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  • Marci Strange

Why Are Schools Sexualizing our Kids?

As a gay parent, I am concerned.

The latest example: “CA Healthy Kids Survey” asks students, “Are you straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or something else?” Another page asks if kids are different from the sex they were assigned at birth (transgender).

Why does any institution want to get into our kids’ “privates?” Who has access to this information, where will it be stored, for how long and why? Unless parents “opt-out,” it can confuse and make suggestions kids may never consider.

Teachers or staff promoting this lifestyle can lead to sexual exploitation, depression, drug addiction and attempted suicide. Puberty blocker referrals and removing reproductive organs as young as 12, without parental consent, must stop. Schools must not glorify LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

Attend school board meetings and vote out elected officials who promote any sexual preference.

In my experiences, trans kids can benefit from parental support, cognitive therapy and possibly mood stabilizers—not puberty blockers or irreversible surgeries because they may change their mind as adults or sooner.

“Gender affirmation” is an explosive, multi-billion dollar business cultivating life-long patients. Detransitioners are coming out by the thousands, deeply regretting transitioning at a young age, and are suffering a myriad of devastating side effects.

California, a sanctuary state performing gender affirming care without parent consent is wrong.

Lawsuits are piling up at taxpayers’ expense.

Parents, love your kids unconditionally and talk to them first. Boycott invasive surveys, transfer out of teacher-activist classrooms and pass on “Kid-Friendly Drag Shows.”

Academics, not politics in schools.


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