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  • Brady Dice

Radar Watchlist: GLAAD

GLAAD was founded in 1985 and is one of the largest LGBTQ organizations. They were widely known for their activism in issues affecting gays and lesbians. During the Reagan administration, they brought awareness to the AIDS epidemic. AIDS wreaked havoc on the gay community. With a solid foundation of support from like minded people, they grew into the most influential LGBTQIA+ nonprofit. The nonprofit has a whopping 488,387 followers on Twitter, 764,208 on Facebook, 311,219 on Instagram, 46,869 on YouTube, and 36,876 on TikTok. In total, the group has a following of 1,647,559 people across social media. With a following like this, a huge responsibility has been placed on them. Recently, they started advocating for new issues that differ from its original purpose. The group revealed their incentives to its devious vision. They shifted their values to something more sinister: Sterilizing children.

They fiercely advocate for the gender transition of minors. Regarding legislation to stop this medical abuse, 13 of which Gays Against Groomers had our hands in putting through, GLAAD stated that “Several of those laws largely focus on prohibiting gender-affirming treatment for children under 18, even though The American Medical Association and more than a dozen other leading medical groups have long supported lifesaving treatment for trans youth. Research shows simple acts like acknowledging and using their pronouns saves trans youth from self-harm and saves their lives.” So…if you don't use a child’s “preferred pronouns,” then they're going to die? That is a manipulative, untrue, and dangerous lie to tell.

GLAAD blatantly promotes the butchering of young children – a money making machine that ranges from chemical castration to gender modification surgery. The financial incentives to promote this scandal must be examined. GLAAD has a multitude of donors that contribute to its organization. Some of the names are well known, such as NBC Universal, Netflix, IBM, Google, and many more companies. Companies like these have contributed millions to the organization. It’s no wonder why these major companies censor all voices who speak out against physically altering the developing bodies of minors.

At the heart of GLAAD's web of manipulators lies the TAWANI Foundation, led by Jennifer/James Pritzker. Notably, donations of $50,000 in 2015 and a staggering $137,500 in 2019 were directed to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the organization responsible for the affirmation model of medically transitioning minors. The TAWANI Foundation's involvement extended beyond this, with a $10,000 donation to GLAAD in 2015. However, the most significant move came in 2022 when the foundation granted $1,496,070 to Gender and Human Sexuality institutions. The ARCUS Foundation has carved out a significant space within GLAAD's financial make-up, as well. They are part of GLAAD’s $1,000,000 Lifetime Club. When looking at their finances, Google is on the list of its top 10 donors. GLAAD, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Google are all in bed with one another.

Amongst their largest donors was Disney, which makes sense given the tantrum that Disney World had when Governor DeSantis banned pornographic content in public schools. Their financial report also highlights the work of Dr. Dick (“Rachel”) Levine, who has been consistently pushing pediatric transition ever since taking office. Abbvie, an American pharmaceutical company, spent $500,000 on lobbying the U.S. Chambers of Commerce. Lobbyists can meet with legislators to push legislation that promotes their agenda. They can also use money to go against opponents who could pose a threat to its interests. In the Federal government, sometimes companies will donate to both parties to ensure that they have their vote. Corrupt organizations like Abbvie, Google, GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, and many more use these hefty donations to influence the social and political landscape. While dumping millions, or in some cases billions of dollars into developing new drugs, these organizations have leveraged social media, legislation, and minority organizations to push gender ideology.

We find it interesting that organizations like GLAAD, The Advocate, PinkNews, and MediaMatters harass and attack us non-stop with censorship campaigns, hit pieces, defamatory lies, and propaganda...but whenever we bite back, WE'RE labeled as the aggressor. It shouldn't be this difficult to convince people to leave the kids alone. But when you have corporations like GLAAD pulling in millions of dollars to profit off the scarred bodies of innocent children, it becomes clear that they value money over the well-being of “trans kids.” They should really get their priorities in check before attacking us for exposing the truth. Maybe people would start taking them seriously. They regularly call Gays Against Groomers "extremists" while simultaneously raking in the cash from child castration experiments via the gender affirmation model. Who is the extremist here? Is it the organization that spent all of 2023 passing legislation to protect kids from irreversible harm...or the organization that views kids as cash cows and profits off of enslaving them to a life of permanent pharmaceutical dependence? It's pretty clear who is on the right side of history. The reason why Gays Against Groomers speaks out against it is because we recognize corruption when we see it infiltrate our community. And it is our responsibility to call it out.

In a matter of three days, MediaMatters, GLAAD, and Pink News all came out urging Facebook and Instagram to ban us. They are terrified of gay people voicing their dissent from within the community, so they resort to insane, defamatory lies to pressure Big Tech into doing so. They thought they had succeeded in getting us canceled. But we raised hell and made it known that they will never shut us up, no matter how hard they try. Our founder and president, Jaimee Michell, said in a news appearance, "I think that really goes to show just how scared these people are of our voices. I don't think they ever expected to have to fight people from inside the community. We're not going to stop. They can't silence us. They've tried over and over again, but we just keep growing stronger." These corporations are learning real fast that WE are the ones who represent the sane majority in our community, not the groomer radicals who wish to harm children. Our community is not a monolith, and millions of us want this agenda ENDED. We had one of our members contact Sarah Kate Ellis, the CEO and president of GLAAD, when they tried to get us banned. This buffoon replied to us, saying that GAG is an "anti LGBTQ" organization. Then she promptly unsent the message in order to avoid looking like a lunatic. But we have screenshots, Sarah.

Always. Keep. Receipts.

This summer, we had digital billboard trucks at Pride Parades across the country with screens displaying videos of the gender cult's butchering of children. The groomers over at GLAAD decided to copy us in an effort to gain public support for the child mutilation empire they are building. Needless to say, our billboard trucks were way better. But we're pleased to know we've been a source of inspiration for them. Their truck claims that "trans people's right to exist" is somehow under attack. Allow us to elucidate: Never has there existed this hypothetical population of children for whom biological sex is completely irrelevant to their embodied reality. The amputation of healthy reproductive organs has never been considered the best way to treat mental health issues in adolescent girls and boys. The transsexual child is a pharmaceutically-constructed lie. If you have to censor all opposition with multi-million dollar hate campaigns in order to enact your agenda, well, maybe that's a sign that you are doing something wrong. GLAAD put themselves on the Naughty List when they started treating victims of child sexual mutilation as collateral damage. There is nothing worse than a child sexual mutilation advocate. And everyone involved in this scam will be held accountable.


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