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Radar Watchlist: Vanessa Joy

You may have heard of the controversy surrounding a trans activist's disqualification from a political campaign in Ohio. This decision, deemed "transphobic" by many, is a result of Joy not revealing his "deadname" (birth name) during his candidacy declaration. Hearing people say "deadname" instead of "birth name" can be jarring because it substitutes "birth" with "death," giving the impression of killing off one's old self. The term "deadname" actually holds significant weight within the transgender community, referring to a name that should be permanently left in the past because it belonged to a person who no longer exists. This name, even if known by close friends and family for years, is seen as a life no longer led. Any mention of it is forbidden, and some places have declared deadnaming to be a civil rights violation warranting discrimination. It's a very morbid concept when you think about it. It puts others in a situation where they are mandated to pretend like someone they've known their whole lives is no longer here... as if that person has died.

We reached out to the Ohio Board of Elections for more information but unfortunately did not receive many responses. Our Legislative Director looked into the specifics and determined that Joy's removal ties back to the Ohio code, specifically Section 3513.271, which mandates the disclosure of any name changes within the five years leading up to the filing of a statement of candidacy. The law is clear in its requirements, protects American citizens from criminals and criminal activities, and even Vanessa Joy admitted to understanding the logic behind his removal. We found no evidence of this being done to cause harm. It is not an attack on anybody's identity.

Ohio Code Section 3513.271

Erin Reed is infamous for promoting fear and division, often distorting the meaning behind child protection laws and framing them as an attempt to ban the trans community from going out in public. No, seriously. He said the same thing about our drag ban. Did Miss Erin forget that laws in the United States are created to help the innocent, to ensure that the average United States citizen is protected against criminals? The law was created so the public can vet candidates who may have been known under other identities. But Erin Reed wants you to believe otherwise. In the article “Transgender Candidate Removed From Ballot In Ohio Over Decades Old Name Change Law,” Erin Reed pushes fear into the hearts of many by stating “the Republican party of Ohio could potentially weaponize this against trans candidates across the state.” (Reed, 2024)

This narrative that the Ohio code is a tool of transphobia, designed to prevent individuals with gender dysphoria from running for political office, is a lie. If this was the case, then there wouldn't be so many individuals from the trans community being elected to government positions. Admiral Levine is the 17th Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service. That alone shatters the myth of systemic barriers aimed at the transgender community in politics. Joy's accusations didn't end there. He also targeted married women, criticizing the law for not acknowledging women who change their names due to marriage (Humanity, 2024). Perhaps Joy doesn’t understand that, although it’s not as commonplace, men can also change their names due to marriage? Also, marriage is not just between heterosexuals. Homosexuals marry, too, and proudly carry one another’s last names! Also, taking another person’s last name in marriage is quite different than completely changing one’s entire name to match their new identity.

As it pertains to the Ohio law, marriage records are easily accessible with all previous names listed in a registry. Marriage records are far different than concealing a previous name and should not be used as an excuse to spread hate against married women. Joy wants you to see him as someone who is warm, kind, and gentle, filled with love for humanity. A woman who loves her son and wants to be a warm mother rather than a cold father. Joy claims that he didn’t know about the law in Ohio and blames others for his lack of knowledge, yet, as his podcast listeners hear over and over again, he allegedly doesn’t have a job; therefore, he has time to go over each of the campaign laws with a fine-tooth comb. That would be a wise use of time. It’s understandable that Joy wants to present as a professional on Linkedin. However, the joblessness was also a lie. There is another face to Joy that he doesn’t want you to remember, even though he said he had no problem with everyone knowing about it -- pornography. “And I have an OnlyFans account, too, which should spice things up a little bit,” Joy bragged in episode 30 of the Transcending Humanity podcast. He also proclaimed, “I’m embracing the stuff that makes me look bad.” These are bold words for someone who wanted to run for office!

What is Joy trying to hide? Not much from his paying fans, apparently. Joy claimed his campaign was going to focus on things such as free childcare paid for by wealthy corporations and not focus on his trans identity. However, the entire purpose of Joy’s podcast, YouTube videos, and other social media platforms is to focus on his transition and the transformation from Jeremy Michael Adams to Vanessa Joy. In several episodes of the Transcending Humanity Podcast, people who do not think like Joy or who question Joy’s motives are called vile and considered enemies; even when describing himself as a male in the very first episode, Joy said he didn’t like being “an entitled cis-white guy.” Even in Joy’s YouTube video under the handle “Vanesstradiol,” he implies that anyone who agrees with the decision to prevent children from having their healthy organs removed are fascists. This is the face Joy wants to hide from the public so he can claim victimhood over a law intended to protect Ohio citizens from criminals. As heartwarming as Joy wants to be perceived as, he seems to run a tireless tirade against men and women whom he sees as a non-ally and a threat. In episode 30, Joy agreed that 3-year-old children can identify as the opposite sex and change their gender. He also admitted to exposing himself in front of his toddler while dilating himself to ensure that his surgically constructed neo-vagina would remain open.

Joy is not hesitant to share information about dilation on TikTok, as well as, the names he gave them. Yes, this man named his dilators. Imagine if a woman admitted to doing something like this? There is never a situation where a child should be exposed to a dilator or understand how it is used. 

Joy openly admitted to having an OnlyFans page, hated himself for being “an entitled cis-white man” before transitioning, believes that 3-year-olds can determine their own gender, and uses dilators in front of his child. And this person expects everyone to believe that he is a victim of an “outdated” law. Do not fall for this false narrative. In actuality, Joy is a bully who uses his influence to spread hate against men, women, and children who do not conform to his views. He wants people to believe that, while he was dilating himself in front of his toddler, he was being discriminated against by a law set in place to protect Ohio citizens from electing nefarious individuals. But from what it looks like, the only nefarious individual whom Ohio needs to worry about is Vanessa Joy.

Even Facebook is not safe from Joy’s oversharing. When Joy advocates for 3-year-olds to change genders, he wants them to experience exactly what he is experiencing and deems gross in his Facebook posts:

Joy is notorious for spreading misinformation on his podcast, even admitting he just reads things that fit his narrative without verifying the information, proudly proclaiming in episode 28 “I haven’t verified any of that. But when do we verify anything on the show? You know? People listen to us because we’re cute and stuff.” From trying to be an Onlyfans celebrity to pleasuring yourself in front of your child, to claiming that children as young as 3 can change their gender, to pretending to be a victim while victimizing married women…

Vanessa, my dear, we are calling you out. We have your number, Joy, and it's not #1 Mom.


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