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  • Michael Costa

The Queer Trans (QT) Project: Mailing Grooming Packages To Your Daughters

"The Queer Trans (QT) Project," a trans and queer organization out of Jacksonville, Florida has made it very clear that they are fighting for the civil right to sterilize children. Their founder testified against an anti-child mutilation bill that Gays Against Groomers helped put into law, in accordance to the Florida Dept of Health's Board of Medicine's Standards of Practice for the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Minors. The law wound up passing, in our favor. But that didn't stop child mutilation advocates from getting themselves into more trouble. A few months later, the founder of the QT Project, Cielo Sunsarae, was rejected for a job as lifeguard after her breasts were allegedly exposed in front of children at an aquatic center. This followed complaints from horrified parents of children who saw the incident during a training exercise in a pool shared with dozens of children (Pitts, 2023).

"The Queer Trans (QT) Project" has come under fire for mailing inappropriate packages to children. According to their mission statement, "We are a black-led and trans-led organization on a mission to provide gender-empowering resources to LGBTQ+ individuals all across the world so that they have the power and confidence to create social change in their communities." The Queer Trans (QT) Project advertises these "gender-empowering resources'' or Build-A-Queer Kits to an audience of tens of thousands of children on Tiktok. These kits are discreetly mailed to "trans children'' filled with gender-affirming gifts like condoms, chest binders, and FtM packers. UNACCEPTABLE.

According to, "Our organization has provided over $90,000 worth of gender-affirming kits, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need. Our discreet 'packaging' ensures a safe and private experience for recipients, fostering an environment of trust and support."


Where would they get that kind of money? Well, their website asserts that The QT Project is "Fiscally sponsored by the American Trans Resource Hub, 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization." American Trans Resource Hub (ATRH) is a transgender rights non-profit organization "FOR Trans People BY Trans People."

They have a Free Binder Program BY Trans Adults, FOR underaged girls.

It gives minors (aged 13+) step-by-step instructions on how to get grown adults to mail them breast binders in discreet packaging, ensuring that parents are kept in the dark about what strange adults are sending their children.

Chest binders (Peitzmeier et al., 2017) are very tight and flatten the breasts so harshly that they can cause lung damage (Cumming et al., 2016). Breast binding is NO JOKE. These devices are linked to health issues (Poteat et al., 2018) including chest pain (30%), becoming light-headed (30%), shortness of breath (49%), and back pain (65%). A lot of health issues from binding tend to show up over time, so there is not much information known about the severity. A 2021 survey of 1,800 females who bind their breasts found that they contribute to bad posture, rib fracture, spinal deformity, overheating, swelling, skin changes, scarring, skin infections, and they alters the healthy breasts of teenage girls.

A lot of these young girls who get caught up in the chest binding craze go on to medicalize their bodies, resulting in infertility and cardiovascular malfunction (Alzahrani et al., 2019).

Did Gays Against Groomers outlaw child sex changes in your state? If you still want to give these drugs to children, The American Trans Resource Hub has you covered. They have an interactive Provider Map so children can search for their nearest hormone distributor. States like Oregon provide hormone injections without parental awareness as young as 15.

We cannot find a solid explanation for why The Queer Trans Project's "trans self-defense kits" were discontinued. But it was rather concerning to hear that these discreet packages contained pepper spray, knives, tasers, and coloring books…all secretly sent over to your daughter, free of charge (Gress, 2023).

"Protect Trans Kids by mailing weapons to their house!" said no rational person ever. If organizations like The Queer Trans (QT) Project call you a bigot, do yourself a favor and take it as a compliment. You will never be on the wrong side of history standing up against this level of depravity.


How to Transition Without Your Parent’s Knowledge With the Free ‘Build-A-Queer’ Kit for Minors, Which Includes Weapons for Self-Defence

[Brandes Gress, August 10 2023]

Build-A-Queer Kits

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American Trans Resource Hub Gender Affirming-Care Provider Map

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Transgender lifeguard rejected after showing breasts at aquatic center (Pitts, 2023)

American Trans Resource Hub

American Trans Resource Hub Provider Map

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12 aug. 2023

I want to throw up. Thank you. Also I think that early set on puberty for girls is driving a small part of this. It is a way for young girls who hate their breasts to have them cut off no questions asked. But isn't that the real issue. I hated mine but grew to like them and love them.... these girls aren't getting that chance.

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