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  • Michael Costa

The American Academy of Pediatrics is Caving on Gender Medicine

The American Academy of Pediatrics has decided to do a review of the available data for transitioning children. We hope to see a sharp turn in the way The United States goes about pursuing gender medicine.

If there's one thing that sane people can agree on, it's that no child should be put through something as invasive as a phalloplasty. No excuses. We will never let everyone forget that it was completely and totally okay to perform child sex changes (LA HB648, 2023) in the state of Louisiana before we stepped in. How could we not?

What kind of lunatic would try to make the case that attaching a Frankenweiner to a teenage girl is EVER a good idea? How many more children are going to be put through this before the people in charge admit that they were wrong? It is shocking that trans activists claim to be the good guys while simultaneously fighting to do THIS to your daughters:

Donor site after skin taken to create fake phallus

We are confident that the AAP will make the right decision and ditch the idea that this is health care. It is nothing but a medical scandal that was engineered by gender ideology: a tyrannical hate-cult that gives adults permission to experiment on children's bodies. We predict that some professionals at the AAP will try to make the case that a national ban is "too restrictive." But we always make sure to be as up-front as possible, and the work we've put in clearly states what side we are on. They had proof that a social contagion was sterilizing gay teenagers and inflicting early-onset osteoporosis. And liars like Charles Clymer, from the HRC publicly defended that this wasn't even happening, but the data said otherwise. In 2019 one study alone recruited "49 male-to-female and 67 female-to-male gender dysphoric adolescents treated with triptorelin."

Triptorelin is used by endocrinologists to chemically castrate PEDOPHILES (Sloan et al., 2017). Research reports from 2010 outright stated that "Various treatments have been used to manage sex offenders with varying success. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, such as triptorelin, a depot injection, cause castration-equivalent testosterone levels in men and are emerging as an effective treatment option in cases of severe paraphilia." It noted that this is most commonly used on pedophiles (Saleem, 2010). Another study on GnRH-analogues collected data from 70 gender-confused teenagers. Teachers and corrupt counselors are encouraging parents to inject these drugs into their children. Those who disagreed were labeled as bigots. That should terrify you. Gender-affirming care views children as objects that can be purchased. From "birthing people" to "cervix haver," the way they refer to children's bodies is peak dehumanization. At the end of the day, either child sexual reassignment surgery "isn't happening" or it is "necessary health care." Both cannot be true at once. In fact, if pediatric sex changes aren't happening, then putting a national ban on it won't change anything. The mere success of our movement alone proves that it is happening. If doctors weren't mutilating the bodies of minors, then there wouldn't be a reason for gays to organize and get it outlawed. Remember that.


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