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  • Judith Rose

TSER and Eli Erlick Exposed: Converting & Exploiting POC Youth

The modern day LGBTQ+ movement is rife with questionable figures who start questionable organizations. Many of these progressive organizations claim they exist simply to give trans and “gender nonconforming” youth a place to hang out with like minded individuals and “educate others'' about their identities and sexual preferences to gain acceptance. They often include web pages littered with vague statements designed to create the illusion of inclusion, acceptance and safety, all while they use their movement to weaponize and exploit underage youth in order to push far left propaganda.

And while there is certainly a difference between freedom of speech, misinformation and disinformation, what if said organization exploiting youth is also co-founded by an admitted drug trafficker who is accused of sexual assault by multiple people? How long can they claim to have integrity with this kind of founder at the wheel? When does “equality” become exploitation of youth of color.

Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) is an organization founded in 2011 by “two 16 year old transgender women,” one of whom is Eli Erlick, a radical transgender (MTF) activist who has made waves on the internet by openly bragging about distributing hormone drugs for free with “no questions asked.” Despite Erlick (born male) being exposed for this by Libs of Tiktok, as of March 7, 2023, Erlick proudly admitted to the continuation of the crime, even encouraging those who order the drugs to order in bulk. Matt Walsh took action in response to Eli, contacting the governor of Mississippi where Erlick resided in March and inspired the state to ban transing minors. [source]

As if this fervent advocacy for the medicalization and potential sterilization of minors wasn’t disturbing enough, there are many concerning accusations against Erlick from multiple victims, nearly all of whom describe themselves as POC, describing sexual abuse and predatory behavior. There are so many accusations in fact, that occasionally Erlick’s work is removed from websites, as LGBT website INTO chose to do in 2018. But that hasn’t stopped Eli from activism.

When called out, Erlick enjoys gaslighting the victims and accusing them of a number of buzzwords (e.g. transmisogynist, TERF, troll) designed to shame and villainize them while taking away their voice. One of the victims, known as Danie, is said to have committed suicide after being silenced by Erlick. Exposed messages show Erlick’s acknowledgment of toxic behaviors, abuse and an expressed desire to change, contradicting this sentiment by blocking Danie from sharing the experience of abuse by Erlick on the TSER group page.

In spite of all of this predatory behavior towards brown and black youth that would get anyone else sharply branded a racist, Eli continues to be hailed as a heroic trans activist and legend amongst the LGBTQ+ youth community. He is still credited as the co-founder of Trans Student Educational Resources (at here and is a Ph.D candidate in Feminist Studies, a cruel joke considering many of Erlick’s victims were born female. It’s as if Erlick is immune to cancel culture.

So what does TSER provide? What are they known for? What do they claim their mission is? According to the statement on their About page word for word: ”Trans Student Educational Resources is a youth-led organization dedicated to transforming the educational environment for trans and gender non-conforming students through advocacy and empowerment. In addition to our focus on creating a more trans-friendly education system, our mission is to educate the public and teach trans activists how to be effective organizers.”

One could easily translate this as a mission to indoctrinate misguided gender-confused youth using propaganda in the education system, workshops and media to further influence and add to the LGBTQ+ ranks of today.

Notice the phrase “transforming the educational environment.”

One of the ways TSER has injected propaganda into the education system is with a graphic design known as the “Gender Unicorn.” Now adopted in the progressive community, this graphic has made its way into classrooms (particularly in The Franklin Public School System) in sex-ed programs for sixth graders and several parenting websites including The Gender Unicorn also appears in Oregon classrooms for children as young as five, which parents rightfully argue is causing confusion during a critical time when kids are still learning to tie their shoes and memorize the alphabet.

This excess of nonsensical and overwhelming information influences the youth of all ages, bringing many inappropriate questions into a child's mind that is resulting in a rise of “trans identifying and gender nonconforming” children who cannot choose their bedtime but are suddenly interested in identity politics. The graphic falsely states that sex is assigned as opposed to observed at birth, and many children are being encouraged to change their identity for reasons as simple as the colors and toys they prefer. One of the latest and possibly most outrageous claims a grown adult has ever made according to a woman testifying to the Louisiana House of Reps against HB 463, is that a child must undergo a sex change because of their inclination towards vegetables. [source]

Children listen to the adults around them, but as they reach teenage years they are more likely to listen to their peers and feel a sense of desperation to fit in and be accepted by those around them. That’s where TSER steps in. If you’d like to join the Trans Student organization, you can hop over to their volunteer page to see the many ways you can contribute to educating (indoctrinating), influencing (converting) and raking in funding to keep the cult alive. Unlike most organizations, TSER has an age cap rather than an age limit, so if you’re a student that meets their qualifications, it’s unclear whether or not TSER has an age minimum to join their movement. But volunteers get bonus points for being black or brown.

TSER partners with a plethora of leftist organizations to spread their ideology, including but not limited to:

  • Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream Co.

  • Peace First (which does have an age minimum of 13 mentioned)

  • The Trans Justice Funding Project

  • PrintRunner

  • The Greater Sum Foundation

  • Arcus

  • The Laughing Gull Foundation

  • The Fund For Trans Generations (funded in part by Arcus and The Laughing Gull Foundation)

  • And other woke organizations that often fund each other in a professional circle jerk of enabling through finances.

Since this isn’t an official job, TSER can get away with exploiting young impressionable people, including minors, from what they consider disadvantaged backgrounds in order to create trans activists who are “effective organizers” to influence and recruit youth. Once upon a time groups like these were interested in bringing on people of color in the name of equality, but according to the Trans Student’s History section, that’s not good enough anymore. It reads:

“In 2014 we changed “equality” in our name to educational, recognizing that equality will not be enough to liberate our community. Often, equality reinforces systems of white supremacy, transphobia, and injustice. Instead, we support a transformative practice of building broad structural change.”

In other words, Trans Student Educational Resources isn’t interested in equality. What they want is to mobilize young, vulnerable youth from POC backgrounds who may or may not have reached full brain development and send them out into the world to help impose an entirely new set of rules on society so that they, representing less than 2% of the population, can feel validated, successful and safe. And with the “Gender Unicorn” graphic influencing children of all ages to participate in a movement they can barely understand instead of focusing on key developmental skills, it’s no wonder there has been an unnatural explosion of so-called trans youth in recent years. They are eager to mimic and conform to those around them by choosing a new identity that makes them feel “special,” since being a POC alone is no longer good enough for the woke cult.

This is, by definition, a social contagion. Afterall, if the argument that society is simply “more accepting” of trans or gender non-conforming people, why is it only the youth that are experiencing such a high increase of LGBTQ+ identities in the last decade? Why are the majority of them Caucasian, and why is TSER so eager to find young POC to use for free labor?

It seems their mission is not complete until as many youth under 28 are properly converted and the rest of the world agrees to throw biology out the window to satiate the demands of a minority by implementing an ideology based on a mental illness. It should be noted that several of Eli Erlick’s accusers specifically state that Erlick targets “trans men of color,” (aka biological women) which happens to be the exact demographic TSER is most interested in recruiting to use for free labor. Erlick’s own community has tried to cancel him, but to no avail. Is Erlick choosing victims from TSER to abuse? Why is he not in prison? We have many questions that will likely never get answers, especially because Eli Erlick has blocked our entire organization on social media.


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