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  • Michael Costa


After restricting the demonic practice of amputating the healthy body parts of children, also known as "gender-affirming care," sources out of the Tavistock gender identity clinic in The United Kingdom are finally speaking the truth. They said that "Parents will be glad to see these new restrictions in place. Extra caution for such interventions is reassuring, and it is shocking that it was not already considered essential." (Telegraph, 2023).

National restrictions are being placed on this disaster all across Europe. While other countries are being honest about their mistake and owning up to the fact that "Attempted sex changes" should have never happened in the first place, ours is still lagging behind. It is only a matter of time before it happens in The United States. Obviously, not all of us have come to our senses yet.

Restrictions vary by country and state. Some states have been able to criminalize this child medical abuse. We agree wholeheartedly. We have also lobbied for detransitioners or people who were harmed by gender medicine to file a lawsuit and seek justice. And we were even criticized and called transphobic when we assisted with passing the Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act (SAFE) in Missouri.

We want all of the liars exposed. It is a scam that attention-hungry parents and manipulative doctors allowed to occur behind everyone's backs. There is nothing worse than a child sexual mutilation advocate. BAN IT.

Anyone who sterilizes a child should be sent to prison.

After lying to parents and saying that their child is going to die without "gender-affirming care," the professionals who pushed this all need to be held accountable.

Just a few weeks ago, Miss Rachel Levine, the monster that was put in charge in the first place, publicly stated that sterilizing children is necessary. He claims that chopping up children saves lives and parents who disagree are dangerous.

The true danger is gender ideology. Encouraging children to disassociate from their sexed bodies lets one's guard down. It makes it easier to cross boundaries. Gender ideology colonizes culture through language. Obstruction of language is ingrained within queer pseudoscience because its true goal is engineering a generation of children who believe that their body does not match their feelings.

Restrictions are effective but we want all child sterilization ended permanently.

Gays Against Groomers refuses to make peace with any of it. The idea that a child’s body is wrong and this behavior should ever be encouraged is unacceptable. No child has the capacity to consent. We are hopeful that honest medical professionals will ditch the political circus and come to their senses. Anybody who refuses to admit that they were wrong for encouraging this butchery is not acting in good faith.

There is never a situation where a teenage girl is able to consent to having her breasts removed. Anybody who thinks otherwise is out of touch about what is actually going on and who these demons really are: Boundary-crossing Narcissists

We want the scammers who extorted the feelings of mothers and fathers to be honest for once. Parents were lied to. They accused Gays Against Groomers of being terrorists. They subverted the education system to preach this garbage for five hours a day. Gender ideologues want society to cater to they/them/their beliefs and feelings without asking for anybody's consent first.

NO, we do not consent to the idea that children should be able to change their gender. That is total lunacy. We do not consent to children being sexualized, indoctrinated, and mutilated to satisfy the thirst of a parasitic cult. We want this pharmaceutical death scandal completely terminated. This industry needs to be put out-of-business and never allowed to return. The Government must move further and faster to keep children safe.

The lawsuits are being filed. Gloves are off. Queer Marxism is ruining gay men and lesbian women. Get rid of this plague.


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The Government must move further and faster to keep children safe

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Establishes the "Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act"

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