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LGBTQ Sex Education: Indoctrinating Children with Pseudoscience

Schools have decided to go ignorant about exposing pseudoscientific educational material around biological sex, gender, and intersex conditions to kids.

Students from K through 12 learn that sex is a ‘spectrum’ and that you can ‘pick and choose’ your gender like dominoes.

We at Gays Against Groomers are not against teaching creative subjects to young students, but we are, in fact, against indoctrinating kids with misconstrued notions about sex, gender, and intersex conditions.

Politicizing Sex Education

Comprehensive sex education has become more prevalent in schools than ever before.

While this might encourage positive discussions of consent, adolescence, and preventative measures among children, it also adds to the existing confusion and social pressure in their school environment.

Giving kids the option to choose among 97 genders, 18 pronouns, and 19 sexual orientations is definitely neither age appropriate nor developmentally appropriate. A BBC sex education program from 2021 tells children as young as nine that there are over ‘100 genders’ and that being transgender is a way to be ‘happy’.

We don’t want kids learning these concepts in a half-baked fashion at such a tender age.

Also, we believe that children would find out there are gay and trans people in the world by themselves - there is absolutely no requirement for forceful indoctrination through sexualized education.

We don’t support the indoctrination of LGBTQ concepts during the springtime of their lives when they should be learning algebra and natural science instead.

Conflating Gender, Biological Sex, and Intersex Conditions

There is no room for a concession when kids are not just taught age-inappropriate concepts but also scientifically inaccurate and conflated definitions of biological sex, intersex, and gender identity.

Biological sex, gender, and Intersex conditions are three different concepts from 3 separate domains. Discussions on such topics could be confusing even for a grown adult, let alone a 9-year-old kid.

The collage (from above) shows excerpts of student and teacher-training material from real-life classrooms and educational organizations like the National Association of Independent Schools. These depictions of sex and gender only result in unnecessary mental gymnastics for these kids.

Ignoring the duality of gametes while teaching about biological sex

One could give the benefit of the doubt if sincere efforts are going behind scientific accuracy while teaching biological concepts to children, but we never see that coming to reality. Never.

Instead, children get exposed to unwieldy information charts and infographics like the infamous ‘Genderbread Person’ or the ‘Gender Unicorn’.

It is where you overstep the line between teaching science and teaching an ideology.

While it could be agreeable to teach aspects of gender and sexual orientation (in a non-sexualized way), how is it ever acceptable to misconstrue topics like intersex conditions while using such educational tools?

Take a look at the so-called ‘Genderbread Person’ that’s infiltrating elementary classrooms these days:

I recently attended a workshop conducted by an NGO that promotes sexual health awareness for LGBTQ people. I had the chance to present some of my thoughts about intersex awareness. In one of the slides, I posted a question to the participants (all of them being pro-trans LGBTQs) about the capabilities of intersex people. Here is the screenshot of the slide:

When I posted this question in front of the crowd, the entirety answered ‘Yes’ - which was (obviously) the incorrect answer. Because no such case of the functional capability to produce both sperm and egg cells has been documented in any human individual.

As someone with a background in Biology, I find it abhorrent that this kind of politicized infographic is what the children get exposed to in their classrooms on a regular basis.

Biological sex is immutable, binary, and defined by the capability of an individual to produce either sperm or egg cells.

As Helen Joyce, the author of the beautifully written ‘Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality’ rightly points out - ‘Show me the 3rd gamete, & we can talk.’ - none of the pro-trans-driven educational tools show the duality of the gametes.

And we at G.A.G. sternly oppose teaching such pseudoscience to young students.

Closing thoughts:

These instances of indoctrination and politicization of classroom learning set a precedent for even more sexualization and medicalization of children - which is not far from reality as children have already been placed into this indoctrination cult as we speak.

There has been a steady rise in the number of children and Gen-Zers identifying as transgender and nonbinary. Books with explicit sexual content, like ‘Gender Queer’ by Maia Kobabe, show direct sexual acts in the form of cartoons to these young minds.

And if standing up against this indoctrination is considered 'anti-LGBTQ', how does that reflect the status of schooling and learning as a whole?

We at Gays Against Groomers oppose sexualizing elementary school education in classrooms where children are supposed to learn science, math, and how to treat others with dignity and respect in place of confounding pseudoscientific ideologies.


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