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  • Michael Costa

GLAAD's War on Gays: What Do LGBTQIA+ Charities Stand For Anymore?

One of the first GLAAD protest's in the 1980's. The signs read "STOP MEDIA BASHING"

A few years ago, The "Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation" abandoned its acronym and now goes by "GLAAD." They did this in order to reflect a shift in messaging from gay and lesbian advocacy to supporting the transgender, nonbinary, and queer community. As such, they have taken every opportunity to promote defamation against us. Ironic is an understatement. The recent hit-piece they published about Gays Against Groomers is the perfect example of how LGBTQIA+ activism is betraying gay people. They are urging META to deplatform us, citing a list of lies and made-up accusations created by transgender activists. No solid proof of their accusations are given. It is a censorship campaign against the very same people they used to advocate for. GLAAD cites their "Social Media Safety Index," (GLAAD, 2023) which they created themselves, to accuse Gays Against Groomers of formenting "fear and hatred, and ultimately violence, against LGBTQ people and the LGBTQ community — specifically on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation." So, GLAAD's source for calling us violent extremists is GLAAD's own definition which GLAAD invented themselves. And WE'RE the ones accused of spreading misinformation.

This is the leading organization that claims to speak for gay people.

GLAAD has a conspiracy that Gays Against Groomers is secretly trying to attack "the LGBTQIA+ community" (GLAAD, 2023). We strongly oppose any acts of violence against anyone, especially within a community to which we are lumped into. That is an accusation that we do not take lightly. Some of our members have even been victims of hate crimes in the past. We are NOT affiliated with The Proud Boys, Q-anon militias, far-right extremists, or "anti-LGBTQ bigots." Just because The Los Angeles Blade says something, does not make it true (Gingerich, 2023). The same goes for MediaMatters. GLAAD claims that we vandalized West Hollywood in order to harass drag queens. Their proof was that a sticker from our merch store was found on a pole (WeHo, 2023). The sticker and graffiti were not put there by members of Gays Against Groomers. The fact that somebody hung up a sticker with our logo printed on it does not provide evidence that we vandalized Los Angeles. That is absurd.

A sticker from Gays Against Groomers' merch store found on a random pole in California.

GLAAD's defamatory article accuses our organization of harassing drag queens in Washington, despite having no evidence. The source they cited did not even mention us (Steele, 2023). For such a powerful corporation, GLAAD should stop lying about gay people to the public. They also cite a separate video of a man, whom they identified as a white nationalist, screaming violent threats at drag queens. They claimed that we were affiliated with him. We are not. We have no idea who he is. This is just a random man on the internet. The source for this deranged accusation was a tweet by anti-gay activist Alemandra Caraballo, a transgender extremist who has repeatedly made up stories in order to scaremonger about gays who disagree with his violent rhetoric. He spent a year harassing, stalking, doxxing, and inciting hatred towards our organization out of bigotry.

When our organization launched on Twitter, "Alejandra" Caraballo doxxed our founder, a gay Jewish woman, and accused her of being a Nazi. Caraballo has done this multiple times. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for speaking about a gay Jewish woman in such a way.

Caraballo (@esqueer_) inciting hatred after doxxing our founder, Jaimee Michell.

One might say that GLAAD's accusations are fueled by antisemitic conspiracy theories, designed to incite hatred against religious minorities (Caraballo, 2022). We checked their sacred "Social Media Safety Index" (GLAAD, 2023) to see if putting on some lipstick makes a man immune from criticism, but we did not find anything. To our knowledge, GLAAD is actively spreading homophobic and racist lies about an organization that seeks to protect children. They are an absolute disgrace. Their disgusting article LIED once again and reported on a FAKE incident that NEVER happened. It was taken from The Advocate, yet another biased source that takes every opportunity to attack us (Sciallo, 2022). According to the most powerful LGBTQIA+ organization in the country, "On December 19, Councilmember Bottcher’s office hallway was vandalized by attackers who told Bottcher’s staff that they were part of anti-LGBTQ “Gays Against Groomers”, Bottcher told The Advocate. Two hours later, the Councilmember was targeted with anti-gay graffitied slurs outside his apartment building that falsely claimed the Councilmember is a “groomer” and a threat to children; in the same incident members of the group physically assaulted the Councilmember’s neighbor. Three people were arrested in the incident and charged with assault and harassment."

On December 19th, all of us were in Arizona for a convention. The people in the news story about vandalizing Erik Bottcher’s office are not in our organization. We have no idea who these people are. And we were bewildered when we saw this news story pop up while all of us were together, on the other side of the country. It was proven to be yet another false accusation. We had nothing to do with it. Accusations of terrorism have been disproven. We have every right to call out inappropriate behavior from WITHIN our own community. Banning our organization from multiple platforms is anti-gay censorship. Claiming that an organization run by a lesbian couple is "anti-LGBTQ" is homophobic. It shows the true colors of the people pushing this political narrative.

Gays Against Groomers DEMANDS that GLAAD correct these errors, in an attempt to defame and sabotage our mission.

As gay people, we want GLAAD's ongoing hate campaign TERMINATED. We expect a public apology for the damage they are trying to cause. Those who support GLAAD and corporations like it are the real bigots. They hate gays like us because we poke a hole in their narrative. We are not a monolith. Not everyone in the "LGBTQIA+" acronym agrees with shoving gender ideology down children's throats. GLAAD and its supporters punish those who do not fall in line with their beliefs and spread vile, revolting lies about gays who simply want people to stop castrating healthy children. They try to censor us because they/them do not want the public seeing what we think of this human rights tragedy. People can call us bigots until they are blue in the face…but the war on children is collapsing, and the adults in the room are picking up the pieces of the absolute mess that the radicals have created. They can't silence us any longer. History will not look back kindly on such hypocrisy. And nothing scares Child Sexual Mutilation advocates more than an army of gay people who have nothing to lose.


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