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  • Judith Rose

Radar Watchlist: Caitlin Spice

Caitlin Spice is a transgender author of LGBTQ+ children's books.

Caitlin Spice is a biological male who suffered from gender dysphoria growing up in the 80’s before the term was known and popularized. Caitlin’s parents were not sympathetic or understanding, an unsurprising sign of the times s/he grew up in. Spice began going by Caitlin online in the 90’s when the internet was in its infancy to cope and documented transitioning on a blog, which was heavily ridiculed and removed as a result. Through the years of being bullied online, Caitlin started writing short horror stories on Reddit, which were adapted by a podcast called NoSleep after gaining traction.

Caitlin is now the co-author of a fantasy book geared towards children and young adults. Funded by a Kickstarter, Spice’s book titled ‘Raven Wild’ tells a story of a boy named Hawk who transitions into a woman called Raven in order to wield a gem that “controls all creatures in the realm.” It is part of a children's book series called Promised Land Tales, co-written with Adam Reynolds, Jaimee Poipoi and Chaz Harris, wherein the characters typically have a romantic interest that falls under the LGBTQ umbrella. Many readers are thankful for Raven Wild and even expressed that the book helped normalize sex transition and therefore encouraged youth to become trans or “non-binary.”

Caitlin believes it is important to show children books containing trans characters so they feel “less alone,” and while we can understand the sentiment, these books can be confusing and too advanced for younger children. One parent described in a review on GoodReads having to “stop and explain each page” to their child. Introducing these concepts to young children can be overwhelming and introduce ideas and feelings they would not otherwise feel or consider without seeing them in a children’s book. In an interview with Proudly blog, Caitlin states that s/he would tell her younger self to “; to leave home as soon as I was able, to seek out trans-supportive communities...” [source] Caitlin advocates for children to keep secrets from their parents, as s/he was told to “stop [having gender dysphoria]” by family members and now believes “most parents don’t understand.”

Caitlin has discussed this in tweets that have since been deleted but are still visible via search.

Caitlin believes that transitioning sooner rather than later is ideal and lamented not having access to puberty blockers in the same interview with Proudly, but also claims s/he “never wanted to be transgender” and “it was not a choice.” But one must make the effort to either dress differently and medically transition or attend extensive therapy to understand the root of gender dysphoria and whether transitioning is truly appropriate, so it is in fact a choice, one that many young adults and minors are being pressured into making as soon as possible. With books like Raven Wild, Caitlin further pressures youth, although gently, and has become a source of mild propaganda for the gender confused.

From the author’s perspective:

In 2019, Caitlin did an interview with Stuff NZ about overcoming cyberbullies and rising above digital attacks unbothered. S/he has also tweeted in the past (March 23, 2022) to followers to “...stay as calm as possible, because the slightest uncomfortable interaction will be used to skewer trans people as a whole,” going on to say, “Unfortunately we end up representing our entire demographic when these incidents happen.” But s/he did not set Twitter followers up for success when posting my article which highlighted the pro-pedophilic beliefs of sexual revolutionaries who laid the groundwork for the trans movement, claiming “this will get people killed.” Spice subsequently posted my Twitter profile AFTER blocking me, and I received a high volume of violent and unhinged comments from followers of @catespice, one that lead to my account being locked for 12 hours just for responding to it.

The article in question was heavily inspired by Reduxx and Women’s Voices, who also weren’t pleased by how I sourced the article. For that I do apologize, but I do not deserve harassment for spreading vital information exposing the pedophiles who have influenced the warped LGBTQ movement of today. But it is one thing to be hounded over sourcing, and another to receive violent remarks and death threats by @catespice followers for writing the article in the first place.

Thanks to this activity, the article is now the most viewed on Gays Against Groomer’s website in the organization's history, so I suppose it’s not all bad. Thank you for the shoutout Caitlin, and I hope you enjoy being a hypocrite groomer on GAG’s Radar.


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