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Radar Watchlist: Brianna Titone

Brianna Titone is the first openly transgender state legislator in Colorado and the 4th elected in the United States. Titone joins the Gays Against Groomers RADAR due to the countless groomer legislation that Titone has sponsored – all of which are aimed at brainwashing and castrating children.

For someone who regularly makes narcissistic claims such as “I don’t want to be polarizing or a one-trick pony [1],” Titone has done quite the opposite. Before the election was even certified, Titone was seen speaking at a "Youth-led Trans March," sending the message that "We [gender ideologues who are poisoning children] need to continue marching, so we are not erased."

What Titone is really saying to young impressionable children is "We are going to continue to jam our agenda down everyone’s throats and take control of the government so we can continue to push a radical agenda that results in the butchering of children."

Titone seems to think that the war is won…for now. Titone has endorsed countless bills, which critics have deemed as polarizing. We deem them to be a nightmare.

In 2019, Titone opened the door for children to begin their gender conversion therapy by passing Jude’s Law. This bill allows children to change the sex on their birth certificate. It also made Colorado the 3rd state to provide a "non-binary" option on Driver’s Licenses and Birth Certificates. Anybody who thinks that children have a civil right to legally switch their "gender identity" needs their head checked.

In 2020, HB20-1114 died in the house as a result of Titone’s radical agenda. This bill would have protected minors from sexual reassignment surgery, and allowed any health care responsible for the unlawful sterilization of minors to be charged with a Class 3 Felony. A full copy of the law can be read [here].

On Nov. 1, 2022, Dragutante, a “non-profit organization” with the mission to create a so-called “safe-space” for children as young as 8-years old to practice drag publicly, acknowledged Titone’s long support for the program since its inception in 2017.

In reality, there is nothing “safe” about what Dragutante does. They have created a treasure trove of thirst trap photos on their website and Instagram for creeps to get their jollies off with. This type of program is no better than children’s beauty pageants and should be universally outlawed.

A very different path could have been taken to find a common ground amongst those who disagree, and with the rest of society.

Instead, Titone manipulated lawmakers into blocking the "trans-sport ban" in February of 2023.

We would also like to point out that nobody is being "banned" from any sports. It just makes it so players will have to compete on teams congruent with their sex. A law like this simply would have protected girls from having to compete in rough sports against biological boys, and even worse, share locker rooms with boys. Titone is literally erasing girl's rights with the blood of the LGBT community, who these traitors claim to advocate for.

Most recently, Titone continued using the victim card by getting SB 23-188 passed. This law is controversial because its primary focus was to codify abortion rights in Colorado.

Titone turned around and HIJACKED this bill, turning Colorado into a “safe haven” for people of ALL ages seeking gender-affirming care through an amendment in the 11th hour. To further clarify this bill was so poorly worded that it put no safe-guards of how old someone can be to begin “gender-affirming care,” meaning a 1 year old could begin the process.

Reproductive healthcare has NOTHING to do with "gender-affirming care." All physical methods of sexual reassignment surgery effectively sterilize an individual. During the Legislative session, Titone had flippantly defended the bill, arguing that gender-affirming care saves lives. That is a lie.

This flat-out false claim has been refuted countless times. The suicide rate in those that had completed Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) increased 20 times over their peers who did not [2].

Additionally, as part of this dystopian law, it protects health care providers from litigation. In other words, after an innocent child who cannot consent to permanent life-altering surgery has had their developing body mutilated…they would have no possible recourse. It would prevent them from seeking justice for the criminal surgeries that were inflicted upon them.

The full law can be read here:

During our review of Titone, we stumbled across a tweet which was either a poorly conceived joke or an admission Titone had not completed Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS). Have you ever noticed that the people screaming at the top of their lungs in support of pediatric gender-denying care did not actually go through any of these processes as minors? Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

This brings us to our biggest concern. If this tweet wasn’t a joke, then why would a fellow trans individual sponsor laws which permanently mutilate/sterilize children…and not carry out the procedure themselves?

If these procedures are life-saving, as we are being told, then what is stopping someone from going through with it?

We don’t blame Titone for the lack of follow-through. But believe us when we say that we have seen countless examples of these surgeries, which have a 32.5% complication rate in MtF surgeries [3] or worse a 76.5% complication rate in FtM surgeries [4].

Either way, we don’t care what you did with your body. We just want you to stop your radical agenda, stay away from the kids, and focus on the rest of your constituents for once. Maybe they should try considering the homelessness and teenage prostitution that is overrunning Colorado's city streets.

But instead of discussing actual human rights atrocities, they would rather focus on "trans kids" and wonder why the pendulum is swinging so harshly and getting increasingly reactionary.

Gays Against Groomers is about OFFENSE.

We call out the corruption where we see it and clean up the mess that this agenda has allowed to fester in our name. Clutching your pearls and waiting for everything to fix itself will not work.

That's now how you win.

And we're here to win.



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