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  • Nicolas Blooms

Gays Against Groomers Detransitioner's Event Canceled by Trans Rights Activists

A liberating detransition story with the courageous message that healing gender dysphoria is totally possible, told by a feminine gay man, was unjustly censored by the local pride foundation on San Juan Island, Washington. 

Concerned by the preposterous number of "trans kids" in her community, Maureen Marinkovich was driven to invite an enlightening perspective to the gender confusion conversation by flying out detransitioner and member of Gays Against Groomers, Nicolas Blooms, to speak about his self-love journey from transition to detransition. 

By purposely naming the event Gender Curious: Healing Gender Dysphoria, their intention was to invite love, curiosity and healing without a single ounce of hate. Disturbingly, they were the ones who were met with hate and opposition by the local TRAs. The day before the events, both venues called Maureen canceling Nicolas Blooms from speaking because he was associated with the “hate group” Gays Against Groomers, by claiming we spread "hate speech."

Despite the insane behavior from the radical left, Nicolas delivered his healing message to a small crowd in front of the original venue. As much as there was love flowing through the air, darkness arrived as TRAs attempted to overpower Nicolas’ gentle voice. Pounding on their horns, blasting Britney Spears and RuPaul, they zoomed by in their tiny cars raising their poorly made cardboard signs.

AP Photo/Armando Franca, File

Nicolas calmly stated, “the protesters remind me of the years of bullying I experienced and I felt my whole body shaking”. 

All of the protesters locked their minds from curiosity, love, and inclusion. One man reeking of alcohol breath and holding a sign that said “HRT is great” was especially raucous. The conversation went in circles, as he pointed obnoxiously to his phone where the UN states using the term "gender ideology" is “hate speech”, desperately connecting invisible dots to prove GAG to be a malevolent organization. 

The positive message of self-love and healing gender dysphoria Nicolas was there to deliver was suppressed for being “hate speech”. It begs the question: how can the TQ+ community claim they are all about love and inclusion, but go to great lengths to keep transing kids by stifling voices that disagree with gender ideology? This is unfortunately all too common these days, but it will never deter us from speaking out to protect youth from irreversible harm.

You can watch Nicolas' full speech here.


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