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In The Wake of ‘Sound of Freedom’: The Parallels Between LGBTQ+ Activism and The Pedophile Doctrine

The film that has been taking America by storm, ‘Sound of Freedom’, has amassed tremendous support from its viewers along with backlash among legacy media. Based on and inspired by the operations of Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security agent who rescued many children from sex slavery, this powerful and emotional film unravels a tragic story of two children who were forced into the child sex market.

The movie serves as a compelling exposé, shedding light to what has long been around us but largely turned a blind eye to – the war on children. Engulfed by its raw story telling, I was moved deeply in a way I never was before. Prior to watching this film, I recognized that child sex trafficking and the pornography industry are major issues in the world but failed to see how pervasive they were in our everyday life until the film brought the issue close to home.

The US is the largest consumer of child pornography and the demand only continues to grow. According to the Demand Project, this problem is growing faster than any other criminal act with a 2,500% increase in arrests for child pornography over the last decade. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 17.3 million images and videos of suspected child pornography were viewed in 2011. This is quadruple the amount that was recorded just four years earlier in 2007.

Consuming child pornography is much more common than we would like to think. Therefore, it is essential to consider that perhaps the very people that we know may be engulfed by child pornography. It is also equally essential to consider that as a result of this growing trend, a discrete pedophilic agenda is all around us and we must remain vigilant.

The proliferation of pedophilic propaganda has been successful because the war on children is carried out in discreteness and hides behind multiple disguises. This pedophilic spirit is rampant and lively, spreads like a virus, and latches itself into other social movements disguised as activism. The latest examples being “LGBTQ+ rights”, “Trans rights”, drag queen story hour, and the “gender affirming care” movement. Because its spread is subtle and hides behind a positive cause, it fools well-meaning individuals into supporting ideas that actually exploit minors. This pedophilic agenda is also successful because it weaponizes terms such as “homophobic” and “transphobic” to destroy anyone who can point out its influence.

We can all learn from the works of Tim Ballard. Doing so allows us to see the bigger picture and examine the extent to which sexual exploitation influences culture. Its seeds have trickled into every aspect of society, including LGB and T culture. Gays Against Groomers has dedicated itself in the past year to waking up our community to the child abuse and pedophilic behavior that radical queer and trans ideology encourages – eroding sexual boundaries and taking advantage of children's innocence.

THE PEDOPHILE DOCTRINE Tim Ballard extensively studied the literature of the Dutch Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity, a pro-pedophile political party, and discovered what he calls “The Pedophile Network Doctrines”.

In an interview with The Daily Signal, Tim Ballard breaks down these doctrines. “They include things like: (1) separate children from parents, because parents are a bad influence, the state knows best; (2) sexualize kids, let them see pornography; (3) take God out of education because that just gets in the way; and (4) kids consent, consent, consent. Children can consent to anything.” said Ballard. “Now, what am I seeing here? My stomach is getting sick as I’m reading this. I read this every day. It’s the woke Left agenda. I'm not saying that they are colluding or talking, it doesn't matter it’s the same dark source. Pedophiles are sitting back right now going: we’ve been pushing this agenda for decades and now we don't have to push it anymore because the Left is taking care of it for us in America.” he exclaimed.

Can you think of obvious examples of these doctrines flourishing under “LGBTQ+ progress?" 1. Separate children from parents, the state knows best. The recent push for California bill AB 957, in which the state could make a decision about parental custody by taking a parent's affirmation (or lack thereof) about their child’s chosen gender into account, is a prime example. 2. Sexualize kids, let them see pornography. Recently on July 29, 2023, at a Wisconsin “All Ages Pride Event”, GAG protested drag queen story hour for children who flaunted provocative short dresses, fish nets, and high heels. A member of Brew City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence paced back and forth around children wearing sexually revealing clothing and kink-inspired accessories such as a cat collar and leash around her neck. Although it is not direct pornography, it is directly desensitizing children into thinking this is normal and appropriate.

Member of Brew City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at "family friendly" Pride in the Park. Wisconsin, July 2023

3. Take God out of education. Teaching about God in schools is a debatable topic. But we are making generations of LGB and T individuals believe that God does not welcome them when that is far from the truth. We need an active pursuit of spirituality to eradicate this dark force. 4. Children can consent to anything. In the same interview, Ballard added, “This whole trans ideology foist on children, what they’re saying is, children can consent to having their bodies filled with a chemical that will destroy their reproductive system. They can consent to ripping apart their genitalia. Like, this is insanity—in and of itself it’s horrible. But what it’s going to lead to is what the pedophiles have been asking for. If you can consent to that, guess what? What’s more fluid than gender? Age.”


The unexpected blockbuster hit ‘Sound of Freedom’ is a movie with a tremendous impact no one saw coming. While its critics accuse the film of misrepresenting human trafficking, having ties to QAnon conspiracies, and being too “sensational," this work of art continues to wake up (or “unwoke”) our country.

In order to defeat the despicable perversions that have gained prominence in radical queer activism, we must explore and support the works of others who protect children, such as Tim Ballard and GAG. Although Ballard and GAG fight the war on children from different angles, we must see the connections between our works and recognize that a crucial part of this multifaceted fight is destroying the root cause of these wars: sex trafficking and the pornography industry, the silent epidemics of the world.

Pornography fuels sex trafficking operations. It destroys marriages and relationships, it continuously distorts and corrupts the minds of millions of men, women, and children. Pornography has no respectable place in our society. We must bring forth discussions and awareness on this visual and destructive opioid. We must pledge to never again consume the grime that porn entices us with for the sake of ourselves, sex trafficking victims, for the preservation of the gay community, and generations to come. We must consider how this has shaped the way we have conversations about these issues and the programming behind it.

These industries did not reach heights of power overnight. It took decades of slow sexual infiltration to collectively groom individuals to form society as we know it today. Perhaps that is why well-meaning people cannot conceptualize the filth that Gays Against Groomers so rigidly rejects. Perhaps they have been conditioned by these industries to accept porn in children’s “LGBTQ+” books. Perhaps it is why no attendee of the Wisconsin “All Ages Pride Event” questioned the Brew Sister of Perpetual Indulgence’s inappropriate attire for the event other than the protestors.

We must break free from decades of collective grooming. We must be courageous in exposing the sexual deviancies that quietly walk around us, despite its repercussions. And until we eradicate these vicious industries, generations of American children will continue to be victimized and destroyed, including those who view radical activist communities as a “safe space."



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