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  • Gregg Laurenzana

Radar Watchlist: Megan Fox

Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, has recently come under fire about her bizarre parenting choices. Her oldest son, who is now 10 years old, started wearing dresses around the age of 2. During pride month, Fox discussed how hard it is to protect him from “mean, awful” people online, according to Men’s Health Magazine. There is nothing wrong with kids wearing what makes them happy. Girls can like blue and boys can like pink. Liking blue does not make one a boy. Nor does liking pink make one a girl. According to a 2019 interview with People Magazine, Fox is supportive of her sons' gender nonconformity. "Sometimes, he'll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses, sometimes," Fox explained. "And I send him to a really liberal, hippy school, but even there — here in California — he still has little boys going, 'Boys don't wear dresses,' or 'Boys don't wear pink.’” Megan Fox has also revealed to Glamour Magazine that she bought books written by "transgender children" for her son Noah after he developed a desire to wear dresses.

Confusion begins to arise when such gender stereotypes are forced upon children. Grown adults cannot even decide on a solid definition of "gender." How do we expect little kids to understand a concept that has no boundaries? Children are very impressionable. They should never be led to believe that they are something which they are not. Gays Against Groomers has been actively passing legislation and fighting against "gender identity" indoctrination being forced upon children in the classroom.

From our experience, such California "liberal, hippy school schools" have become dysphoria factories, churning out lifelong pharmaceutical customers for the gender cult. They teach children that gender is on a spectrum, based on clothing. They are put under the impression that if you're a boy who likes to wear dresses, then you might not actually be a boy. Dangerous "gender identity" programs equate dresses with being female. And they are implemented via programs like Social-Emotional Learning, Mermaids (Kearns, 2018), and GLSEN.

Megan Fox has constantly fought back against the allegations that she forces her eldest son to wear dresses and other female-exclusive clothing. This young boy's father, Brian Austin Green, has even been quoted saying ‘[whether] it’s dresses or goggles or slippers or whatever. It’s his life, they’re not my clothes.' Fox believes that we should “never use children for leverage or social currency, especially under malevolent and erroneous pretense.” This was in response to U.S. Congress candidate Robby Starbuck, who lived in the same gated community as Fox. Starbuck posted on Twitter that his kids and her kids used to play in the park together. And one day, two of Fox’s boys were having a meltdown, saying their mom was forcing them to wear girl clothes.

If the allegation against her is forcing her young sons to wear clothes from the girls' section, then why did she bring up her child's "gender identity" in the post? Nobody accused her of having a transgender child. But in the state of California, your child can pick a "gender identity" behind your back and socially transition at school without parental consent. And if parents disagree with their imaginary "gender identity," then their child can be taken away from them, as per Senate Bill SB107 (Weiner, 2023).

Is Megan Fox forcing her sons to wear dresses in order to garner woke points, like Starbuck accused her of? Or is she being held hostage by hippy dippy classroom nonsense? Both are currently possible in the state of California. It is a system which is completely devoid of common sense and rationality. Regardless, transgender kids are like vegan cats. We all know who's making the decisions.

Megan Fox has officially been added to our RADAR. Gays Against Groomers will continue to send necessary updates about the war on children and what could be happening in your state.


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