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  • Judith Rose

The Trans Prison Nightmare: Granting Special Privileges To Predators At Women and Children's Expense

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to conflate all transgender people as predators. We acknowledge that not all transgender people are a threat to society. But simply put, no demographic is exempt from scrutiny, and one has to admit there is a rising pattern of concerning behavior by people who claim the trans identity. We at Gays Against Groomers believe the special treatment of murderers and rapists should not go unquestioned, and will not be respecting the “preferred pronouns” of the violent undeserving criminals in this article.

As we watch the decline of modern society into a fever dream of affirmed delusions, censorship of truth and applauded violence, there is one trend we can’t help but notice: violent transgender prisoners who are clearly using their trans identifier as a shield. Our society is actively participating in the destruction of female spaces, boundaries, and safety by attempting to blend the binary prison system in particular. Multiple criminals have not only decided to transition from male to female only when they become incarcerated, but don’t bother to become rehabilitated citizens, instead committing further crimes with help from a collapsing system that enables their fantasies.

Let’s start with the story of Xena Grandicelli, a biological male born Jeffrey Willsea who now identifies as a woman. After pleading guilty to 11 counts of sexual assault against a 3 year old girl and serving just four months in Rikers Island state prison, Grandicelli went on to become a “trans rights activist” in New York. Despite being a level 3 sex offender in the state (which does not permit being within 1,000ft of a school), Grandicelli spoke at numerous panels and workshops, partnering with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project after they actively recruited him from prison. Claiming the female identity after serving time brought Grandicelli a lot of attention and sympathy as recently as 2021 by the Women & Justice Project for being a “woman who survived sexual assault during incarceration.”

Not only were Grandicelli’s crimes overshadowed by two of the most prestigious universities in the nation giving him a platform to speak on, he was also presented with a Community Hero Award by the Anti-Violence Project, which sounds suspiciously like Orwellian double-speak. Grandicelli was not the only violent criminal the Sylvia Rivera Law Project supported, either. In 2014, the SRLP advocated for child rapist and murderer Synthia China Blast (born Luis Morales) to be released from isolated confinement by launching a petition to New York's Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Blast/Morales brutally raped and murdered a 13 year old girl and bragged about it afterwards to his friends.

It is worth noting that Xena Grandicelli has been known to use a community outreach program for an organization that advises incarcerated men on how to legally change their identification by declaring transgender status.

It is also worth noting that transgender actor Laverne Cox spoke up as a representative of SRLP in support of Blast/Morales. But apparently Cox was not initially aware of Morales’ crimes due to the name change, later stating “If I had been made aware of these charges, then I would not have [shown support].”

In California these self-ID prison policies have given male sex offenders the ability to sneak their way into a female juvenile detention facility. A 26-year-old man who went to jail for violating a minor is being housed in a juvenile detention facility for girls. Hannah Tubbs admitted to assaulting a 10-year-old girl in the restroom of a Denny’s restaurant. The assault stopped upon somebody else entering the restroom. Tubbs is spending the remainder of his two year sentence in Dorothy Kirby Center/Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall. If Tubbs was able to manipulate the laws in this way, then future criminals might be a be able to use the same loophole.

Rapist Adam Graham was the image that one might conjure when thinking of a hardened criminal: bald, muscular, tattooed and prone to violence. He was like the vision of a henchman of a mob boss in a heist movie. However, after facing rape charges in Scotland’s court in 2020, Graham decided to become a woman named Isla Bryson, slapping on a wig and starting female hormone therapy. Conveniently, Graham/Bryson was then held at Cornton Vale women’s prison, where they claim he’ll undergo a rigorous risk assessment to determine if he will serve the final sentence in a men or women’s prison. In Scotland, people as young as 16 can seek a gender recognition certificate to confirm a change in one’s legal sex after living in their new gender for just three months, and a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria is not required.

Ever heard of The Frankston Serial Killer? Infamous Australian serial murderer Paul Denye went through a “trans phase” in prison while serving a 30 year sentence for strangling and stabbing three women to death in the early 90s. Denye confessed to the crimes in shocking detail. In letters sent to his brother, Denye allegedly stated that he’d committed the crimes “in anger over not being born female.” In 2021, he began openly identifying as a woman, asking to be called “Paula,” a phase that faded out within about a year after his application for gender surgery was denied.

Was Denye expecting special treatment based on something he’d heard from someone like Xena Grandicelli? Did he truly kill women out of jealousy? Or was it just autogynephilia, the transvestic fetish some men suffer from that gives them arousal at the idea of being or becoming a female? Why do so many men who rape and transgender women share the common denominator of being sexually assaulted themselves in their past?

Demi Minor, formerly Demitrius Minor, is another self identified trans woman from New Jersey who is now known for impregnating two fellow (but biologically female) inmates, forcing a transfer to a men’s prison in 2022. Countless media platforms referred to Minor as a “she,” despite the extreme breach in conduct that is forbidden at the women’s prison Minor was housed in, as well as the gruesome murder Minor committed at age 16. It seems no matter what they do, self-declared “trans women” in the prison system all around the United States as well as other parts of the world are being protected and respected by media platforms and Senate Bills alike.

Take California Senate Bill 132, for example. Known as the Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law, effective January 1, 2021. The bill essentially lets prisoners choose their gender identity for the purpose of placement–regardless of sex assignment surgery or proof of hormone therapy. This means that biological men can take full advantage of this law by simply proclaiming themselves as women. There is currently an ongoing lawsuit between the state of California and female inmates of the state’s prison system, who are arguing that the law is unconstitutional in that it requires forfeiting any safety women in female facilities have left. These women want the world to know how unsafe they really feel.

Inmates at the California Institute for Women (CIW) have been reaching out to the media in hopes that their cries of help are heard, but the mainstream media is busy uplifting these predators by painting them as “stunning and brave survivors of the prison system.” These are women with very little rights left who now feel completely disregarded as men are allowed into their spaces. Studies suggest that as many as 1 in 4 incarcerated women in the US experience sexual violence, typically by male staff members. Now these women have a new threat: biologically male bunk mates who could potentially impregnate them with or without their consent.

Why are so many male murderers and rapists getting respect by shielding themselves with the trans or non-binary label? Why are chronically online leftists defending child murderers like Audrey Hale, demanding we use her “preferred pronouns”? Moreover, why is our system allowing this insanity? Why is our media agreeing with it? Once upon a time, society wanted to believe and protect women, but now that anyone can proclaim themselves a woman, the safety of women is being completely discarded in favor of, yet again, men. Society has taken sympathy too far. While there are those who make mistakes that deserve a second chance (and want it), clearly there are corrupted individuals who take advantage of the sudden saintly status of all who claim they’re transgender.

Sadly, states like California and New Jersey are allowing biologically male rapists into female prisons with no signs of stopping. And across the world in Ireland, a transgender woman named Barbie Kardashian (formerly Gabriel Alejandro Gentile) was sent to a women’s prison in Limerick for over five years for threatening to rape, torture and kill his mother, and was later deemed “a serious threat to both female inmates and staff.”

Something is seriously wrong here. Where are the mental health professionals who can find psychological red flags sooner? Where are the lengthy assessments and tests to get to the bottom of why these sick individuals are choosing to identify as female to avoid a harsher sentence or environment?

We can only assume the goal is chaos, not safety.

The solution would be to keep the prison system binary, requiring all convicted offenders to be placed with their true biological sex. Prison inmates should not be allowed to transition while incarcerated, and should instead be placed into regular therapy to assess the true intentions of a transgender claim. Solitary confinement may seem inhumane, but could be a must to keep all parties safe. Furthermore, their records should be carried over with their new legal name should they transition outside of the prison system. Criminals should not have the right to warp and hide their identities in a way that not only separates themselves from their crime, but creates a whole new image for the public to associate them with, a devious psychological tactic to distract from their dirty past.

If these ideas and more are either broken down or not implemented to keep women safe, we are that much closer to the breakdown of society as we know it. The boundaries and safety of female inmates should still matter. If this is going on in the prison system, imagine the kinds of things predators who haven’t been caught are doing outside of it. We can’t keep letting men use the trans identity as a shield. Why are we bowing to the demands of rapists and child killers? It is harming not only women, but the trans community, which loses sympathy more and more each day as dishonorable people commit atrocities in the name of the LGBTQ+ cult. We implore you, transgender or not, to speak up and call out evil when you see it. Listen to the women speaking out and don’t dismiss them for fear of being “transphobic.” These are murderers and rapists who have no remorse. Why do they deserve respect? They don't.

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