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Misdiagnosis, Mutilation, and Malpractice: Big Pharma's Pediatric Castration Crisis and the Betrayal of Informed Consent

Gender-affirming” surgeons Jay Lick and Katherine Gast, as well as the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison have been named in a lawsuit filed against them. The reason being? Both of these doctors are being sued by an unnamed young woman who self-diagnosed herself with “gender dysphoria” as a minor, at the age of 17. She was prescribed testosterone in Chicago, even though no doctor or medical professional ever diagnosed her with gender dysphoria. At age 19, her uterus was removed via hysterectomy by Dr. Jay Lick. Later, in February 2021, the patient met with Dr. Gast to discuss a double mastectomy. Neither one of these butchers evaluated the woman’s self-diagnosed “gender dysphoria.”

The lawsuit alleges that the University of Wisconsin Hospital performed gender modification surgeries without the girl's proper consent. Both doctors and the hospital failed to seek proper consent and authorization. The unnamed victim now has to live with a haunting reminder of doctors and a hospital system that failed her. One surgeon being sued (Dr. Gast) also performs multiple types of phalloplasties, according to her profile on and is an active member of WPATH. It is concerning that two medical professionals directly preyed on a girl’s self-diagnosed distress in order to gain a financial profit. Both doctors directly failed to independently diagnose the victim with gender dysphoria and as a result, failed to gain proper consent from her. As quoted in Healthline, “In a healthcare setting, informed consent allows you to participate in your own medical care. It enables you to decide which treatments you do or do not want to receive. It allows you to make decisions with your healthcare provider.”

Photo: Dr. Katherine Gast/

Boston Children’s hospital has been identified as one of the most controversial medical treatment facilities in The United States. They received $1.4 Million in taxpayer dollars for “gender transition services.” In 2022, Boston Children's Hospital removed a description on their website, detailing how 17-year-olds would be allowed to have vaginoplasty surgeries. Currently, on the Boston Children’s Hospital website, they clarify that hysterectomies are not performed on minors and that “the clinicians in the Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital offer chest reconstruction surgery as a gender affirmation procedure to eligible patients who have documented and persistent gender dysphoria and who are over age 18 (or over age 15 with parental consent) … To be eligible for chest reconstruction surgery at Boston Children's Hospital, you must be at least 15 years old.” There is never a situation where a teenage girl is able to consent to having her breasts removed. Anyone who sexually mutilates a child should be sent to prison. Boston Children’s Hospital also admits to providing a number of other ‘trans services’ to minor-aged children. These include:

  • Management of bleeding, pelvic pain, or other gynecologic concerns for people on gender-affirming testosterone therapy

  • Menstrual suppression

  • Contraception counseling

  • Dilation therapy and care of neovaginas for people who have undergone gender-affirming vaginoplasty 

Pediatric castration and this surge of malpractice is not just rampant in hospitals. It is also running amok in our public health services like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood of Illinois is an organization that was long thought to have provided services that benefit Illinois residents. That is no longer the case. The organization has recently been identified as one that is “proud to provide gender-affirming care to folks ages 16 and up.” Kids can’t consent. Planned Parenthood advertises that their child castration experiments are not just limited to surgical methods, but also come in the form of off-label injectable hormones. Planned Parenthood of Illinois openly encourages non-Illinois residents and minors to travel from out of state for “medical care” if it has been banned in their home state.

Their website outlines the step-by-step process that these kids must undergo in order to transition. Step 2 of Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ “gender-affirming” pathway reports: “A Reproductive Health Assistant will take you back into the exam room to complete your initial intake. They will ask you questions about your medical history, including whether you’ve ever been on hormones before or if you’ve had any surgeries.” Nowhere does it mention that a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” or psychiatric evaluation is required in order to obtain a prescription for exogenous steroids that permanently destroy a child's reproductive functioning.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois openly brags that they “are honored to provide these essential services to transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive individuals across the Midwest.” Further, Planned Parenthood of Illinois provides multiple forms of documentation detailing the process that one would have to undertake in order to seek “gender-affirming” child sexual mutilation surgery. One such document includes the names and addresses of multiple places that provide “gender-affirming” surgery in Illinois. 

According to their website, they provide multiple services to “LGB+ youth” including:

  • Estrogen-based therapy

  • Testosterone-based therapy

  • Counseling Referrals

  • Injection Supplies

  • Legal Name Change

  • Gender Markers

  • Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Injections. 

For every form of “care” listed above, there is corresponding documentation on how Planned Parenthood of Illinois can provide youth with the correct supplies or support. It is alarming that an organization that once was so highly-revered and admired by many now seeks to poison confused children and make them sick. Perhaps Planned Parenthood of Illinois is doing this in order to gain support from parents that seek to control and indoctrinate their own children. Regardless, this calls for critical examination of medical ethics, informed consent, and the protection of vulnerable individuals from irreversible interventions.

Responsible and thorough medical assessments are necessary when providing proper medical consent. This has nothing to do with actually helping children. These “doctors” and Big Pharma only care about profits, and they’re sacrificing an entire generation of kids for them. This is ABUSE, and anyone participating in it belongs in jail. Detransitioners and those with transition regret deserve justice. We stand with the victims of gender ideology who were harmed by needless butchery and will suffer lifelong medical complications in its aftermath. No child is “trapped inside of the wrong body.” Gender non-conforming girls and boys are perfect exactly as they are – no drugs or surgeries required.


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