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  • Michael Costa

The Truth About "Anti-LGBTQ+" Bills

According to trans and queer activists, the United States is currently passing an overwhelming amount of “Anti-trans” or “Anti-LGBTQ+” laws. However, upon viewing these bills, it becomes evident that the majority of them are aimed at protecting children from medical malpractice, no longer allowing parents to bring their children to age-inappropriate events, discontinuing the use of dangerous medications that are being banned in multiple countries, prohibiting surgical conversion therapy on minors, and maintaining the legal framework that same-sex rights for gays and lesbians are built upon. Why are laws that benefit homosexuals, gay/lesbian families, gender nonconforming youth, and full equality for lesbian women are being dishonestly labeled as “anti-trans?”

Gender Affirming Care for Minors

Gays Against Groomers agrees with a lot of the bills being passed in order to end child medicalization and transitioning gender nonconforming children at school without their parents’ permission. Bans on “gender-affirming care” on minors have been put forward in Indiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Missouri,Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Medicalizing gender nonconforming children before they reach adulthood is medical malpractice and homophobic abuse. Research shows that the majority of these children will grow up to be gay and lesbian adults. Something that most gay people have in common is that we were gender nonconforming as children and knew that we were different from our peers early on. "Childhood gender variance" is 8 to 15 times higher for gay adults and these results have been replicated in recent studies, as well. Most gay men express more stereotypically feminine traits in childhood (Skidmore et al., 2006).” A follow-up study of nearly 140 gender dysphoric boys showed an 88% desistance rate after going through puberty, and most of them were just gay or bisexual adults. There have been multiple whistleblowers and court cases, warning that “They Are Sterilizing Gay Kids.” There is even one case of professionals implying that “Soon, we won’t have any gay people left.”

There have even been parents who claimed that they would rather have a straight daughter than a feminine gay son. If gender (masculinity and femininity) is a social construct, then why does it need to be medicalized at an age when a child still believes in Santa Claus? There is currently an emerging population of gay/lesbian detransitioned adults who were medicalized as kids and dealing with the aftermath of being experimented on when they were not even old enough to get a tattoo. Banning these procedures is protecting more gay and lesbian adults from having to go through what these detransitioners are experiencing. Our community is beginning to suffer because of these inhumane medical practices.

Transitioning children is the new Conversion Therapy. Stop Transing The Gay Away.

“Family Friendly” Drag Queen Performance

Over the past year, there has been a very alarming emergence of public adult cabaret performances, which are being advertised as “family friendly.” These events are provocative, overtly sexual, unsuitable for children, tasteless, and crude. The parents who are enthusiastically bringing their children to these events have been repeatedly made aware of how inappropriate it is and now the government needs to get involved. Referring to these performances as “pro-LGBTQIA+” is an insult. Interestingly enough, a lot of these events are funded by child sex-change services, pharmaceutical companies, and “trans rights” organizations (for children). Drag was always something for gay adults and is now being used by the trans lobby to influence children. If a small child is told that crossdressing and using a different name/pronoun is empowering, then this could encourage them to adopt a trans identity at an age where this is too complicated to understand. Children should not be exposed to this content due to the crude nature of these performances.

We do not take issue with people dressing or acting in ways that do not conform to gender stereotypes. We think that everyone should be able to wear whatever they like, in accordance to what is/isn’t publicly appropriate to be shown around children. We support the proposed bills banning these events currently being enacted in Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

State Recognition of Biological Sex

Multiple states like Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are trying to pass bills that legally define “sex” as being male or female, instead of one’s self-declared “gender identity” or “queer identity.”

Replacing sex with vague terms defines gays and lesbians out of existence in the law. By preserving laws relative to state recognition of biological sex, homosexual people are protected on this basis. Same-sex rights are sex-based rights. When clear definitions of biological sex are removed, then the well-deserved equal rights of same-sex oriented men and women are also changed. We fought hard to get legal protections for being same-sex oriented. And now those rights are being taken away. Preservation of these rights is pro-gay. The notion that this is “anti-LGBTQIA+” is a lie, unless you believe that the first two letters of the acronym no longer matter. In Mississippi, this is being done through Bill MS SB2076: The Title IX Preservation Act. Oklahoma’s proposed solution involves “creating the Women’s Bill of Rights,” which was originally introduced in collaboration with a Lesbian-founded organization whose work includes “supporting the needs of lesbian and bisexual women.” The purpose of the bill is to protect females, including lesbians, in schools, sports, and prisons.

If fairness and equality for gay men and lesbian women is considered “anti-trans,” then what does that say about how the trans lobby views the rights of homosexuals? We support the proposed bills in these states and would like to see them implemented on a national level and begin to restore common sense and rationality to our community. We have thousands of gay people who are on our side and America needs to do the right thing. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

It is not a right to sexualize and mutilate children. It is not anti-LGBTQ to pass legislation to protect them. It is not anti-trans to be in favor of the rights and safety of children, families, gay men, and lesbian women.


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