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  • Judith Rose

Top 7 Reasons to Join Gays Against Groomers

Gays Against Groomers was founded in June of 2022. Our mission: to end the medicalization, sexualization and indoctrination of children being done under the LGBTQ umbrella. Since its founding, Gays Against Groomers has experienced explosive success. It is clear that the gay community has been hijacked by radical extremists who are waging a war on innocence under the guise of “affirmative care and acceptance,” a truly sinister tactic that emotionally blackmails vulnerable minds. We are undoubtedly not the only ones aware of this sinister trend.

The current narrative among radical LGBTQ+ extremists includes the idea that a young child knows who they are and what they want to be before their brain and body have fully developed, a dangerous notion that can lead to permanently damaging decisions. Biology is being challenged, lines are being blurred, and our society steps closer and closer to normalizing pedophilia through various mass grooming tactics using gender ideology. Those who question these ideas are attacked, a cultish and unacceptable reaction that leaves no room for discussion.

The LGBTQ+ movement has become an unhinged and twisted version of itself. The community that stood for love, acceptance and equality has been turned into an oversexualized push to indoctrinate children with information that is not only excessive, but not a key to their development. This push is leading to mass confusion, misinformation, and even medical malpractice among physicians who are eager to create permanent medical patients to bolster their paycheck. The extremists within the gay community are convinced that their feelings are facts that should not be debated, setting a dangerous precedent for what is regarded as the truth.

No child should grow up thinking they have to change their body in order to love themselves. It is no wonder we have received such passionate support, a clear indication that our organization is both wanted and necessary. Those of us in Gays Against Groomers are here to hold the line and fight for the reputation of the gay community, and we need all the help we can get. Already we have accomplished so much and gained incredible traction via social media and various news outlets, although we have yet to receive an invitation from certain platforms that claim to value all LGBTQ+ people.

If you’re feeling fired up and inspired by our cause, here are 7 reasons to join our rapidly expanding movement:

1. You are gay and find yourself uncomfortable with the over saturation of gay culture, gender ideology, and sexual content being pushed on children.

Gay people have always been a minority who rejected the idea of a “gay agenda.” In spite of this, it now seems the agenda to expose younger and younger children to sexual material, particularly under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, is very real. We are seeing explicit “queer” material popping up in schools, teachers giving hormones to students without their parents consent, half naked drag queens performing sexually for children, and predators disguising themselves within the community to prey on children. This is happening in our name, and it’s leading us to normalized pedophilia. We are on the slippery slope the gay community was warned about when we first fought for our rights.

2. You don’t believe the gay community is a monolith.

Woke progressives in the LGBTQ+ community think they have the final say in what children should be exposed to, but not all gay people agree. Gays Against Groomers respects the fact that not all parents want their young children introduced to advanced concepts related to identity, sexuality and attraction while they’re in development. The gay community is neither a monolith nor a cult, but the forced acceptance currently being carried out by so-called progressives is very cult-like. Those of us who disagree are insulted, disavowed and shunned. They say the difference between a community and a cult is what happens when you try to leave it.

3. You’re feeling isolated from the community because of your beliefs.

Not all gay people have to stand behind LGBTQ+ indoctrination, sexualization, and medicalization of children. The term ‘groomer’ is not a gay slur, since not all groomers are gay. If you’re feeling alone because you don’t agree with the gay people around you, we’ve got your back. Some of the progressives within the community can be very hateful, despite claiming to support all gay and trans people. Since our beliefs deviate from the trending agenda and we aim to call out internal toxic behaviors, many of us are treated as less than and lumped together by those who are threatened by our very existence. We’re even told we’re homophobic and transphobic, which simply isn’t true, no matter how many slanderous articles are written about us.

4. You or someone you love have been negatively affected by the pressures of gender ideology and LGBTQ+ related “woke” culture.

We believe every perspective in the gay community matters, not just those that agree with the narrative. Detransitioners deserve to be heard and respected, as do those who have felt participating in the “pronoun party” damaged their sense of self. We do not believe these stories deserve to be dismissed. There are risks and dangers that come with the current upward LGBTQ+ trend many wish to ignore in favor of looking “accepting” or “politically correct.” Help us protect children from potential damage through your first hand experience. The more of us that speak up about the negative aspects of the radical narrative the better.

5. You feel like gay people are being erased through over-saturated trans ideology.

While adults are free to make their own choices, not all children with gender dysphoria are transgender. In fact, according to the National Health Service in the UK, most children with gender dysphoria are experiencing a transient phase. [source] Puberty is difficult, and some children who may simply be gay are being told to question their identities and even swap genders to validate their confusing feelings/attractions. This has the potential to result in even poorer mental health than before, something that must be taken into consideration before permanent decisions are made. Children deserve time to grow into themselves and discover who they really are.

6. You’re secure in your identity and willing to be a pillar of strength.

Not all gay people need constant validation from the media, movies and companies who ritualistically virtue signal support for the community. We are who we are not because of what we saw on social media, but because we know ourselves better than any outside influence possibly can. Those of us who are secure in ourselves don’t want the unnecessary surge of LGBTQ+ content exposure and gender ideologies, especially when it comes to the environment young children are raised in. We don’t need a rainbow logo to put us at ease or convince us to support a company. Who we love is only a fraction of our identity, not an entire personality. We’re used to being criticized, and we don’t let it get us down or distract us from our mission.

7. You’re ready to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Children cannot properly consent to life changing decisions like hormone blockers or transitional surgeries because they are not fully developed physically or mentally. In July 2022, the FDA issued a warning on puberty blockers, quietly listing serious side effects that are not being discussed by greedy doctors looking for permanent medical patients. The parents, doctors and teachers allowing children to change their gender before they can drive, vote and pay bills are actively participating in child abuse and the destruction of future generations by inhibiting growth and effectively sterilizing youth. In addition, children are being encouraged to talk to strangers in detail about sex under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, rendering them defenseless against potential predators. There are numerous ways things can go wrong, and we have to speak up.

We are running out of time. The extremists in our community refuse to listen to any outsiders, which is why our perspective is key to protecting children from this poison. We must move swiftly to hold the line and prevent the gay community from being used as a conduit for child grooming and pedophilia, and save children from unnecessary medicalization.

If you’re outraged about the infiltration of predators and concerned about where the gay community is headed, you can apply to join Gays Against Groomers by going to

Join the fight against the indoctrination, sexualization and medicalization of children from inside the gay community. Together we will put a stop to this insanity!


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