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Radar Watchlist: Lindsay Amer

Lindsay "Lindz" Amer is the host of the YouTube channel, Queer Kid Stuff.

According to her official website, Lindsay Amer is an author, performer, and creator who “makes queer stuff for kids, families, educators, their loved ones, and allies”. You might be wondering, “What could queer stuff for kids possibly be?” And you’d be less-than-delighted to discover – as we were – that Lindsay specializes in creating content for VERY young children, even two-year-olds. She aims to teach them about queer topics such as transgenderism and drag queens, with a sprinkle of other age-inappropriate topics such as trans activism, abortion, and the 2016 election. Lindsay’s fascination with indoctrinating toddlers has earned her a spot on the Gays Against Groomers Radar.

Queer Kid Stuff

Anyone who was chronically online around 2016 will vividly remember a web-series called Queer Kid Stuff. Its existence seemed to elicit mostly ridicule at the time, rightfully so.

Apparently, Lindsay Amer couldn't take a hint.

Who in their right mind would create something like this?

Armed with a decent singing voice, a ukelele, and a talking teddy bear, Lindsay Amer creates short episodes that are nauseatingly appealing to children. They are crafted in such a way that radical concepts come off as playful, wholesome, and capture children's attention.

Each episode starts with a pleasant tune specifically addressing boys, girls, and nonbinary toddlers. "Gay means happy…you are enough here at Queer Kid Stuff." In the rainbow-filled studio, Lindsay cheerfully banters with Teddy, her talking teddy bear, about how cool and amazing it is to be whatever identity or sexuality she happens to be discussing in that particular episode.

Just one example of the so-called "education" that Lindsay has to offer is in the twelfth episode, which is titled “T is for Trans!”

“Oooh, that’s a cool new word!” quips Teddy, after Lindsay introduces her young audience to the word, ‘transgender’. Lindsay then continues to explain to Teddy that the first thing a doctor will tell parents when a baby is born is whether the baby is a boy or a girl. “That’s called a gender assignment," she asserts.

If your eyeballs have started rolling back into the depths of your skull, further than you thought to be anatomically possible, you are certainly not alone.

Teddy, quite reasonably, displays confusion because in an earlier episode, kids were taught that "There aren't just boys and girls."

Lindsay Amer explains to her genderqueer teddy bear that “There’s something a bit weird about how doctors assign gender to babies … That’s because there aren’t only boys and girls."

“Oh, so the doctors are wrong sometimes?” asks Teddy (they/them).

“Yes, Teddy!” Lindsay answers, gleefully.

Soon after, Lindsay ends the lesson by asking the young children watching to let her know in the comments how they identify, making it clear that she is very much interested in having conversations with small children about their sexual identity.

There are many examples of outrageous things that Lindsay has felt compelled to show young children, including a drag makeup tutorial, an interview with the obviously confused “drag kid," Desmond is Amazing, and a lesson on how cool it is to be nonbinary. Confusing kids about their identity is not cool. It's weird.

Unfortunately, this creepy children's show was only the beginning. Her projects became more and more ridiculous over time.

Lindsay Amer: Child-Development Expert

It is worth pointing out that while Lindsay makes impeccable use of her college education in theater and gender studies (shocker), she lacks any formal education in teaching or child-development. But she still takes it upon herself to lecture parents about how to raise their children.

For her groundbreaking work on Queer Kid Stuff, Lindsay was given the opportunity, clearly only afforded to society’s most esteemed academics, to have her own illustrious TED Talk. She gives a talk titled “Why Kids Need To Learn About Gender and Sexuality."

She begins by telling the audience about Queer Kid Stuff, emphasizing that the content is for all-ages, meaning people ranging from “literal babies to your great-great grandma." In a fleeting moment of self-awareness, she recognizes that people may be wary of “talking about gay stuff with kids.” But she reassures the audience that “talking to kids about gay stuff is actually crucial." The reasoning she cites for this is that “The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that children have a solid understanding of their gender identity by the age of four.”

"Gender Identity" is the idea that there exists an internal gender inside all of us, which is separate from our sexed body (Goldie, 2014). It is essentially a religious belief, similar to the concept of a spirit. Your "gender identity" lives within you and transcends the boundaries of one's physical body. It may be a different sex/gender than your body. This backwards concept was invented in the mid-1900s and set the groundwork for the eventual sterilization of children. (Smith, 2023). This internal feeling can also be a different age than the physical body, according to the pedophile advocate who came up with it (Money, 1981). “Chronophilia” (Money, 1986), a palatable rebranding of his ideas about “age-discrepancy paraphilias” (Money, 1981) can be seen in modern-day concepts like “trans-age.” Queer kid activists claim that people have an inner-child whose age does not match up with one’s “biological age" (Money, 1981).

Her assertion that children have a "gender identity" at the age of four was invented by a child predator who was infamous for violating children. No such entity exists, and queer ideologues like Lindsay Amer are pushing these abstract beliefs onto young kids (GAG, 2023). At this point, it is made abundantly clear that Lindsay creates content for children of such young ages to beat them to the punch. Her lectures about transgenderism seek to give toddlers fancy new ways to identify before they can build a solid understanding for themselves.

No speech on the topic would be complete, however, without instilling fear into the listener. She goes on to solemnly list some statistics regarding suicide in LGBT youth. This tactic is common in the modern discourse of kids who are supposedly transgender – warning parents that if they don’t affirm whatever the child says they are by giving them puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries, that their children will become a statistic – the parents will be culpable for the death of their child. It is a demented form of gaslighting and manipulation.

Lindsay has also published a book titled “Rainbow Parenting: A Guide to Raising Queer Kids and their Allies” (Amer, 2023). We aren’t quite charitable enough to pay to buy the book (and help line Lindsay’s pockets), but she has posted a video explaining some things that are in the book.

As expected, she mentions that the early parts of the book contain warnings for parents as to why they need to raise their children the way she says to (presumably so they don’t kill themselves, of course). She says the book is organized by age group with age-appropriate lessons for each. Most notably, she mentions a few topics contained in the toddler section of the book such as “queerness” and “age-relevant sex-ed” like “where do babies come from," but in a “gender-inclusive way” (Amer, 2023). The next section, for pre-kindergarten children, includes topics such as drag, gender euphoria, gender assignment, as well as teaching them that “gender plus love equals sexuality." It is one of the books featured in her queer book club, where she reads stories about drag queens, pronouns, and abortion.

The fact that Lindsay writes books about sex for four-year-olds in order to help them understand their "gender identity" should tell you everything you need to know about this boundary-violating ideology.

She is currently writing another children's book – the highly anticipated sequel, “Hooray for She, He, Ze, and They!: What Are Your Pronouns Today?” It is set for release in February 2024. It already sounds like a train wreck in the making. We're so excited.

Kids and Kink

While Lindsay doesn’t seem to be making new episodes of Queer Kids stuff, she is certainly still active online. Her Youtube channel is now mostly dedicated to “Rainbow Storytime," which is exactly what you assume it would be – reading books about sex and gender to kids. She also posts videos to TikTok which, to our pleasant surprise, are actually not targeted to children. However, Lindsay has recently garnered some controversy from statements she made on the platform.

It starts with a video where she explains her take (which she describes in the caption as being “unpopular”) on making pride kid-friendly. It’s a vague message about how making pride events kid-friendly “isn’t about sanitizing them. It’s about including kids’ voices in our justice movements.” Contrary to what intuition may tell you, Lindsay seems to be suggesting that this take is unpopular because it’s less radical, and not more. It seems that Lindsay was expecting pushback from her own side by suggesting that pride might need to be made kid-friendly, as opposed to all the depraved things we’ve seen at pride events that are considered okie-dokie for kids to be present for.

She was right about backlash from her own, because someone (who we can only hope is just a clever troll) commented on the video saying “I’ve never seen kink at pride that felt inappropriate for kids." The meat of the controversy comes from a video response that Lindsay made to this comment.

“I wanna clarify this for a second here” she starts. “I’m not saying kink isn’t kid friendly. I’m saying that kids and kink can coexist at pride in a totally fine way."


She digs the hole ever-deeper by trying to explain that “making an event kid-friendly doesn’t mean sanitizing it, AKA taking something like kink out of pride." She finishes the video with “So I’m not saying that kink is inappropriate for kids. I’m saying they can and should coexist with each other." She has disabled the comments on the video, as you can imagine.

She addresses the controversy one more time in an additional video where she says her previous video actually isn’t about kids and kink coexisting at pride. It’s about including kids’ voices in social justice movements (and similar woke gobbledygook). She then goes on to read a lengthy section of her book which she says is about the “kids and kink discourse” where she ultimately justifies kink at pride because “kids simply don’t associate leather with kink or sex or kinky sex, for that matter. They see leather as leather, a clothing material, and just that…The sex connotations of leather almost surely won’t occur to kids cause it’s very unlikely that they’re actually watching someone have kinky leather sex at a pride parade."

Sure, kids won’t automatically understand that the leather has anything to do with sex. Not until you inevitably tell them, that is. Lindsay already advocates for teaching topics to children that are simply not age-appropriate. Why would she stop at teaching them about kinky sex? Secondly, the chance of witnessing someone having kinky leather sex at pride is starkly more common than Lindsay seems to think. Anyone who has been to a pride parade in a big city has likely witnessed it firsthand, and the internet is flooded every year around pride month with videos of lewd acts occurring openly in front of children.

Final Thoughts

To her credit, Lindsay Amer often says that the parents should be present while their child watches her content – in stark contrast to other activists who strategically isolate children from their parents. However, even though Lindsay seems to genuinely care about the children she is attempting to educate, she is still actively desensitizing them to sexual content and imagery. Lindsay has earned her spot on the Gays Against Groomers Radar because of her repeated and shameless attempts to indoctrinate toddlers, fixation on encouraging children to identify as transgender or nonbinary, and belief that kids and kink should coexist. We denounce this filth in its entirety.


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