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  • Michael Costa

Gays Against Groomers Publishing Announces "The Gender Trap: The Trans Agenda's War Against Children" as Its First Book

Happy Pride Month, RADAR News. As we enter the worst month of the year, our team decided to make the best of it and do something special to help numb the pain. We are proud to announce the launch of Gays Against Groomers Publishing, and with it, our new book, The Gender Trap: The Trans Agenda's War Against Children by Carla Curtis, with a foreword by our founder, Jaimee Michell. If you are a parent whose son or daughter is questioning their identity, if you are puzzled by how the radical transgender movement has penetrated every area of life, if you feel abandoned by an ideology that distorts everything you always knew to be objectively true, if you have ever been ostracized simply for pointing out the obvious, or if you just want to know what on earth is going on—this book is for you. 

When we said that we value the opinions of people from all walks of life and points of view…we meant it. The Gender Trap is as non-partisan as it gets. It is a call for the ethical treatment of women and children, reminding the readers of the principles of gay liberation – a concept that has been hijacked and distorted beyond recognition by the gender industry. Gays Against Groomers Publishing stands firm in our commitment to platforming the ideas of those who have been marginalized for having an opinion that goes against the grain. We provide a voice to the families who have been torn apart by the lies of gender affirmation. And we honor the endeavors of well-meaning citizens who were slandered and burned at the stake for merely questioning the gender juggernaut. One would think that such a pervasive and well-funded corporate gold mine would be able to stand up to some criticism, but all who stray from the accepted narrative are tarred and feathered with accusations of bigotry. Our utmost respect goes out to the author, who came to us with her manuscript and mentioned that the language she used might be "a little too strong." Similar to the RADAR News writers, Carla Curtis makes an effort with this book to avoid euphemistic language that would downplay the biggest case of mass medical malpractice we have ever witnessed in our lifetime. All of the relevant research is cited neatly and thoroughly for any readers who want to learn more. Publishing this book is a way for our community to take a stand against an agenda that is colonizing our bodies, our hard-won rights, our values, and everything we've always known to be true. We included a chapter about stifling dissent and what happens whenever anyone tries to extend a good-faith gesture and discuss the psychic epidemic ruining an entire generation of children. Time and time again, their voices are drowned out, concerns are dismissed, and their history is co-opted to advance a dangerous agenda that has nothing to do with equal rights or representation.

This is the book that the mainstream press doesn't want you to read.

We will not be silenced. We will not be censored. We will not stand by as boundaries are dismantled, one by one, in the name of a dangerous and discriminatory ideology that belongs nowhere near children. So, let the unhinged queer revolutionaries tremble in fear as the information in this book begins to circulate. Let them stomp their feet and lash out in retaliation. Let them make empty threats of genocide. Let everybody know what is actually going on and who these crybullies really are. And most importantly, let this book serve as a lesson. Because when you come for our movement, our civil rights, and especially our children…you come for our very lives. So to all those who have stood with us, supported us, and joined us in this fight – thank you. Your solidarity strengthens us. Your bravery is what keeps us going, and together, we will be the force that brings gender ideology to its knees. And to those who have gone out of their way to sexualize, indoctrinate, and amputate the healthy body parts of children – we have a message for you: it's a shame that you weren't able to shut us down when you had the chance. Because now, it's too late, and our side of the story is finally getting the attention it deserves.

All of us at Gays Against Groomers Publishing feel grateful and honored to have a brilliant lineup of some of the brightest minds and thought leaders on these topics who agreed to read our book and provide reviews for the back cover. First and foremost, we would like to thank Tucker Carlson. For such a distinguished and respected journalist of his caliber to take time out of his busy schedule to read our book means everything to us. We express our sincere appreciation to Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms For Liberty, a fellow organization leading the fight for parental rights, safety in female sports, and for deradicalizing the school curriculum. We stand with their cause and deeply appreciate how welcoming their organization has been. We thank author James Lindsay for his work, which has enabled gays and lesbians to expose the exploitative nature of Queer Marxism to a mainstream audience. We admire Erin Friday and her unrelenting willingness to collaborate with individuals who may not always agree on other social issues but are willing to unite under the most important cause: protecting children. Thank you, Chris Elston, father and activist, for dedicating his life to educating the public with his encyclopedic knowledge of the social contagion which forms the basis of this book. We extend our thanks to actor and comedian Rob Schneider for his enthusiastic support of this publication, our organization's mission, and the work we do. And a special thank you to Andy Ngo, author and journalist, for diligently covering our campaign in a manner that is both honest and accurate over the past two years.

You can pre-order your copy of The Gender Trap: The Trans Agenda's War Against Children on the book's official website. The Gender Trap is our first book, and it certainly will not be our last. We can't wait for you to read it.


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