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  • Michael Costa

Radar Naughty List: Tara Lipsyncki

Tara Leana (aka: Tara Lipsyncki), a transgender drag queen and “ordained minister” from The Church of Fabulosity in Utah, hosts All-Ages Drag Shows and has expressed that he is very proud to be doing so. According to The Church of Fabulosity's website, “We are a non-denominational church. We provide free minister ordinations to all that come to us…” We sent a disapproval letter regarding the all-ages drag show and she promptly responded to our Chapter Leader.

The email Lipsyncki sent us back

Lipsyncki claims they are federally protected as their drag show involving children is “a protected religious service” and will consider any more targeting of her group as a "hate crime against our religious liberties.” We would like to note that the church has never been "targeted.” Contrary to Lenea’s beliefs, it is a protected federal right for protestors to protest even a church, something that has occurred in this country for over two centuries thanks to the First Amendment, and also frequently happens in Utah on a wide range of issues. Clearly sending a simple email in an attempt to discuss the suspected issue does not fall under a “hate crime.”  That is unless Lenea believes his “ministry” of drag performances for children is so special it is above all other laws in our country.

In the email, Lipsyncki also states that "all people involved in our show have extensive background checks, and no drag artist in the show is on any state of federal registries."

Interesting, because we discovered quite easily that the owner of the Sweet Hazel & Co, where Lipsyncki routinely hosts his all-ages drag shows, happens to be convicted of a felony in Utah for “selling her 13 year old daughter's virginity for $10,000.” A quick Google search revealed that she is also a convicted sex offender with many news reports about her not just across Utah, but across the entire United States as well as international news media! So much for "extensive background checks.”

Felicia McClure's (owner of Sweet Hazel & Co) Salt Lake City mugshot when she was charged with Felony Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor

Lipsyncki had two drag shows scheduled in November and December (with discounts for minors) but had to reschedule. Lipsyncki stated, in a different email, that they did not host the drag events due to "threats from bigots" which forced them to leave Sweet Hazel & Co and move to a new venue. So, it was not because the owner of the facility hosting the events is a convicted sex offender?

Lipsyncki went on in that same email to state the event was moved to his bookstore in Provo. Is the bookstore now considered a church? Have they filed the required paperwork to change the licensing of the establishment’s type of business?

The email response from Lipsyncki stating the event has been moved

It should also be noted that Lipsyncki has a history of trying to sue people to gain access to children, as she was involved in a lawsuit against the City of St. George, Utah and its city leaders when the city refused to grant a permit to the Southern Utah Drag Stars to perform drag for children in a city-owned park. Lipsyncki was scheduled to be the host of that event.

Oh, and one more thing we forgot to mention: Lipsyncki just released a children's book about drag called Letter From The Queen. Charming.

One has to ask, Why are drag queens so intent at gaining access to children specifically when for decades they performed for only adults? Why the sudden demand for nonstop access to children by these adult performers? Why are they suddenly pretending children attending her drag shows are “critical to their survival,” as Lipsyncki claims. What is the actual agenda behind raunchy drag shows for children?

People like Tara Lenea (Tara Lipsyncki) always say, “Drag is not dangerous to children!” History has proven otherwise with so many of these all-age drag show “performers” arrested for assaulting children and child pornography. Not just here in the USA, but across the globe.

Here are just a FEW drag queen performers and drag story hour readers that have taken advantage of children, including a Judge that was a top Drag Queen Story Hour sponsor who was arrested for possessing child pornography:




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