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  • Levi Mikula

Queering the Next Generation: "Family-Friendly" Drag Queens Use Children's Books to Target Families and Promote Gender Transition

Arizona Democrat lawmakers teamed up with Planned Parenthood last month to host a “Drag Story Hour” at the Capitol in Phoenix, where a Drag Queen read a children’s book to a group of adults, encouraging the parents to “listen to your kids” and encourage them to transition, the Texas Family Project reported. This concept is so confusing that the Drag Queen had to make his point with a children’s picture book to push parents into allowing their young children to pursue gender transition. These children aren’t old enough to make any other permanent decisions on their own, but somehow they are mature enough to know that they were supposedly born into the wrong body.

It is clear to anyone who is paying attention that Drag Queens who support “family-friendly” events and those who are upset that children are not allowed to be in attendance at shows that are meant for adults are indeed trying to indoctrinate and groom the current generation, and then indoctrinate parents into going along with it. And this isn’t a problem that just suddenly became an issue in the last year or two. One Drag Queen named Dylan Pontiff, who goes by the name Santana Pilar Andrews, even admitted in 2018 what the goal was and that “this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.” Pontiff made it clear that “we are trying to groom the next generation” and that’s going to be “very beautiful.”

“We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it. Recruiting children? You bet we are,” activist Daniel Villarreal wrote in a column back in 2011. Villarreal admitted in that piece that talks about how they are not trying to indoctrinate your children is a lie. “We trip all over ourselves promising not to mention queers in front of the kids when in fact we’d love to,” Villarreal wrote in the piece.

There is a group of boundary-crossing narcissists who are openly admitting that they are indeed “coming for your children.” It is long past time that we take them at their word and put an end to things like Drag Story Hour and “family-friendly” drag events, and make drag shows 18+ only, like we would with any strip club. No rational person opposes preventing children from being in attendance at shows that are sexual in nature, regardless of their sexuality. It’s not anti-LGBT or even anti-drag to say that children should not be in attendance.

It’s time that we start making the health and safety of the next generation a priority.


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