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Jefferson County, Colorado Board of Education Speech

LGBTQIA+ Standards & Impact

Social Emotional Learning & Corruption in the Teachers Union

Hello, my name is Joe, and I am representing the Colorado Chapter of the LGB and T non-profit organization, Gays Against Groomers. I live here in Jefferson County with my husband and our son, and as such I am speaking with authority as both a parent and a member of the LGBT Community.

I am here today because Jeffco Public Schools continues to show up in the media. Incase you haven’t been paying attention I will give you a quick recap.

Last week an email circulated to Jeffco teachers from their union instructing them to collect and then destroy pronouns of students. Not only is this a violation of the 14th amendment, but places severe distrust in our children’s educators.

While this and previous administrations are so concerned with pronouns and jamming a radical sexual agenda down the throats of our children, you are failing them to be self-sustaining adults. Or did you forget that 61% of Jeffco students are not proficient in Math, Science, and/or English based on the 2023 CMAS scores?!?

We don’t know if it is misguided ignorance or bad actors, but I am here to tell you to stop. We do not condone minors being forcibly exposed in Colorado schools to gender ideology lessons from their teachers & school officials. The studies used to support this radical sexual agenda by this and previous administrations has been CONSISTENTLY disproven around the world by actual doctors & scientists that are experts in endocrinology, gender identity, child psychology, and pediatric care.

But since you ignore science and are only swooned by manipulative emotions claims, I am here to pled with you, as a gay parent you are setting back our rights. We beg of you to focus on STEM, and put an end gender ideology lessons, talks, medication support within schools, and the schools purposefully hiding all of this from parents. You might think you are being an “Ally” by being “inclusive,” but I can assure you, your efforts will end up with more blood on your hands. It is a fact that minors who identify as transgender and complete sexual reassignment surgery have a 20% higher chance of committing suicide over their peers who do not complete SRS. Why in God’s name would you allow this type of curriculum in the schools with knowing the harm and confusion it causes? The kids can barely read!

But sure continue to indoctrinate children with your misguided viewpoints of sex. Watch as unenrollments continue to skyrocket, forcing you to close and consolidate even more schools (last I checked 15 for this calendar year) because it is the parents that have lost all faith and trust in your ability to setup our children for success.

And if my pleas as parent and a member of the LGBT community have struck a cord with you. We invite you to visit to review 100’s of scientific and medical studies which will confirm the lies you have been fed under the community umbrella. It isn’t hard to succeed, stop grooming our children and focus on STEM.

Thank you for your time.


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