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  • Lisa Bella

"I'd Rather Have a Trans Daughter Than a Dead Son"

...You know what's even more devastating? That line being used as emotional blackmail to get someone to comply to your demands. Suicide rates in trans people are at their absolute highest 7-10 years AFTER sexual reassignment surgery. And it's because most of the time these surgeries are botched. They're experimental. These folks lose their sex drive, their mental health issues were only AFFIRMED and not DIAGNOSED AND TREATED and with hormones in the mix (raising risk of cancer), untreated depression mixed in with constant infections, tragic dating sex life, doctors not fixing their fuck ups, etc . These surgeries have a 67% complication rate. Once you do this, you become a chronic medical patient.

Show me one person who's had all these surgeries and treatments who has made it to old age. I'll wait.

Puberty is ESSENTIAL for our growth. Kids going on puberty blockers are being sterilized. They're giving themselves osteoporosis because they're not allowing puberty to do what it's supposed to. Bones, muscles, tendons, heart, BRAIN, lungs, blood, sexual reproduction, skin, EVERYTHING relies on puberty. Blockers are NOT reversible. You can say it 1000000000 times but it won't make it true.

You cannot reverse puberty blockers. Saying you can is absolutely false and dangerous. There is zero proof to back up those claims that puberty blockers are reversible.

For proof that they aren't, you just have to go to any real medical website and read peer reviewed studies. Stay off the bs affirmation websites that are littered with false claims.

They give the same puberty blockers to sex offenders to castrate them. They're also giving these drugs to children.

Listen to literally ANY detransitioner and you will QUICKLY learn how wrong it is to be saying these things and pushing these narratives.

$1.3 million dollars is what big pharma makes off of EACH trans child going through treatment.

$70k is what sexual reassignment surgeons make PER surgery. Some make even more.

When you follow the money, you find the highest levels of corruption. And unfortunately they're targeting children.

Gender dysphoria only affects 1 in 30,000 or 1 in 110,000 people. There's no reason we should be seeing upwards of like 30 kids per school claiming to be trans or non binary or whatever. It's all indoctrination. And it's a huge disservice to the ones who actually suffer with it. They truly need treatment because it isn't a trend for them. It isn't a way to fit in with their peers. I feel for them. But majority of what is going on right now is NOT authentic and a lot of children are ALREADY speaking out about their experience and what influenced them to think this way. 99% of the time it was someone else telling them who they are purely based off of gender stereotypes.

I'd would have been told I was trans if I grew up in today's society. Luckily I was just allowed to be a kid. Wear dresses one day, pretending to be the queen of the land and be rolling in the mud the next day collecting bugs with my friends. I was a gymnast but also a baseball player. I was a competitive cheerleader but also a sgt in cadets. I wore a pinstripe suit to my grade 8 grad and cut my hair in a pixie cut and I wore a Marilyn Monroe inspired dress with long curly hair and a flower pinned beside my ear for my grade 12 prom. I am 34 now and I go to metal concerts and thrash but I also am a boudoir photographer who loves to get girly and sexy and do makeup and hair and all that good stuff. I'm still a woman. I'm bisexual but that's it. Where's kids being told it's okay to like trucks if your a girl or its okay to like dolls if your a boy?? That isn't happening anymore. Kids are being told if they don't love themselves they can become someone else. Or if they like dolls then they're a girl. It's fucking stupid. THAT is confusing for a kid on its own and it's ugly when parents put that in their heads just so they can feel like they're part of something.

Why did I spend the last 34 years trying to break stereotypes and stigmas and labels only for those exact things to be used as a stepping stone to castrate and mutilate kids for a buck?

If you're an adult, you do you boo boo. Be informed, ask questions. Know your rights.

If you're a kid, GO BE A KID.

Leave the children out of it.


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