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  • Alex Chrostowski

Why I Joined Gays Against Groomers as the Washington State Chapter Lead

Growing up I was always a tomboy. I helped my dad in the yard, went fishing and hunting. wore boy clothes, and could never sit still. I would often think that I should have been born a boy. Peers would often reinforce this by making me play on the boy teams so that things were ‘fair’. I knew from a young age that I was not like the other kids my age. Around eleven years old, I knew I was gay. From the moment I realized this I was honest about my sexuality but I never flaunted it. I did not and still do not consider this as a part of my “identity.” My entire life, I have lived with a certain degree of gender dysphoria. I understand the struggle to be comfortable in one’s physical body while trying to reconcile that with one’s gender expression. Every person struggles to understand themselves and how they want to move through the world. It is not a unique struggle. If I had been growing up in today’s world, there is no doubt that I would have thought I was transgender. I would have wanted HRT, I would have wanted to have my breasts removed in favor of a masculine chest. I would have wanted to live my life as a man. This would have been a devastating mistake. My struggle was, and continues to be, learning what being female means to me and how I choose to interact with the world.

Today I am a confident and self-assured lesbian woman. I am married to a wonderful woman and we have three beautiful children together. It took many years of silent and internal struggle to be comfortable with myself exactly as I am. There is no greater gift than finding peace with yourself. As a parent I strive to instill pride, confidence, competence, resilience, reasoning, empathy and, above all, love and reverence in my children. It is especially difficult to instill this in my daughters.

I knew from my time in college that the rise of woke radical gender theory was emerging. I found it to be ridiculous and distasteful when I was young, but as a parent it is absolutely horrifying to see what it has evolved into. You have teachers pushing the idea that all feelings are valid. This is embodied in the Affirmation Model adopted by metal health advocates. I can think of nothing worse than to tell a child that every thought and feeling that they have is valid. That is horrific. I teach my children to regulate and evaluate their feelings and to test their thoughts against reason. This makes them less reactive, less prone to emotional outbursts and allows them to have better footing when trying to express their thoughts and ideas. No parent or responsible adult should ever blindly affirm a child’s thoughts and feelings as fact.

My wife and I have taken great measures in order to protect our children’s innocence while fostering in them the skills that will allow them to grow into competent, independent and compassionate adults who are free to shape their own destiny and pursue their dreams relentlessly. I have seen how difficult it is for parents in Washington State to raise their children with the values and morals that they wish to impart, and to combat an ideology that defies logic and reason at every turn. I joined Gays Against Groomers because I wanted to add my voice to many. As a gay parent it is an obligation, a duty, to protect kids from the predations of a destructive ideology that at best confuses them and at worse irreparably harms them.

Radical Gender and Queer Theory is harmful to children. Not only does it groom children into seeing the world through a particular lens, but it teaches that reality itself is subjective. The ways in which gender theory and trans identity are being taught in classrooms are confusing to children. These ideas defy logic and reason in deference to subjective internal feelings. The danger with this logic when brought to it’s ultimate conclusion is that nothing can be true, and nothing can be false. This destroys a child’s ability to make sense of the world. That is how you have large, muscular men with facial hair who dye their hair and wear feminine clothing able to claim that they are women. How can a child argue? If that’s how a person feels, then that is their reality…right? WRONG. Children need rules of the road, they need guardrails in order to begin driving down the road of life with confidence. When you throw children straight into off road driving, they are bound to crash, and sometimes that crash is devastating and comes with life long consequences. One of the most fundamental truths of our world is that the majority of life on earth exists in a sexual binary of female and male. Humans, and the vast majority of the other binary species, are unable to change from one sex to another. This is a fundamental truth, and to teach children anything else is to their great detriment. I, and many parents like me, are refusing to be quiet and are refusing to let radicals speak for us. The radical and fanatic LGBTQIA+ activists do not speak for me, they do not speak for my children, they do not speak for you. They speak on behalf of themselves and their twisted world view, and I am making a vow as a parent and before my Gods that I will fight against this for the well being of all children.

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