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  • Judith Rose

Radar Naughty List: Erin Reed, Self-Proclaimed Extreme TRA

Erin Reed, one of our biggest fans who recently shouted us out in a viral Tiktok of disinformation, lives life through the religious lens of gender ideology. Erin is a self proclaimed “independent LGBTQ+ journalist and activist,” constantly scouring for stories to weaponize in the name of “trans liberation.” A post-op male to female transsexual, Erin preaches a set of ideals that dictate anything goes when it comes to gender; you’re trans if you say you are and anyone who disagrees is a bigoted transphobe who needs re-education.

And that’s exactly what Erin offers through “her” website, where you can request Erin as a speaker to hop on a soap box and tell you how to think so as not to offend the gender-confused crowd.

Erin’s hobbies include tracking “anti-LGBTQ+” legislation (which typically protects children), gaslighting detransitioners, and “debunking” legitimate concerns regarding bottom surgeries and autogynephiles (AGP), men who are sexually aroused by the idea of dressing like or presenting as a woman. AGP’s can typically be identified by their interest in exhibitionism, humiliating fetishes, cross-dressing, and creepy comments about how turned on they feel about their transition, which may or may not be medical. According to Erin, autogynephilia isn’t real but makes a great joke.

Like many Trans Radical Activists, Erin is perturbed by the existence of detransitioners and enjoys poking fun at their pain, even insulting their spiritual reasons behind detransitioning, all during an active crusade to create uniform thinking through paid speaking events.

“If there’s this massive wave of transgender people regretting being trans, you would expect to find more of them,” Erin smirked into an iPhone earbud microphone while mocking detransitioners in a TikTok from September. “You always see the same dozen.”

But a simple search of “detrans” on social media platforms shows far more than a dozen detransitioners, many of whom prefer to stay out of the spotlight due to the negative attention and bullying they receive from people like Erin, who love to insist that detransitioners are so rare they basically don’t matter. Many users respond to detransitioners with sarcasm and resentment, labeling them as “fear mongering” and further isolating them from the community as pariahs. But what the neo-LGBTQ+ activists truly fear is the truth damaging their delusions and precious set of cult rules that can’t be questioned.

For instance, Erin isn’t a fan of transmedicalism, or the idea that in order to be considered truly transsexual, one must undergo a complete medical transition so as to pass as the opposite sex undetected. This is in spite of the fact that Erin has undergone bottom surgery, something “she” logged on X in a disturbingly contradictory thread about “her” neo-vagina.

Erin, if you have to dilate it, then it is in fact not a natural vagina, but an artificial canal. There is no womb or ovaries present beyond this dead-end canal. Meaning you don’t have to see a gynecologist; the average woman can’t believe menstruation cycles and the dreaded “metal duck examination" are things MTFs actually envy! And cutting your penis to have it shoved inside of you to replicate what you envy sounds an awful lot like self-mutilation, though if it makes you happy that’s great for you. It doesn’t always go so well for others, even when they insist they don’t regret it.

Take Zaya Perysian and Jammi Dodger, for example. Zaya, an MTF with a TikTok account carrying a whopping 4.7M, cried in a year old video updating “her” followers about a development from bottom surgery the doctors called vaginal stenosis, referring to a buildup of scar tissue in the artificially created canal. This is one of many complications that can occur, and why post-op MTFs are always instructed to dilate regularly by shoving a dildo into the hole, much like spinning a fresh piercing to avoid the wound closing around the penetrated site.

“I don’t regret it, I do NOT regret the surgery,” Zaya emphasized several times in the video. “But no one told me how hard recovery was gonna be.”

As a result of the complication, Zaya had to undergo a second surgery in which the canal, originally a penile inversion, was replaced with a section of colon, which can lead to a persistent odor of (you guessed it) feces.

Jammi Dodger, a UK citizen featured on PinkNews (self-identified rivals of GAG) and popular YouTube creator with over 1M subscribers, is an FTM who nearly died during phalloplasty surgery from an arterial bleed and refilling hematoma that had to be squeezed twice. Jammi also had to undergo a follow-up surgery to stop the bleeding.

“I’ve never experienced so much pain in my life,” Jammi recalled. “The whole experience has made me terrified to ever have surgery again.”

Jammi went on to say that the story “wasn’t meant to put people off from having lower surgery,” but is clearly suffering with PTSD from the harrowing experience. The hypocrisy of being traumatized from a surgery while still recommending it is one of the most concerning aspects of radical trans activists. People like Erin, Zaya and Jammi all insist that it’s a lifesaving surgery, with or without complications. But to admit regret is to betray the community, made apparent by the radicals’ disdain for detransitioners.

But perhaps the most dangerous and irresponsible thing Erin has ever done is create a searchable “informed consent map.” We’ll let Erin explain what that is and how it works.

You heard that right. Erin is leading absolutely anyone old enough to do a Google search to people who will affirm and fast track hormone therapy for gender transition purposes. Combine this tool with Erin’s state guide to trans safety, and a confused minor could easily plan an escape to a “trans sanctuary” state and start hormones without parental consent.

We make it our mission to explain why people like Erin are damaging the community. Not only is Erin Reed an absurd hypocrite, but “she” is openly aiding and abetting crimes against children by guiding them into medicalizing themselves before they can even understand the long term possibilities. No child can possibly know they’re transgender, and it is far safer to wait until adulthood to make a fully informed decision.

Erin goes so hard for gender-confused individuals (especially minors) that it’s almost as if “she” is trying a little too hard to convince the world that “she” is happy with transitioning. While acknowledging the binary of undergoing surgery as a male to present as female, Erin simultaneously insists that trans is essentially whatever you want it to be, as long as you hate your body. It’s almost as if deep down, Erin harbors some regret of “her” own. From the ridicule of AGPs to a hypocritical stance on medicalization, perhaps Erin knows “her” life is a lie.

After all, if genitals don’t define gender, why would anyone need to alter them?

Food for thought, Erin.

Merry Christmas.


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