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  • Judith Rose

Radar Watchlist: Jeffrey Marsh

You may have seen Jeffrey Marsh around various corners of the internet from different angles that depend on which side of the woke culture spectrum you fall on. If you ask the neo-LGBTQ+ crowd that believes you can use different pronouns every single day and demand strangers be arrested for not following along, Marsh is a “non-binary transgender inspirational life coach, writer and LGBTQ activist,” who offers tidbits of advice (typically addressed to “kids”) primarily through TikTok and Patreon. If you don’t believe in a recently invented set of pseudo-nonsensical psychologically manipulative ideals about gender, Marsh is a man who seems to believe he’s invented cross-dressing and enjoys telling young people to cut off their parents and talk to him instead, sometimes for a fee.

Fans and supporters are asked to refer to Marsh using “they/them” pronouns, which will not be done in this article. To claim to be both non-binary and transgender is contradictory. One is either an androgynous man or woman who enjoys cross-dressing or a transsexual, one who has medically and physically transitioned to present as the opposite sex. Instead of this reality that was once widely accepted, Marsh pushes the ideas that the gender binary is wrong. According to Jeffrey, gender is a construct, gender is not the same and sex, and you can in fact reject this reality in favor of your own. And if your family and friends can’t accept that, Jeffrey Marsh is here to emotionally coach you through it. In fact, if you pay extra, he’ll be your personal life coach.

Marsh’s qualifications for giving life advice include living as a monk for years in California to learn the art of Soto Zen and becoming a licensed life coach, though there is no accessible evidence of the license itself. There are several disclaimers on his site and Patreon that imply he doesn’t speak directly to supporters, cannot diagnose mental illnesses and does not offer services to minors. He is known for occasionally making one of his supporters chase him down after paying a whopping $1k for his “Premium Package” of Zoom meetings. Marsh built his fan base by writing a self-help book and spouting cliches in videos, which has lead him to an endorsement on Oprah’s website. All in all, one can see Marsh has tried to cover his bases and avoid controversy, but that hasn’t stopped people from pointing out the obvious:

Jeffrey Marsh wants to talk to your kids.

Jeffrey doesn’t have any kids, alludes to having a strained relationship with his own parents, and opens many videos with “I wanna talk to the kids,” or “Hi, kids!” He has also described himself as “Christlike,” despite practicing Buddhism. Grooming 101 involves establishing a relationship with the intended target and either separating the target from their families or establishing a relationship with their families as well. Marsh is big on what is referred to as “going no contact,” or cutting off family members if they “don’t understand you.” His use of language and speech pattern often resembles cult leaders who lure members in with wide eyes and a soft voice to demand control.

It’s important to know the signs of grooming with the intent of sexual abuse. Those who do may recognize several of the signs in Jeffrey’s content. But the average person who has never seen one of his videos, upon watching just a handful, would more than likely ask themselves “who is this creep and why does he want to talk to kids so much?”

But Jeffrey has deflected these accusations more than once, often turning on the commenter and accusing them of the same behavior, which is a classic narcissistic tactic of someone who does not want to acknowledge what they themselves are doing. Marsh’s fan base can be vicious, and a few of them even managed to track down one of his accusers, posting photos of her without her hijab and threatening her entire family. [source] Marsh seems to project a lot of his own issues for someone who claims to coach others through life, but since he’s not actually a licensed therapist, it seems he can get away with toeing a very careful line while encouraging young people to sign up for a more private line of communicating with him.

We cannot yet prove that Jeffrey Marsh is actively abusing minors, but we sure do recommend knowing who he is and making sure he isn’t influencing your children. Until then, we’re keeping a vigilant eye out for Mr. Marsh in the headlines.

And for good measure, here’s a creepy compilation of videos of himself deleted, but the internet never forgets.


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