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  • Judith Rose

Spilling the Tea on the T; The Pedophilic Roots of the Trans Movement

Disclaimer: The point of this article is not to disparage all trans people, and we acknowledge the trans adults genuinely suffering from dysphoria attempting to live a normal life. We value our trans allies who align with us. Unfortunately, the deeper we dig into the ideology of transgenderism, the more we uncover uncomfortable truths that should not be ignored, but should be objectively scrutinized, taking into account their influence on the current day neo ideology.

The modern-day LGBTQ+ movement concerns much of the community for many reasons. We wanted equality, but once gay marriage was legalized it's as though the movement was weaponized to find a new goal to profit from. The movement has become unrecognizably more invasive and demanding than we ever wanted, even going as far as refining what it means to be gay and therefore redefining our community. We have been forced to question how the T made its way into the LGB in the first place. After just a few simple searches, we have discovered several figures responsible for planting pedophilic seeds of the trans movement that have grown into the twisted narcissistic monster we find ourselves fighting today.

For example, Robert Hogge aka Monica Helms designed the first trans flag in 1999 using the same infant referencing color scheme seen in symbols found on pro-pedophile websites: pastel pink, white and baby blue stripes. At first glance, most articles seem to describe Hogge as a noble veteran and first trans delegate from Georgia at the DNC (Democratic National Convention) with misunderstood interests and an internal struggle. He painted himself as something “ethereal” and “between worlds,” eventually being inspired by a friend to transition. Robert’s transition to Monica effectively ended his marriage and disrupted his family life.

But like many trans activists of today, Hogge had several confessed perversions. He was obsessed with sex at an early age, admitting to “lusting after women.” Hogge has written several novels under the Helms name in which he describes his autogynephilia, or sexual arousal when wearing women’s clothes. He confessed to stealing women’s underwear, including his own mothers, and went on to write erotic fantasies about his fetish. In a story from his novel “tales from a two-gendered mind,” Hogge/Helms wrote a story sexualizing a “magical woman” who permanently looked like a teenage girl.

Hogge is a prime example of why some gatekeeping ought to be in place for those in the transgender movement. His expressed sexual excitement upon wearing women’s clothing is a distinct sign of deep mental illness, and not necessarily true transgenderism. The movement is constantly trying to reassure the public that “it’s not a fetish,” while many openly display obvious fetishized views of their transition. So how do we separate the perverts from those simply suffering and trying to find comfort within themselves, especially when the perverts are the ones who have paved the way? After designing a flag using colors known to be present in the same pedophile symbols exposed by the FBI, did Hogge inadvertently sign a death sentence for the trans movement by conflating the two?

Don’t get us started on John Money, a major figure behind the push to normalize pedophilia and one we have already exposed. Money coined the term “gender identity” and opposed the classification of pedophilia as an abnormal fetish, stating: “If I were to see... a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man... if the relationship is mutual, I would not call it pathological." Money used a wide range of psychologically deceptive language to justify an attraction to children as well as sexual activity both with and among children. He is best known for the Reimer Twin experiment, a tragic tale that ended in suicide.

For whatever reason, many trans activists of today cite John Money’s work to justify the movement.

Next there’s Volkmar Sigusch, a German sexologist who popularized the term “cissexual” as an antonym to “transsexual” which evolved into “cisgender.” The term is now being used so negatively by “cis hating” activists that Elon Musk has declared it a slur on Twitter, now known as X. Sigusch once said "There is nothing wrong with pedophilia in the sense of the word, that is, against liking, even loving, children. The sensuality that unfolds between a child and an adult is something wonderful." He speculated that the attraction to children is not harmful, and pedophiles deserve therapy to work through their feelings. This rhetoric is borrowed by groups like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and those who call themselves MAPS (Minor Attracted Persons) today.

Sigusch is not the only German sexologist who had a soft spot for pedophilia. He is often credited as a “main thinker behind the sexual revolution of the 1960’s,” and other German sexologists during this time also saw sexual relations with children as progressive and harmless. In fact, Germany’s Green Party advocated for the abolition of Paragraph 176 of the German Criminal Act, which criminalized sex with adolescents under 14. In the 1970’s, a psychology professor named Helmut Kentler collaborated with Berlin authorities to conduct an “experiment” by intentionally placing foster children with pedophiles. It was during this time (1973) that Volkmar Sigusch began serving at the Institute for Sexual Science at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, where he remained until 2006. Known as the Kentler Project, this so-called experiment went on until 1988, when Kentler declared it a success.

According to Dr. Sonja Levsen and her study on pedophile apologists, Sigusch is credited as one of the main advisory scientists for Dr. Frits Bernard’s paper titled: “Pedophilia–a Disease?” in which he concluded that the sexual abuse of children “did not damage their development.” Yikes. One of Sigusch’s first projects at Goethe University was with Gunter Schmitt. Together, they mislead teenage youth of West Germany with a deceptive study titled: “Teenage Boys & Girls In West Germany.” Participants were told the study was a general questionnaire regarding their homelife and habits, but Sigusch and Schmitt dove into intimate details about the teen's sexual habits, including masturbation and their earliest sexual memories.

We cannot neglect to mention the infamous Alfred Kinsey, a sexologist who served at Indiana University and so-called “father of the sexual revolution.” His reports on human sexuality, known as the Kinsey Reports, almost immediately made the New York Times’ Bestsellers list, but many are unaware of his controversial methods and conclusions of research. These reports not only hypothesized that infants can experience orgasms but suggested that pedophilic and incenstual relationships were actually beneficial to children. His research was disproportionately based on surveys taken from sex offenders, prostitutes and prison inmates. In 2010, a victim under the pseudonym Esther White came forward to tell a disturbing tale of how Kinsey paid her father to rape her in the name of science for Kinsey’s study. [source] Today, a bronze statue of Kinsey sits on a bench at Indiana University, and many are none the wiser.

Gender supremacists and radical trans activists of today have built a religious doctrine based on the work of these twisted minds and pedophile apologists. Their use of language is designed to force a new truth on the public, one that twists fantasy into fiction and demands a lack of questions, a glaring indication of cult thinking. Using figures like Sigusch to justify the separation of the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender,’ these radicals are hard at work implanting the idea that gender transition cures all mental turmoil, while simultaneously claiming gender is a “social construct.” This doctrine has reached public schools, where impressionable innocents are easily led astray by advanced concepts designed to confuse and sexually activate them. But one cannot ask too many questions before incurring vehement reactions from radical trans activists. It is a deeply psychological and misleading movement that fails to address the many complications and concerns of advocating for child sex changes, and instead gaslights individuals who argue against it.

We cannot help but notice several of these activists have slipped up and admitted their attraction to children in some form or another. Indian trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon has attempted to convince the public that “little girls are also sexy.” While we can ignore Alok’s experimentation with self-expression, this quote is a big red flag that should not be taken lightly. TikTok personality Jeffrey Marsh has sparked controversy with problematic LGBTQ+ related content that encourages children to sever their relationship with their parents if they perceive any kind of discrimination at home, imagined or otherwise. Marsh refers to himself as a “they,” reinforces the idea of a gender binary while simultaneously denying it and encourages youth to subscribe to his Patreon for personal chats. His tactics are shared by child groomers like Jack Reynolds, a convicted pedophile who openly explained to the public that one of the first things a predator will do is establish or corrupt a child’s relationship with their family.

These radical activists who cite the work of pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers often advocate for “youth liberation,” or the idea that children can make their own decisions. This has never been an accepted idea in society for a laundry list of reasons, from a lack of experience to an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. Using an ideology designed by perverts to push detailed sexual “education” designed to activate and radicalize, the neo trans movement is largely responsible for creating a hostile environment for all trans individuals, and not just those pushing the doctrine. Why? Because now children are the target. But if you know your history, this isn’t a surprise at all. It’s just something we must expose and fight against.

Sadly, it’s evident that government institutions are collaborating with this pedophilic agenda, much like Germany’s Green Party and Berlin’s authorities during the Kentler Project.

We want nothing to do with these perverts disguised as “LGBTQ heroes.” Many other so-called “trans rights activists” are carrying on the legacy of their pedophilic ancestors like John Money by insisting that children are sexual beings who should take puberty blockers to prevent their development, something that could stunt them into looking like children forever. Meanwhile, the United States is a hot spot for child trafficking, and according to a documentary titled: “Cut: Daughters of the West” by Canadian director Simon Esler, trans children have become a commodity among traffickers.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.


Author: Judith Rose


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