, and was later deemed “a serious threat to both female inmates and staff.” The solution would be to keep the prison system binary, requiring all convicted offenders to be placed with their biological sex at birth. Prison inmates should not be allowed to transition while incarcerated and should instead be placed into regular therapy to assess the true intentions of a transgender claim. Solitary confinement may seem inhumane but could be a must to keep all parties safe. Furthermore, their records should be carried over with their new legal name should they transition outside of the prison system. Criminals should not have the right to warp and hide their identities in a way that not only separates themselves from their crime but creates a whole new image for the public to associate them with, a devious psychological tactic to distract from their dirty past.

If these ideas and more are either broken down or not implemented to keep women safe, we are that much closer to the breakdown of society as we know it. The boundaries and safety of female inmates should still matter. If this is going on in the prison system, imagine the kinds of things predators who haven’t been caught are doing outside of it. We can’t keep letting predatory men use the trans identity as a shield. Why are we bowing to the demands of rapists and child killers?

It is harming not only women, but the trans community, which loses sympathy more and more each day as people commit atrocities in the name of the LGBTQ+ cult. We implore everyone in charge to speak up and call out evil when you see it. Listen to the women speaking out and don’t dismiss them for fear of being “transphobic.” These are murderers and rapists who have no remorse. Why do they deserve respect? They don't. Women fought decades for their own prisons. A lot of incarcerated women ARE victims of sex trafficking which is being celebrated by our school curriculum. Men retain male patterns of criminality even if they take hormones. 58% of trans prisoners commit sexual violent crimes. In the UK and Sweden, trans prisoners are more likely to have committed a sex crime than the average male and at much higher rates compared to females. 55% of imprisoned transgenders are sex offenders who are identifying their way into female prisons. Most of the prisoners, and their penises, are being put in female prisons are sex offenders and violent criminals. We believe that they are purposely identifying their way into female spaces in order to get access to their prey and groom them into being okay with having their boundaries violated. No, thank you.



We were told that in order to accommodate TQI+ people on the basis of “gender identity” then we should just use their preferred pronouns as an act of politeness. We never consented to having our free speech taken away. We never consented to our erasure. We never consented to pornographic schools. We never consented to silencing parents. We never consented to chopping up children for a bloodthirsty terrorist cult. We never consented to Baby Blue and Baby Pink stripes on our flag. The transgender flag was invented by a pedophile who believed in abusing two-year-olds. That is DISGUSTING. They have forced the American people into submission and refuse to take NO for an answer.

If “transgender rights” are going to ask for more, then so are we. We are asking one last time to reconsider enshrining “gender identity” into civil rights laws. The best possible outcome would be gender identity ideology being completely abolished from the school curriculum, gay rights, medical guidelines, Title IX, statistics, and the rights that gave gays, lesbians, women and girls the liberation to live freely and equally. If The Biden Administration is going to embrace gender identity, then we are being given no other choice but to be on offense and fight.

Gays Against Groomers has been at the forefront of passing bills to end this corruption. We are the most influential, most successful and most powerful spearhead in the movement against gender identity ideology being forced onto children. We want it on record that a gay organization is the one who was at the frontlines with passing these bills. And we have been met with nothing but libel and scorn from radical activists. It is not transphobic to speak up about how laws are oppressing you or committing evil on your behalf. Especially when your community is being hijacked and abused by a sadistic cult, using “gender identity” to force “transgender” onto everyone, including things like harming children.

The Biden Administration is doing this on behalf of a political project to break down sexual boundaries. We DENOUNCE everything being put forward.

If they actually care about the opinions of millions of gays and lesbians, then we urge them to take our opinions seriously. All of the other gay organizations have become flooded with trans ideology. GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is now an LGBTQIA+ charity. They even have admitted to keeping the organization’s name because they like the way it sounded. It no longer advocates for gay men and women. We are currently the only gay organization that advocates for what is in our community’s best interests. You are not doing this on behalf of us.

All of us at Gays Against Groomers will continue to raise hell on this agenda until our concerns are addressed and handled. That is a promise.

We demand respect, and we are going to get it.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Gays Against Groomers


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