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  • Michael Costa

The Transgender Bill of Rights: Gay Erasure and the End of Childhood Innocence

With one stroke of a pen, the Biden Administration has the power to roll back everything that Gays Against Groomers has accomplished so far and make gay erasure the law of the land. Democrats introduced “The Transgender Bill of Rights,” which claims to give civil rights to transgender and nonbinary people (TQI+). That sounds rather innocuous. However, one must pause and ask themselves…what rights do transgender people not have? The Biden Administration is doubling down on its Title IX interpretation of "gender identity" and so much worse.

Gays Against Groomers has assisted in passing sixteen regulations, laws, and guidelines that ban “gender identity” from being forced onto children. Across the nation, bills are being introduced that ban child sexualization, mutilation, castration, and amputation of healthy body parts all in the name of “trans rights.” All of it is at risk of being rolled back. The “Trans Bill of Rights” was reintroduced and interferes with corresponding policies in the Parents’ Bill of Rights and Women’s Bill of Rights, which were introduced earlier that same week. This should start setting off alarms. If a movement is crafted to establish “civil rights” that override everybody else’s freedoms, then it is a movement that should be able to stand up to some questioning. These so-called “transgender rights'' seek to subvert the rights of parents, the rights of women, the rights of gay people, blur sexual boundaries, and replace it all with a queer groomer circus where everything is valid and nobody is allowed to question it. That is what happens when you put "gender identity" into laws – all hell breaks loose.

Our main focus has been banning the transgender medicalization of gender non-conforming minors. Studies show that gender discomfort will alleviate for 80% of these children after they go through puberty and wind up being lesbian, gay, or, bisexual adults. Boys and girls who are socially transitioned before going through puberty are more at-risk of becoming sterile for life. When gender-nonconforming children are not transitioned, 63.4%-88% of the boys grow up to be gay and bisexual men. Females who detransitioned are three times more likely to be lesbians. Gender transition before adulthood is a new form of conversion therapy. And we’ve helped get it outlawed in five states. Finland, France, England, The Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, and Switzerland have also been sounding the alarms about this problem.

The Transgender Bill of Rights would reverse all of our hard work and make it a civil right for minors to be sliced open and have their organs removed in all 50 states. It is gay erasure at its finest.

We have received multiple reports of girls getting injured at school because they are being forced to compete against boys. Therefore, we assisted in passing a policy that would binarize school sports, on the basis of sex, in order to ensure safety. Not only would the “Transgender Bill of Rights” roll that back, but it would make it illegal for anyone to question the safety of having boys compete against girls. Just like all of the other “civil rights” that the trans community is asking for, mixed-sex trans sports policies are implemented behind parents’ backs. Mothers and fathers are not made aware that their daughters are in danger. And voicing any objection to it is labeled as sex harassment, on the basis of “gender identity.”

Gays Against Groomers has testified in support of age-appropriate school material and separating boys and girls in facilities, on the basis of sex. We have also removed pornographic material from school libraries. This bill would roll all of that back. It would allow a girl to get undressed in a locker room full of teenage boys without parental consent. No parent in their right mind would consent to such nonsense. But according to “trans rights,” parents don’t have the opportunity to revoke consent to anything their child does. This bill makes it so parents are not allowed to opt-out of sexualized gender identity school materials being taught to their children and what goes on in the classroom will be kept secret. “Gender identity” also requires schools to use a child’s preferred pronoun in the classroom. Not only are they/them trying to destroy free speech, it will also be illegal to not affirm a child’s “gender identity.” The bill claims that “transgender people” have a civil right to give boys and girls access to pornography at school. THAT IS DISGUSTING.

These “transgender rights” activist lunatics can try all they want, but we will not back down until this movement is destroyed. Gay rights grant gay & lesbian adults the freedom to live our lives as who we are. “Trans rights” force society to rearrange and affirm people as what they are not. It is all about boundary violation, plain and simple. “Trans” is the idea or belief that there exists a hypothetical population of children for whom biology and sexual boundaries are completely irrelevant. And it starts at any age.

No such population of people exists. No child has the capacity to consent to a nonsensical movement that seeks to violate their safeguarding in federally-funded institutions. The "Transgender Bill of Rights" would allow male sex offenders to be housed in female prisons – including juvenile hall. In California, a man who went to jail for violating a minor is being housed in a juvenile detention facility for girls.

The first paragraph of this bill literally drops sexual orientation and erases us from the conversation. It explicitly states that people have equality on the basis of sexual orientation [Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual]. It then goes on to say, “whereas despite these protections, transgender people are asking for more.” And it never discusses gays, lesbians, gay rights, or its impact on same-sex oriented people throughout the rest of the bill. This was done on purpose.

Like women’s rights, gay civil rights are categorized under “sex,” granting equality to gay and lesbian adults on the basis of sexual orientation. Trans rights, on the basis of “gender identity,” apply to children and directly go against sexual orientation protections. Adding “gender identity” to the category of “sex” completely subverts the meaning of sex (male and female) to include a variety of identity labels which do not exist and erase the gays in the process. The word homosexual denotes that we are same-sex oriented and pair with people of the same sex. Same-sex marriage grants us the right to marry one another…on the basis of sex. How can we properly categorize and protect same-sex oriented people if we do not have a proper definition of sex? According to the "Transgender Bill of Rights," men can legally identify as lesbians. That is unacceptable. Sex is binary. There is no third. There is no in-between. There are no subcategories. Humans are female. Humans are male. Everything else is a socially constructed free-for-all with no basis in reality. Men are not lesbians. No thank you.

A similar policy was introduced in Colorado and erased LGB people out of existence. We have been crossed out and replaced by TQI+. Sexual orientation (LGB) was legally eliminated in the eyes of Colorado law and replaced with “gender identity.” We fought hard for sex-based civil rights. And now they are being taken away right before our eyes. When we warned people about this, gays and lesbians were told that we were just overreacting. The “trans” community would never do that to us. But as it turns out, that is exactly what they are doing. It has been one the many goals of “gender identity” rights this entire time. We trusted them and we were lied to. The bill cites that trans people have high suicide rates, so letting them destroy everything and butcher children is the only way to prevent the cult members from committing suicide. Everyone must hand over their rights and participate in their delusion…or they will kill themselves. That is abuse.

This week, one democrat stood up and voted in favor of girls not getting hurt in their sports. He stated that he was trying to find a reasonable middle-ground, but the debate seems to be “all or none out there.” Trans rights demand that society must be rearranged and run on the basis of their “gender identity” religion, no matter who they trample in the process. They have forced the American people into submission and refuse to take NO for an answer. Gays Against Groomers helped pass bills across the nation that pump the brakes on anti-gay medical malpractice and child abuse. The trans mafia turned around and introduced a bill that would permanently reverse every single one of those laws and enshrine “gender identity” in all 50 states. This is their way of saying that “trans rights” are an all-or-nothing deal.

Transgender rights, on the basis of gender identity include:

- Unrestricted child sex-changes for tomboys

- Pornographic schools

- "Age-appropriate" child sexual mutilation

- Puberty blockers, sterilizing hormones, and amputation surgeries with no barriers or safeguarding

- Removing children from parents who do not comply with their child's transgender demands

- Removing free speech

- Erasing women and gay people

- Putting themselves in charge of making rules about the bodily autonomy of children

- Punishing anybody who does not comply

It was unfortunate to find out this way, but at least they are admitting what they actually mean by “trans rights.” They do not want tolerance. They are demanding open-access to vulnerable populations’ sex boundaries in ways they cannot properly consent to. The rights of parents, women, girls, gays, and bisexuals are all being replaced by a sadistic cult that lies to children.

Gays Against Groomers is officially blowing the whistle before they make it illegal for us to voice our dissent. THE TRANS RIGHTS MOVEMENT IS A PEDOPHILE MOVEMENT.

The bill demands that the people who enforce “transgender rights” must all be transgender themselves – no gays allowed. Men who identify as women will be put in charge of making decisions about how children are groomed and sexually mutilated behind parents’ backs.

We constantly hear the phrase “LGBTQI+”...but the first three letters were dropped in the first paragraph. They are making it a crime for gay people to say NO. They conflated a bunch of letters and then told us that this has nothing to do with LGB people; LGB people aren’t allowed to make any of the rules; and LGB people aren’t allowed to disagree with them. That is abusive. They hate us. These are not the same people who fought for gay rights.

The “Transgender Bill of Rights” is sponsored by Movement Advancement Project (MAP).

In recent years, there have been reports of pedophiles using the “transgender” movement as a tool to normalize their sick perversion by rebranding themselves as Minor Attracted People (MAP). They claim that just because someone is “attracted to minors” does not mean that they are predatory or harmful to children. They even made their own subcategories like NOMAP (Non-Offending Minor Attracted Person). Any adult who is attracted to minors deserves no representation, no dignity, no lenience, no accommodations, no civil rights, no self-esteem, and no respect at all whatsoever in a healthy society. They should be looked upon with scorn. One of the people in charge of Movement Advancement Project (MAP) is a member of Prostasia, a pedophile organization, and openly identifies as a pedophile herself. Movement Advancement Project’s (MAP) logo is just coincidentally three toy blocks.

If your “civil rights'' include putting pornography in schools, then your entire movement is a disgrace. The truth of the matter is that the “trans rights” movement is a failure. It is a dumpster fire. It is a trainwreck. It is the crosstown bus falling off of an overpass. It is a child sexual rights movement that seeks the complete and total bodily autonomy of “transgender and nonbinary people” (minors). Nobody has the civil right to groom and butcher other people’s children. “Transgender rights” is an anti-gay genocidal hate cult run by child predators whose goal runs antithetical to ours. Gays and lesbians, including detransitioners, deserve a public apology from every transgender pig that said, "KIDS ARENT GETTING SURGERIES! PUBERTY BLOCKERS ARE REVERSIBLE! This isn’t happening!" They lied to us over and over again. We tried to listen and be empathetic. We tried to provide proper accommodations and find a middle-ground that didn’t include grooming an entire generation of boys and girls. But that was not enough. They refuse to take NO for an answer. Gay people are being legally, socially, and hormonally mandated out of existence in the name of “transgender rights.”

They have officially declared war.

We were told that in order to accommodate TQI+ people, we should just use their preferred pronouns as an act of politeness. We never consented to having our free speech taken away. We never consented to our erasure. We never consented to pornographic schools. We never consented to silencing parents. We never consented to chopping up children for a bloodthirsty terrorist cult. We never consented to Baby Blue and Baby Pink stripes on our flag, groomer.

This law does NOTHING for gay people. No thank you.

Gays Against Groomers is saying NO to so-called “transgender rights.” Their goals have been laid out for everyone. It is sponsored by pedophiles. It would destroy all of the hard work that has gone into our movement over the past eight months and bring us back to square one. We are being given no other options, other than burning this cult to the ground. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. The adults in the room are cleaning up the absolute mess that “gender identity” has created. You’re either with us or against us.

This ends now.


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