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11 Child Indoctrinating Books Parents Need to Know

Books can be anything, from a tool for learning to an escape through the imagination. Unfortunately, they can also contain propaganda designed to shape impressionable young minds who don’t know how to question what they’re being told just yet. Gender ideology is not only harmful to gay people, but confusing and overwhelming children across the world. These are new concepts that extremists are pushing through any form of media they can, including books, most of which are sold on Amazon. These concepts not only erase what it means to be gay, but sexually activate young children by introducing them to mature content they may not be ready for yet. As a result, children may exhibit premature addictive sexualized behavior and find themselves in dangerous situations that could damage their psyche for life (or worse).Here are 11 titles that all parents need to be aware of:

1. Gender Queer (Graphic Novel)

Marketed to 18+, Gender Queer, along with a handful of others on this list, has been exposed in several schools around the country due to its graphic illustrations of a teenage girl with penis envy who experiments with binders and strap ons. The story depicts the character experiencing severe gender dysphoria, fear of her own body, and incestual conversations about masturbating. We’re sad that ‘Gender Queer’ distorts what it means to be a female and doesn’t teach readers how to love themselves as they are. This book does NOT belong in school libraries, but unfortunately that’s where it’s being found.

2. The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish

Marketed to literal infants (1+), this strange children’s book can be found being read by Drag Queens all over YouTube, including the author. Traditionally referred to as female impersonators, Drag Queens were once exclusively adult entertainers who made sexual jokes during provocative performances. We can’t for the life of us figure out why they suddenly want to read to exclusively children. We don’t see them at nursing homes or adult rec centers trying to entertain those who need it most, instead we see too many adults justifying why a man dressed as an exaggerated woman is the pinnacle of uniqueness that all children should admire. We’ve seen enough episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race to know most Drag Queens aren’t exactly role models for anyone, much less children. Y’all are a mess. Why are you so desperate to appeal to minors?

3. This Book is Gay

Another title being found in school libraries, This Book is Gay is marketed to 14-17 year olds, and discusses gay sex in graphic details with illustrations included. Chapter 9 of the book is titled: “The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex.” But even more worrying than the pornographic explanations are the instructions on how to use sex apps. Despite the safety disclaimer which is obviously present to legally cover the authors butt, teenage readers are given explicit instructions on how to use apps to find strangers for sex. We shouldn’t have to explain why it’s dangerous for a 15-year-old to find this book and potentially end up in a vehicle with a full-grown adult who should know better.

4. In My Daddy’s Belly

Supposedly in its pre-order stage, this book claims to be “appropriate for kids of all ages” and supports the idea that men can give birth. We strongly disagree, and so has humanity for its entire existence up until very recent years. We submit that if an adult wishes to appear and exist as a man, then said adult would relinquish all female functions due to the intense dysphoria it would cause to use them. Confusing for both adults and kids alike, this book completely distorts what a female is and takes the magic out of the miracle of childbirth to claim that anyone can do it. Because women can’t have anything anymore. This is lesbian erasure. This is being straight with extra steps.

5. The Every Body Book

Claiming to be aimed at children ages 8-12, ‘The Every Body Book’ capitalizes on the neo-ideology to warp young minds into believing that gender and sex are different, and you can be whatever you want to be despite your innate biology. Covering a wide range of topics, the book brags about using “gender-neutral language” and quotes specialists who think it’s a wonderful tool to teach kids about multiple personalities—oops, we mean identities, and incorporates racial diversities to ensure all kids know how to be nice to anyone who believes in the same pseudo-religious doctrine this book is pushing. Again, the concepts within this book are brand new to society, and there is absolutely no way the entire world will accept them because they contradict common sense and weaken already vulnerable people.

6. Flamer (Graphic Novel)

Aimed at 14-17 year olds, Flamer is another title being found in school libraries depicting gay sex and sexual abuse. In addition to explicit sexual situations depicting minors, Flamer also depicts self-harm, internalized homophobia, offensive religious commentary and has been added to many LGBT reading lists. We can appreciate the representation of the journey of being gay, but this book does not belong in schools for young children. After TPUSA reported finding this graphic novel in a Tempe, AZ Elementary School district, the book was removed from their database. [source] Why was it there in the first place?

7. Bye Bye Binary

Another children’s book supposedly for infants 1+, ‘Bye Bye Binary’ encourages parents to “break gender norms” by (gasp here) letting their child enjoy things. Newsflash: gay people have been breaking gender stereotypes for decades! Pink was once a color for boys in the Victorian era! Despite its intentions, this book solidifies dated gender norms from the 1950’s and reassures parents that it’s normal to ignore your child’s gender for years so they can choose it themselves by picking up a toy truck or a doll. The cover depicts a baby with an almost vengeful expression, as if it's aware of gender theory at the fresh age of 14 months. We doubt that.

8. Beyond Magenta

Aimed at 14-17 year olds, Beyond Magenta is a concerning book about “teenage transgenders,” telling tales of gender dysphoric minors who sometimes described themselves as “sexually mature children.” These minors often talk about hiding their behavior from parents, running away from home, and sexually experimenting as young as six years old. Some teens in the book describe themselves as “non-binary,” a new concept that enforces gender binary and stereotypes while enabling a sense of victimhood under a system that no longer exists. ‘Beyond Magenta’ was listed in 2015 as the fourth-most banned book in the United States due to its anti-family sentiments and described sex acts of minors. Some activists say the book normalizes pedophilia. We don’t think anyone under 18 should read this book, and we’ve seen it removed from several school libraries already.

9. It Feels Good To Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity

Yet another title that capitalizes on the new and confusing doctrine of gender ideology, ‘It Feels Good To Be Yourself’ is aimed at children 4+. The tagline says: “Some people are boys. Some people are girls. Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between.” This book has the audacity to call this a “sweet, straightforward explanation of gender identity” while pushing the idea that children can betray their bodies and be whatever they want, even nothing at all. In the process, this book erases what it means to be gay. This is clearly propaganda designed to install a very specific vocabulary into the new generation.

10. ‘Twas the Night Before Pride

An obvious ploy to solidify Pride as a religious holiday among LGBTQ+ zealots, ‘Twas the Night Before Pride’ is marketed to children ages 4-8 and attempts to simplify the serious hardships of gay people for kids. But do 4-8 year olds really need to know about Stonewall or AIDS? Does reducing these concepts for kids really help gay people or make kids nicer? We don’t think so. This just so happens to be one of the books Drag Queens insist on reading to children. It’s just not necessary.

11. A Kids Book About Pronouns

Finally, this children’s book written by a so-called “trauma psychologist” with they/them pronouns teaches kids 5+ about “dismantling the gender binary” with pronouns never used in human history. According to gender-confused author Dr. Courtney Wells, it’s important to push these concepts on kids AND adults to make them uncomfortable until they submit to your demands. It’s unfortunate that Wells and her wife Lee have taken to erasing lesbian culture and traumatizing children with confusing rhetoric that turns their sense of self into a fluid and easily manipulated state. But hey, get that money, ladies!

If you need a therapist with over 20 years of experience who knows how therapists are being programmed to spread this propaganda, visit our friend Pam at her substack here.

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Safe Libraries
Safe Libraries
Aug 15, 2023

Nice work. I've added it to my "From Others" list on my SafeLibraries site here:

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