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  • Beth Lavin

Radar Naughty List: One·n·Ten

In today’s crazy and mixed-up world, I often find myself wondering what happened to common sense and good judgment? I know the majority of people have a decent understanding of reality, but when it comes to the individuals who are platformed by the media…common sense is not so common. Content creators know that the audience will salivate over insanity and chaos, and they take advantage of this in order to get ratings. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines common sense as the ability to reach intelligent conclusions. The word "sense" implies a reliable ability to judge and decide with soundness, prudence, and intelligence. A choice showing good common sense suggests an average degree of such ability without sophistication or special knowledge. "Good judgment" implies that one is tempered and refined by experience, training, and maturity. Minors are not mature enough to understand this. They are impressionable and lack the foresight to make decisions about their bodies. A teacher, healthcare worker, or even camp counselor can go so far as influencing kids to take puberty blockers or cut off body parts to play a role that most kids grow out of.

When members of our Arizona chapter went to Gay Pride Day in Phoenix, our mission was to see how many vendors catered to gender dysphoria and transition. All of the vendors told us that we needed to talk to One·n·Ten because they offered everything for a child to transition, including puberty blockers and surgery. When we spoke with a One·n·Ten volunteer, they had no problem telling us about all the ways they assist in child sterilization. They mentioned a private Facebook group that helps minors with transitioning. We were even given a business card. They seemed proud to be participating in the biggest medical scandal since the lobotomy.

Who are these people? And why do they seem to have a monopoly on "trans kids?"

So, we did some investigating. And what we found was very disturbing. They are based out of Phoenix, Arizona and are surprisingly very well-funded. In 2017, they claimed 72 corporate partners in their annual report. No further annual reports were uploaded after 2017. According to their current website, the list of sponsors was surprisingly long and featured some very powerful organizations. They thank the following sponsors: Cox (Communications, WiFi, etc), SRP (Salt River Project), Estrella Jalisco (Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light), Osborn Maledon (a law firm in Phoenix), Wells Fargo, Bank of America, ADP (Automatic Data Processing), Sprouts, Petsmart, Mercy Care, Sprouts Health Communities Foundation, Discover, Toshiba, Fry’s Grocer (Kroger), American Airlines, and APS (Arizona Public Service). They work with Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s “Gender Support Program.” According to their website:

“The Gender Support team understands that the process of gender development is unique to each individual. Our specialists in pediatrics, adolescent medicine and psychology work closely with youth, families, physicians, mental health therapists and other providers who may be involved in the child’s care.

Our program offers many services:

  • Consults with families about parenting strategies and support for gender-affirming children and youth.

  • Consults about using medicines to suppress puberty.

  • Consults about gender-affirming hormonal therapy.

  • Consults and offers referrals for readiness evaluation.

  • Refers patients to experienced mental health providers and specialists at Phoenix Children’s for ongoing support.

  • Supports and advocates for patients and families through various aspects of transition. These include transitioning in schools and completing legal name and gender marker changes.

We would like to make something clear: It is disgusting and inexcusable for a child to be getting any of these services, even legally changing their name. No child under the age of 18 should be subjected to this.

Zip. Zero. Nada. Not even one.

Here at RADAR News, our dedicated journalists put in a lot of effort to highlight the importance of language. Many "queer" resources use language that intentionally blurs the boundaries between male/female and adult/child. The reason why this is so worrisome is because those boundaries are ingrained in us during childhood. Children typically use age and biological sex as markers while describing others. The two things that children first point out are whether someone is a "boy or girl" and whether they are a "kid or grown-up." Queer Theory is systematically designed to eradicate both of these boundaries and erode safeguarding. And this is done on purpose. Queer Studies academics like Judith Butler stress the importance of using language to change culture and blur boundaries. Upon reading the phrases "trans youth,” "LGBTQIA+ youth,” or “young people,” most people assume that this refers to boys and girls (minors). However, when certain organizations use the word "youth," it simultaneously refers to children and young adults, thus blurring that boundary. We discovered that One·n·Ten is one of these organizations.

They have a Discord server for "LGBTQ+ Youth" to have conversations in chat rooms and the ability to send/post photos and videos. One·n·Ten's Discord server is for "youth” between 13 to 24 years old: adults and children. They have a “rewards program” where children get rewarded with prizes for referring other 13 to 24-year-olds and they get entered into a raffle. Yes, this is real.

According to the local news, "We developed a discord platform, and we saw an increase of attendance. We also started doing gaming and streaming two nights a week on Twitch,” said Sebastian Blackwell, Satellite Program Manager for One As a result, One·n·Ten reached 700 youth within one month. This organization received a multiyear, $500,000 grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. The funds will support One·n·Ten’s online digital programs, in person satellite sites and Camp OUTdoors. One·n·Ten serves LGBTQ+ and allied “youth ages 11-24 by promoting self-expression, self-acceptance and healthy life choices.” On the One·n·Ten website, it specifies that their queer camp is also for "youth" aged 11-24. Camp OUTdoors for “youth” are housed by age, not based on gender identity/expression. Male and female campers are housed in the same facilities, which should immediately set off some alarm bells. The activity calendars have a variety of activities for “young people” to do. The age range is 14-24. No supervision is specified. This is unacceptable.

On their website, when entering information in the child’s profile, the child’s sex or gender are not even asked about and there is limited information for parents. The only information for parents on this hellsite is a page on conversion therapy. In the description, it loosely describes conversion therapy for gay or bisexual people and then applies this to trans-identified children. It makes no distinction between the two. Conflating sexual orientation (LGB) with “gender identity” (TQ+) in any context is not only irresponsible…it can also be dangerous. These two concepts have nothing in common. Therefore, one must differentiate between conversion therapy and psychodynamic gender-exploratory therapy.

According to Genspect, “conversion practices which are physically and psychologically harmful should, of course, be prohibited as human rights violations ... Conversion therapy is an outdated and barbaric practice that was offered decades ago. Cruel treatments such as aversion therapy and electroconvulsive treatments were utilized; which caused severe psychological, and even physical harm. However, psychodynamic technique does not entail purposeful attempts to convert, change or shift an individual's sexuality or identity. It aims to clarify the role of various overt or covert influences upon the patient's thoughts and behaviors, and its practice should be free of arbitrary interference by the State. Psychotherapy that aims to differentiate among various mental health conditions that superficially resemble each other cannot be said to violate any rights. Legislation that does not distinguish between competent psychotherapy and abusive practices is arbitrary and encroaches upon the private sphere by impinging on personality rights, and also associational rights by having a chilling effect on therapeutic relationships."

One·n·Ten does not even mention the recent emergence of comorbidities between pediatric trans-identification and autism, anxiety, or eating disorders. There is no mention of high-quality mental health care for gender-distressed children. This implies that gender affirmation (“gender-affirmative care”) is the only method of dealing with a child’s distress, which can lead to serious, risky medical interventions before a child can consent.

We believe that the evidence offered to parents misuses the phrase “conversion therapy” to push the “affirmation only” model and make misleading infographics based on self-report and suicidality. They claim that this self-reported suicide “attempt” rate is due to lack of affirmation of their “identity.” This is the least reliable source of data. It ignores multiple confounding variables such as psychopathological comorbidity and pushes the lie that minors who do not medically transition are at a high risk of suicide.

There are multiple studies that disprove this lie. Under the Health and Wellness tab, they offer monthly gender affirming topics such as hormones, surgeries, binding, tucking, and where to find “gender-affirming care.” No exploration is encouraged whatsoever. The source for their propaganda is The Trevor Project, a biased and corrupt organization that pushes the very same “affirmation” model.

I grew up in the 1970’s. It was a completely different generation. For those of you who grew up during that time period: Do you remember when the school would call your parents for any little thing you did wrong? Nowadays, there are some states that will support a child in a gender transition and not even contact the parents! It is mind-blowing that this is considered the go-to organization in Arizona for parents of gender-distressed kids. They lie to families, use botched statistics to justify child abuse, deceive children, take no accountability for the dangers of "gender-affirming care,” lack proper safeguarding, and have no problem blurring the line between adults and children. Who decided that One·n·Ten knows more about what is best for a child than the parents? We're not sure. From what we've seen so far, it is obvious that they are NOT using common sense and good judgment. We do not co-parent with corrupt "LGBTQIA+" non-profits. It is going to take parents, politicians, and your average Joe America. citizens to stand up and say NO MORE. This manipulation must come to an end and Gays Against Groomers is on the forefront of shutting down this scandal for good.


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