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  • Brady Dice

DC Chapter Leader's Speech at the Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) Conference

My name is Brady Dice, I’m the chapter leader for Gays Against Groomers in D.C. We as an organization advocate against the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children. Gays Against Groomers is non partisan political with no affiliation with the right or left. The Mantra for GAG is protecting the nation’s most vulnerable. Children’s innocence and vulnerability is not an unknown fact to most education systems. The public school system plays a crucial role in a child’s every day life. The original vision for the school system was to educate and form productive members of society.

Nowadays the school system has become a breeding ground for indoctrination on gender ideology; including gender affirming care which can lead to medicalization. When an objection is expressed by parents or concerned people of the nation, the government ignores and rejects any criticism. Instead, the woke push for gender ideology being brought into the school system. They push school administrators to help transition kids with or without the parents’ consent in most states. Instead of focusing on education and enriching productive bright minds, the extreme left want young impressionable radical ideologues to push for

their own agenda.

On the CDC website, they blatantly post what their ideal school should implement in order to be accredited. Schools have pride flags and posters inside the classrooms and hallways. Schools across this country are allowing school liaisons to indoctrinate students into their perverse ideology. While social workers, and counselors work with children to help put them on drugs that harm their innocent bodies.

Gender affirming care is being offered to children as young as thirteen years old in some states across this nation. Suppressing puberty at such a young age has been shown to

harm both males and females. The drug gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist analogs (GnRHa) is commonly used to stop the development when puberty is starting. One of the

medicines, called Lupron, is being used on minors. Lupron is a puberty blocker that was originally used for people suffering from disorders and cancer. However these medications are being prescribed off label from doctors. The consequences from using this drug for females is ovaries that will not fully mature. The puberty blocker makes the child infertile as they age into adulthood. For males the genitals won’t grow, leaving them chemically castrated.

Major school districts in Virginia, D.C and California have programs in place to push this agenda. In Virginia they have a clinic in the actual school that pushes this agenda. The clinic is not necessarily a regular check up room which is standard across the US. They operate as a sexual health clinic with the ability to prescribe medications and refer them to other clinics nearby such as the Youth Pride. These clinics work with school officials on how they can provide services for children. The clinics in DC can provide prescriptions for students as young as thirteen such as Whitman Walker, and the Youth Pride Clinic. Children can go to these clinics and obtain a prescription without the parents consent.

In the state of Virginia they have a teen wellness center that blatantly states “Virginia state law allows us to provide some services without parental consent. That means that in most cases, if a teen has asked for or received any of the confidential services listed above, we cannot legally share information regarding that service with the parent or guardian.” By refusing to

disclose information, they deny parents the ability to access information about their own child.

The Youth Pride Clinic serves the Greater Washington area providing puberty blockers to children, hormone replacement, and therapy. These clinics are harming the youth with these treatments that can lead to permanent damage. The medical castration of children is shameful to this country. The health system has placed its trust in the child’s hands. They remove the parents and guardian’s and replace them with the state. This vicious cycle of indoctrinating and medicalizing children is destroying children’s mental and physical health. They sacrifice children in the name of gender equality.

The insurance also has its hands in this dirty marketplace of butchering and castrating young children. Kaiser is a provider and insuring of such procedures and medications. If the child is unable to use his private insurance, the clinics can provide different avenues. Nonprofit organizations and in some cases. Medicaid will be used as a secondary source. Schools can enroll students into the Medicaid program without parental approval. If the case is kept secret, they can lock the medical records.

Parents are denied access to their own child’s medical record. The parents, doctors, and community members who speak up are being silenced. This culture of silencing will not be tolerated. When we are silenced, we speak louder.

Gays Against Groomers spoke with a former student at one of the schools in Virgina. As a student this individual at the time had access to medications including prescriptions such as preventative medications. The school put a lock on her chart which classifies any information being released to the parents. She was given medication that had an adverse reaction, which caused liver problems. When she asked the clinicians expressing concern, they advised her to “not worry about it.” This individual still to this day suffers from the severe harm caused by these medications. Clinicians could provide resources to students who were seeking out these medications such as puberty blockers. Voices like Krissia should be heard, let her speak!

The school is providing these medications without even consulting with general practitioners. Family doctors being unable to work with the parents due to the secrecy is harmful to minors. The lack of transparency is medically dangerous and downright irresponsible. The Hippocratic oath in the medical community is to “First Do No Harm,” however the doctors and clinicians overlook this. Even with the evidence of the negative Impact, they still prescribe these medications off label. School officials discourage any push back, they silence the discussion. They censor stories like these that need to be heard.

Gays Against Groomers' ideology does not advocate against adults who have gender dysphoria but advocates for the protection of children & to be a voice for the voiceless. We are not here to spread hate on the LGB & T. We are here to spread advocacy for minors, protection of the innocent, the vulnerable, and ultimately educating & supporting those with gender dysphoria. If you truly care and want to support those that need guidance, you will not take our youth and use them to push a gender ideology, or any other form of indoctrination.

Thank you.


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