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  • Beth Lavin

Parents Vs. Schools: Who's the Real Winner?

Unfortunately, there is no winner in this match. Both the school and the parents should share the win and make sure the children are successful in their lives as they continue into adulthood. Let me add that the parents/guardians are the primary contact for anything to do with their children.

In today’s world of gender proportion, the proliferation of inappropriate children’s books, teachers showing pornographic material in the classroom, (which, by the way, are in the school library), and an overall disregard for personal boundaries have hindered and disrupted the foundation of education. Drag Queen Story Hour for kids children is inexcusable. From kindergarten through high school, we are reminded by social media, politicians, elected figureheads, and predators with nefarious intentions that school is not just for reading, writing and math. Apparently, it is also a good place to experiment with your gender, at an age where children can barely tell the difference between boys and girls.

In well documented cases, such as in Washington State, parents are not told by the school if their child is questioning their identity. One mother in California just won a lawsuit against her school for hiding her daughter's gender transition from her.

Although it may sound ridiculous, this is happening. And it is having serious effects on family dynamics, communication, mental health, and poor literacy due to a system which prioritizes the gender spectrum as students continue to fall behind.

It is time for us to take a stand and fight for what is best for our children. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of common sense and reality. It is the difference between right and wrong. The days of being silenced are over!

A famous quote by Margaret Mead sums it up perfectly:

"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."

When we drop off our kids to school, we expect that they will get a quality education

and be safe from bullying, harm, objectification, or violence.

The purpose of this piece is not to scare parents, but people need to know what the school boards are authorizing in the classroom. Teachers are the backbone to the education system. But when the school board comes down with personal beliefs, instead of federal law required education, then we have a serious problem. Parents have to be proactive in their child’s education. I’m not pointing fingers at parents or teachers, but unfortunately a group of educators and parents suffer from the Transhausen by proxy syndrome. If a boy showed up to school in a purple hat and hula skirt because he thought it looked cool, some teachers might start questioning the boy's gender. Empty-headed idealogues she not be preaching their ridiculous ideas to children in the classroom everyday.

We highly suggest that you communicate with your children. While kids don’t come with an illustrated instruction booklet, we all have life experience, values, goals, religious beliefs and so on. Remember all the stuff we did as kids?! We are lucky to be even alive with some of the stunts we tried to pull. Compared to children in the public school system, we are from different decades, different generations, and were raised on some different values while growing up. We never predicted that we would ever see strangers targeting children and convincing them that they can change sex. This should be against the law! I was a Police Officer for 23 years. In that time, I saw the ugliness of what teachers and staff can do to children, as well as abuse from the parents. It’s heartbreaking, wrong, and will forever affect a child as they grow to be adults. We are in a crazy world right now, with no end in sight. Now, children are being targeted and persuaded to change their gender at such an early age. When people hear about some of the recent events regarding schools and "trans kids," they are often in disbelief and accuse others of making it up. So we decided to go through our repertoire and provide some receipts:

A sex education program provided by Planned Parenthood in Washington State pushes chemical castration in the classroom without parental knowledge, as usual. Parents said the school told them that the lessons were district-approved. But students were given unapproved lesson plans. There are zero FDA approval for using these chemicals on children and if these topics were actually classroom-appropriate, then they wouldn't be so focused on keeping it a secret from parents (Rantz, 2023)."

The parents are a huge part of the problem too. Kids also don't drive themselves to the doctor's office to get puberty blockers or irreversible "gender affirming" surgeries. There are no long term studies on the effects chemical castration drugs (puberty blockers) have on children. The reason why this is so worrisome is because there are so many tomboys out there who are being told that they cannot be masculine and a girl. And their parents are supporting (and encouraging) their sterilization.

In a world where pornography is in schools, boys can enter your spaces whenever they want, and girls are taught that men are better at being women than actual women are...then is it really a surprise that so many or them want to be boys? People often claim that "There is no pornography in school libraries." but these photos prove otherwise:

You can also read the books yourself at

The state of California, which is infamous for its ridiculous gender policies added "affirming” the sexual transition of a child to "the state’s standard for parental responsibility and child welfare—making any parent who doesn’t affirm transgenderism for their child guilty of abuse under California state law." If parents disapprove of their child's "gender identity" or medical transition, then they can get charged with child abuse, reported, and the child can be taken away from them. American mothers and fathers do not co-parent with the government. This is the definition of government overreach, on the basis of the child’s "gender identity." Nobody has the civil right to take away people's children (Kinnett, 2023).

California, along with many other states, mandates pronoun use and integration of single-sex spaces. A girl with special needs got in trouble at for addressing her trans teacher by the wrong pronouns. She feels uncomfortable in school locker rooms, which have adult men in them, and was harassed for questioning it (Emmons, 2023).

Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island, and many more have implemented a "Youth Risk Behavior Survey" which ask children about drugs, sex, identity, and personal/family information that probably isn't the best idea for schools to have on file.

You can find more of these surveys here: Surveys by state

If you are a parent and your state is listed, then that means your child is filling out similar surveys, as well. For those who feel uncomfortable or frustrated about this (rightfully so), here is a link to opt-out of them: Courage Is A Habit Opt-out Form (2023)

In order to win this war, parents must work together and within their communities to spread awareness about the filth that is being circulated in their children's schools. The start of a new school year means that there will be more and more opportunities to voice your dissent. The more people who start speaking up, the sooner our concerns will be taken seriously.

And if you are interested in having Gays Against Groomers come to your school board meeting to speak out, then we encourage you to check out


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