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  • Judith Rose

Radar Watchlist: Julie Malbogat

The Toronto Star contributor transitioning her child at 12 years old.

You read that right. Julie's daughter told her family at just 8 years old that she was really a little boy. Her mother, Toronto Star Contributor Julie Malbogat, immediately began socially transitioning her child, allowing new pronouns, clothes, hairstyle and name change. In an article published by the Canadian mainstream news outlet on September 10th, Julie proceeds to give a self-righteous lecture stating all parents need to immediately feed into their children’s ideas on their identity without question, because “it’s a privilege, not a right, to know your kid’s gender identity.” The superiority complex is palpable.

Julie's daughter who she is transitioning

Julie and her husband have put their daughter on a waiting list for 18 months (about 1 and a half years) at the transgender clinic at SickKids hospital. Julie goes on to say that because she has wanted to be a boy since age 8, this is plenty of time, and therefore the decision “isn’t rushed.” The name of the clinic alone, SickKids, supports the idea that children are sick before having sex changes, never mind the fact that the process itself can make them permanently ill patients for life. Gays Against Groomers’ head editor Michael Costa has proven with scientific evidence that affirming a minor by playing into their gender dysphoria can lead to enduring and devastating long term effects. Read it here.

Julie claims in her article, with zero credible evidence, that the laws protecting minors from sex change procedures cause more harm than good. Her only evidence is a Trevor Project Survey, an organization that Gays Against Groomers has exposed in depth that twists data to influence the masses, facilitates minors speaking to strangers about sex, and much more. But this warped data is more emotional blackmail from yet another woke mom who is transitioning her child for the world to see to garner attention and acceptance from her crowd. Playing deeply into victimization and fear, Julie urges all parents to accept their children’s decision to transition before they’re 18 as soon as possible so “nothing bad happens to them” and parents don’t have to become a statistic of hate for asking questions or making their child wait. It’s no surprise that she works for the mainstream media, who are intent on selling this narrative through repetition to weaponize or silence and separate parents from their children.

Children go through many phases. Some children think they’re dinosaurs, or mermaids. If children were not so heavily exposed to gender ideology, fewer of them would be confused about their identities. Many kids let their imaginations run wild when they learn about a new concept. And it’s outrageous we even need to remind people that the objects and interests of children do not define their gender. One of the most ridiculous and offensive claims we’ve heard come from a Louisiana mother who said her child’s affinity for vegetables meant they were transgender. Vegetables...apparently enjoying real food makes you transgender.

Even adults progress and change over the years through mistakes and experiences. Ask someone in their 30’s if they’re the same person they were when they were 20. A child is rapidly changing and growing. Will this child grow to resent her parents for playing into her delusion, a delusion that was heavily influenced by indoctrination and propaganda? How many parents think they’re doing good, when they’re really harming their child beyond repair?

Let’s go over the fact that not every child is magically cured by transitioning. Take Avery for example, who tried to tell his mother she was ruining his life in an HBO documentary called ‘Transhood’ (2020).

Parents like these children's are desperate for attention and profiting from saying to the world: “look at me, I have a trans child and that makes me better than you.” Julie's daughter is nothing but an accessory to her, and it’s heartbreaking to watch. How many times will Julie parade her daughter in articles, interviews, videos or books for profit and attention? Allowing children this young to start medically transitioning is a crime, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if she has been on a waiting list for over a year, 12 is still far too young. Where will she be in a few years, once the puberty blockers have stunted her development and the complications begin? We dread to think.

There’s still time for her parents to change their minds and let the child grow into a healthy adult capable of making rational decisions.

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