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  • J.M. Macasieb

Honesty is the New Heresy: Resisting the Gender Gulag's Soviet-style Strategies Borrowed from the Kremlin's Playbook

On February 12th, 1974, author and Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was arrested and eventually exiled from the Soviet Union. According to the Solzhenitsyn Center, on the day of his arrest, he released the full text of his essay "Live Not by Lies." This classic essay is a short but powerful read. In it, Solzhenitsyn exhorts the resistance within the Soviet Union to hold fast to truth and what they know to be true. “And this is the way to break out of the imaginary encirclement of our inertness, the easiest way for us and the most devastating for the lies. For when people renounce lies, lies simply cease to exist. Like parasites, they can only survive when attached to a person.” (Solzhenitsyn, 1974). Solzhenitsyn’s call to action was clear. Do not affirm the lies of the Soviet government by repeating them. Stick to the truth without regard to what is popular.

The same can be said about the fight that currently lies before us: the war on children, common decency, and objective reality. There are several subtle and insidious lies that are being fed to us daily. Like the Soviet government which Solzhenitsyn faced, these lies come from influencers, politicians, and the media. You might be familiar with some of these lies. One tells us that gender and sex are severable. Another suggests that hormones, puberty blockers, and radically invasive and experimental surgeries are “affirming healthcare” for distressed children. Yet another lie says that these drug treatments are completely reversible and do no long-lasting damage to children, physically or psychologically. You may have heard the emotionally manipulative question of asking a parent if they would rather have “a living son or a dead daughter.” These are the lies of today. And these are the lies by which we can no longer live.

There is a war being waged on children in the United States. A radical and dangerous ideology seeks to create dependence on drugs like those mentioned above. It seeks to affirm not the thoughts, beliefs, or feelings of children, but its own malignant narcissism. The time is now for those of us who recognize the lies for what they are to take up the cause in defense of our children. In doing so, we can save them from a lifetime of medical dependency, psychological distress, and lifelong irreversible damage to their bodies.

Not everyone can join Gays Against Groomers on the frontlines of this fight. Every member of this organization fights this battle in our own way and for our own reasons. But what is the minimum that anyone, anywhere can do? The answer is given to us by Solzhenitsyn himself: do not indulge the lies. No longer should we use the language of this radical ideology. What they call “gender-affirming care for kids,” we call for what it is: child mutilation and sterilization. When they enforce new pronouns on our children, we continue to use those that reflect material reality. When they place books in schools that contain graphic depictions of kink or erotic imagery and label it “queer-inclusive,” we call it for what it is: pornographic content and sexually explicit material. We can no longer be afraid of being labeled as bigots for saying what is true. The task before us all is clear. We must no longer indulge the lies.

What do we have to lose by honest living? Solzhenitsyn asks the same question. Are we so invested in our social media followers, party invitations, and social circles that we are willing to turn a blind eye to the exploitation of children? The answer should be no. It is better to lose all these things than to lose our children and the soul of this country because we indulged the lies of a vocal and radical minority.

Gays Against Groomers is here to lead the fight. Our organization is the first of its kind to stand up and say that enough is enough. The war on children will NOT be carried out in our name. We cannot do it alone. If you can join us, we are always welcoming new members. If you can support us, we ask that you contribute to our cause. To anyone else, a simple challenge: do not affirm the lies any longer. Like the Soviet Union, the apparatus supporting the lies of this ideology too shall fall. All it takes is for good people to stand up for what is right and be willing to live honestly, not by lies.

References: Solzhenitsyn, A (1974, February 12) Live Not by Lies. The Solzhenitsyn Center.


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