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  • Alex Chrostowski

Radar Naughty List: P!nk

When you hear the phrase, “Gay Icon” in the lesbian community, few would argue that pop artist P!nk is one of the modern greats. Her famous androgynous style has been celebrated and emulated in the lesbian community for years. Her unapologetic approach to embracing her masculine side as well as her feminine side is an experience many lesbians can relate to. P!nk has even described herself as an “Honorary Lesbian.” In a 2012 interview P!nk stated, “My gay girls are my rootstalk. They’re my honesty in an ocean of bullsh-it.” 

Indeed, P!nk has had a long career of supporting the gay community. On multiple occasions, she has done this blatantly and unapologetically in her music. In her song, “Dear Mr. President'' she expresses explicit support for lesbians. In “Raise Your Glass,” scenes of a same-sex wedding were depicted, inspired by P!nk’s best friend’s lesbian wedding. While the song is generally viewed as an anthem for people who feel othered, it has a special place in the hearts of our community.

Unfortunately, P!nk has thrown herself into the cultural ring on the topic of trans children and pornographic books for kids. Trans children do not exist because children cannot make the decision to transition.

In November, P!nk pledged to give away 2,000 “banned books” during her Miami, FL concerts in partnership with the literary and free expression advocacy group PEN America. Both apparently don’t understand the meaning of “ban” nor do they seem to have an issue with children viewing pornographic books. A “book ban” would mean that no one could purchase or own the books in question. There are no “banned books” in Florida. Parents can challenge books in public schools that they view as being inappropriate. Many of the books that are being challenged are labeled as “LGBTQ+ books” despite being full of nudity and vulgar language. P!nk seems to think this is great to have in schools. And she encourages more schools to have this hideous content out in the open for children to view. That is disgusting. Perhaps if these books stopped including graphic sexualized images, parents would be less upset. Just a thought.

She was caught in a lie when she tweeted a list of "banned" titles and was corrected by Community Notes. Did P!nk apologize? Of course not. She buckled down and proceeded with her agenda. For someone who claims to support the gay community, she sure loves betraying and not listening to us. We tried to warn her but she does not care. Maybe earning a spot on our Naughty List will wake her up. Until recently, she stood for embracing gender nonconformity instead of abiding by rigid stereotypes. Now, she advocates for convincing tomboys that they are a different gender and sterilizing them before puberty. For many young girls, and especially girls who feel same-sex oriented, P!nk and her music were an absolute rallying cry. Her androgynous style mixed with powerful moments of femininity made them feel seen, accepted, and understood. The upbeat messaging in her music conveyed that it was okay to be different. Children need to know in their bones and in their hearts that they are perfect just the way they are. Well, P!nk thinks otherwise. "We have made so many strides toward equality in this country and no one should want to see this progress reversed."

…….Ma'am, having pornographic filth in schools has nothing to do with “equality” and everything to do with boundary violation. The same goes for a school curriculum that tells children they are "trapped in the wrong body."

She also praised a school for supporting gender-neutral approaches. Shocker. She discussed this in an interview where she said, "The bathroom outside the kindergarten said: 'Gender Neutral - anybody', and it was a drawing of many different shapes. I took a picture of it and I wrote: Progress. I thought that was awesome. I love that kids are having this conversation.” At an age where children are still eating crayons, this should not be encouraged in the slightest. Has she considered that other parents might not be comfortable with their kids having conversations about sex and gender in kindergarten? They are 5 years old. Let kids be kids. P!nk couldn’t leave it at that though, she had to take it further.

This brings us to our next point: P!nk is raising her kids as "gender-neutral.” Here at Gays Against Groomers, we refer to this as Transhausen by Proxy. Often seen in middle-to-upper class suburban moms, it is a phenomenon where a parent convinces a child that they are a different gender or indulges in their child's gender confusion for their own outside validation. The insidious part is that encouraging these beliefs can lead to “gender-affirming” medicalization. These are dangerous ideas to put in a child’s head. The worst part is that P!nk is doing all of this in our name, claiming that she is an “LGBTQ+ advocate.” What on earth? How exactly does raising your kid “gender-neutral” advocate for gays and lesbians? Trick question. It doesn't. Can woke celebrities please stop using children as a prop to make some sort of political statement? It's weird and inappropriate.

P!nk regularly endorses HRC and GLAAD, who push the idea that when children display stereotypical opposite sex behaviors and interests, it is an indication that the child is trans. Not only is that obviously absurd…it's a complete betrayal of people like us. So many children who grow up to be gay or lesbian display such tendencies in childhood. This is a real and sometimes distressing experience that many young lesbians go through. This struggle for girls is rarely acknowledged. More and more people are coming forward, saying that they were transitioned as a child as a form of gay conversion therapy. How can she claim to be an advocate for us when she supports this tragedy? Anyone who supports the transing of kids is NOT a friend to gay people. They are quite the opposite. Transcending gender stereotypes does not make someone “trans” as a child, and it doesn't make them “trans” now. Gender ideology is harmful to children and is completely contradictory to the messaging in so many of P!nk’s songs. Gender Ideology is toxic to the gay community in all its forms. It is inherently homophobic and is dangerously destabilizing to children. The broader community has started to realize this. As more of us take a stand against the radical woke minority that have hijacked our movement, our clubs, our language, our spaces, etc. she will continue to lose the support of her gay and lesbian fans who feel betrayed by her new messaging. 

Embracing the radical trans movement is the beginning of the end for this gay icon. More and more of us are becoming aware of the trans scandal that has plagued our community and is tearing families apart. We refuse to go along with the biggest medical scandal since the lobotomy. We refuse to let clowns like P!nk speak for us while actively damaging the gay community. It is conversion therapy on steroids (literally).

And we're expected to believe this is an “ally" to our community?

No, thank you.

Alecia, you're fake as hell.

This is your legacy, not ours.

We're gay. We're angry. And we're placing you on the Naughty List. Better luck next year!


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