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  • Michael Costa

Grooming Society to Accept the Grooming of Children: GAG Strikes Back Against the SPLC's Deranged Accusations

If being pro-trans means defending the cold-blooded terrorism of a child killer, then it is understandable how average Americans would view gender extremism as the human rights disaster it has shown itself to be. Excusing the behavior of a demented cross-dresser who likes to surround himself with children and pole dance as “gender expression,” sends the message that what this person is doing is not only normal, but publicly acceptable. It is neither. Trans activism has shown itself to be the biggest threat to child safety that we have seen in our lifetime. It is grooming. A seemingly fringe belief system has taken a totalitarian level of control over our language and culture, fundamentally changing the rules for how we are allowed to describe the devastating atrocities committed by the worst kinds of people. In this new system, sex offenders get awards and positions of power in “Pride” charities, but the gay people who sound the alarms get framed as the villain. A news segment denouncing a child murderer is tarred with “hate speech” allegations. Gay people who denounce pedophile propaganda get branded with fabricated terms like “cis-supremacists” and dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories, ultimately framing a Jewish woman as Adolf Hitler. This new system demands the submission of well-meaning people, using hate campaigns and pressured speech to silence anyone who recognizes material reality. Not only is it grooming of children, but it is grooming society to accept the grooming of children. 

Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center had the audacity to add Gays Against Groomers to their "Extremist Files" and say that our description of Audrey Hale, the deeply disturbed woman who shot up an elementary school, as a "deranged psychopath" was discriminatory. We stand by what we said and gladly say it again: Audrey Hale was a deranged psychopath. She deserves no respect whatsoever, and anyone who mourned her death or excused the bloodshed should be ashamed of themselves. And yet their behavior is unsurprising because the same genderqueer communists who rally in support of a school shooter accuse parents of being domestic terrorists for speaking at school board meetings. Go figure.


SPLC’s website does not provide a reference list, but when you take the time to click through their linked sources, you will find hit pieces, celebrity gossip, communist blogs, Wikipedia, corporate hate campaigns from the past, and more nonsense. For instance, in November 2022, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that Newsweek has "taken a marked radical right turn by buoying extremists and promoting authoritarian leaders.” The mistake they made was citing Newsweek as a source in an article about Gays Against Groomers. That is not a professional investigation; that’s just lazy.  

The same author went into deep dives about volunteers from our organization who were removed over a year ago, with rumors based on Kardashian tabloids and a brief internet beef we had with Bruce Jenner on social media last summer. But if you ask the queers, even they seem to know that Jenner is prone to publicity stunts, and is therefore not to be taken seriously. They irresponsibly sourced information from Alemandra Caraballo, a very unstable individual with a history of stalking, doxxing, anti-gay harassment, and failed attempts at vilifying the women who founded our organization. This information is outdated and incorrect. The introduction to SPLC’s hit piece states “GAG has more than a dozen chapters in the United States and abroad.” We now have double that amount of state chapters and are currently only operating within the US. Downplaying our number of chapters is clearly an intentional attempt at downplaying our entire organization. 

Let this formal response show that The SPLC's accusations were not only hostile, incorrect, and mentally ill, but they reflect pure prejudice. Their persistent lying is unacceptable. We have a right to defend ourselves against intolerance with integrity and return the favor by adding them to our platform, as well. SPLC, you're on our RADAR.


Accusation (Censorship):

“The group also supports censoring LGBTQ+ people, topics and images.”


The author cites misinformation from an organized censorship campaign, courtesy of GLAAD, HRC, and Media Matters to get us banned from the internet. This is an extremist version of “censoring LGBTQ+ people, topics, and images.”


Accusation (“Critical Race Theory” books):

Gays Against Groomers attacks anti-racist and LGBTQ+ inclusive education practices. Their evidence was an article that did not even mention us.


Gays Against Groomers has consistently been clear in our messaging: We request that sexually explicit books about harming children be removed from the classroom.


Accusation (Drag for kids):

“The group characterizes these people and institutions as ‘groomers’ because they support gender-affirming health care and/or because they offer spaces for LGBTQ+ people to express their identity openly, such as space for drag performances (the satirical sendup of gender roles).”


If you need to strip for children in order to openly express your gender identity, then yes, we demand that you be less open about it.


Accusation (problematic flag)

They claim that our flag discriminates against LGBTQ+ people of color, noting that “a version of the Progress Pride Flag that replaces stripes representing LGBTQ+ people of color and trans people with the GAG logo.


Both the Progress Pride Flag and Transgender Pride Flag were invented by white men, neither of whom identify as gay. The baby blue and baby pink flag was invented by a straight white man who crossdressed in his mother's underwear and had sick fantasies about kids. We even went on the news to report on it as a way to warn the public about what his movement represents. According to our viral RADAR exposé, "He confessed to stealing women’s underwear, including his own mother’s, and went on to write erotic fantasies about his fetish. In a story from his novel 'tales from a two-gendered mind,' Hogge/Helms wrote a story sexualizing a 'magical woman' who permanently looked like a teenage girl.” Yes, we demand that the baby blue and baby pink stripes be removed from our flag. They represent sexual exploitation and surgically violating little girls and boys. There is no pride in sexually mutilating vulnerable children with weekly injections that make them sick. We do not consent to the banner of perversion being displayed in our name. It is a symbol of oppression and needs to be banned in all 50 states. Get it OUT of the schools and throw it in the garbage where it belongs. If nobody is going to remove the pedophile iconography for us, then it will be blacked out. We sincerely hope you are offended, and we stamped on our logo just to rub it in. Bite me.


Accusation (problematic post on GAG X, formerly Twitter):


That was a joke. No, Gays Against Groomers is not encouraging people to throw children off of cliffs. Are you out of your mind?


Accusation (Gay fascism):

“GAG has attempted to harness the energy of QAnon conspiracies by enlisting its leaders from among the QAnon movement, but also by recruiting adherents of other conspiratorial and extremist ideologies including COVID-19 and anti-vaccination conspiracies, 2020 election conspiracists, antigovernment militias, anti-Muslim extremists and white supremacists … contemporary right-wing extremists … conservative loyalists … Trump insiders … a continuation of QAnon conspiracies – and GAG leaders’ involvement with the movement prior to founding GAG.”


Schizophrenic claims of us being MAGA dictator supervillains who are taking over the government and overthrowing democracy all stem from a ridiculous Media Matters hit piece authored by Mia Gingerich, a straight man who supports poisoning autistic kids with pedophile castration drugs. We do not identify with QAnon, Adolf Hitler, satanic pizza parlors, The Westboro Baptist Church, or Anita Bryant. We have members from all political backgrounds and a commitment to nonpartisanship. Some of us came from the gay rights movement. We have lesbians who have been warning about “gender identity” legislation since 1994. I am a founding member of GAG, and I have never voted Republican. But I had no problem reaching across the political aisle to fight for a common cause that I felt was important. No gay movement has ever been politically homogeneous, and the same is true for ours. Our community has a history of doing activism by building bridges with one another when we do not see eye-to-eye on everything. This is not new. Anti-gay narcissists were not able to stop us in the past, and we will not let them stop us now.

Their evidence for us being far-right QAnon conspiracy overlords was the fact that we were guests on The Megyn Kelly show and make regular appearances in Fox News stories. We would like to point out that we just launched a weekly radio show on a progressive network; we do podcasts and interviews with people of all types; and Megyn Kelly is an icon. At one point, they assert that we posted an Alex Jones conspiracy about the “deep state,” however no citation of the post was provided.


Accusation (Groomer is an anti-LGBTQ+ slur):

“Gays Against Groomers uses ‘groomer’ rhetoric to attack people who support gender-affirming care and LGBTQ+ rights.”


Imagine having the audacity to claim that an organization called Gays Against Groomers is “prejudiced towards LGBTQ+ people?” The SPLC are the ones equating LGBTQ+ with grooming, not the other way around. Nobody has a civil right to convince children that they are trapped in the wrong body, keep secrets from their parents, amputate their healthy body parts, or dress up like a stripper and dance provocatively for an audience of toddlers. Boundaries exist for a reason, groomer. We are saying NO.


Accusation (Gender-affirming Cancer):

“GAG relies on the false characterization that it is protecting children. By limiting health care options … GAG is maintaining homophobic and transphobic oppression that jeopardizes the health and safety of children and the stability of American civil society.”


The SPLC relies on the false characterization that injecting 9-year-olds with Leuprorelin, a prostate cancer drug that was once used to castrate high-risk sex offenders, which is not FDA-approved and prescribed off-label in gender clinics, is a form of lifesaving health care. Children need to be protected from gender-affirming cancer, and we are the ones showing up in court to get it outlawed. Moms and dads across “American civil society,” both straight and gay, are grateful for what our movement has been able to accomplish. The leading medical professionals in England, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, and Germany align with our position that “blocking puberty” is dangerous. The decision to shut down the clinics was made in order to protect children from irreversible harm. It did not jeopardize the health and safety of children or the stability of Finnish civil society. We are extremely proud to be on the right side of history.


Accusation (“This isn't happening”):

The article cited hit pieces from PinkNews and LGBTQ Nation which compared Jaimee Michell to nazis (again) and went on to say that “no major American medical organization recommends bottom surgery for minors as part of a gender-affirming health care plan,” which was very confusing, to say the least. 


If these services go against the medical standards…then they should not be offered, right? If pediatric genital mutilation is not happening, then banning such barbaric procedures in all fifty states will not change anything…right? Well, the problem is that these surgeries are being done on children, and the scars of medical malpractice will last a lifetime. "I'm proud of my scars … I call them my battle wounds," Jazz Jennings said in an ominous People Magazine article, complete with a photoshoot showing off the surgical scars. Dr. Bowers, a famous gynecologist from WPATH, performed a vaginoplasty on a minor, and the complications were life-threatening. A minor had their genitals mangled and torn apart on television for millions of viewers.

They refer to gay jewish women as Nazis, but the word “groomer” is taking it too far? According to their own ideology, misgendering is a form of “anti-LGBTQ+ violence” but carving up teenage lesbians and removing their organs is noble and inclusive. We would like to remind them that being misgendered does not require months of bed rest and healing. There is nothing noble about tomboy butchery, a hate crime committed by homophobic doctors who hate them. It might not be easy to hear, but we will continue to shout it from the rooftops until this madness is ended for good. We will not let these criminals get away with it – not in our name.


Accusation (“Dragphobia”):

The SPLC falsely claims that we have a goal to end drag performances, yet they provide no source for this accusation because it is an outright lie. 


People can wear what makes them happy. We just disapprove of grown men in fishnets twerking in children's faces. We hold signs that say, “DRAG IS NOT FOR KIDS!” at our peaceful rallies, not “MAKEUP IS NOT FOR MEN!” 


Accusation (Lesbian Erasure):

At one point, they picked apart fragments of various unrelated quotes from our founder and president, Jaimee Michell, as evidence of her internal anti-trans bigotry. The botched quotes are from an interview where she was discussing her concerns about how female erasure is impacting the lesbian community. Taking her statements out-of-context as a way to smear her is homophobic manipulation.


The homophobes conveniently forgot to cite their source for these allegedly dehumanizing statements that "deny the humanity and existence of trans people.” Did they get this information from Bruce Jenner, as well? A quick Google search shows that it was actually taken from a portion of her Breitbart interview displayed below:

Lesbians are female. Men cannot be lesbians. Every gay person knows this. Cry about it.


Accusation (Detransitioners):

“GAG has, in fact, partnered with anti-trans detransitioners – people who previously benefited from gender-affirming care, but stopped transitioning and now work to end gender-affirming care for others.”


GAG has, in fact, welcomed detransitioners into our movement with open arms while the alphabet mafia insists on demonizing them and denying their existence. A disproportionate amount of detransitioners are gay people. They reach out to us all the time asking for help because they feel like they have no one to turn to. Some of them are public about their experience; some of them are anonymous; some of them are dealing with debilitating illnesses; some of them are navigating the aftermath of gender-affirming malpractice; some of them are estranged from their family and friends; some of them were first prescribed hormones after a twenty minute visit to the local Planned Parenthood; some of them are just looking for a support system in their time of need; and every single one of them has a story that deserves to be heard. There is no reason why we should shun people from within our own community because they disprove the “gender identity” narrative. If trans extremists are offended by the existence of detransitioners, then that is too bad. The detrans reckoning is here, whether you like it or not. These people deserve justice, not censorship.


Accusation (Gay Conversion Therapy 2.0):

"GAG Missouri chapter leader Chris Barrett dismissed trans identity, claiming most trans kids are 'just gay' kids who are being forced to transition by their parents and permissive medical practices. GAG used similar rhetoric at the Anaheim, California, rally where participants held signs reading, 'Stop Transing [sic] Gay Kids.'"


Dr. Ren Massey, who is currently an active member of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), was recently on record saying that when given time to grow up and figure out their sexuality, a lot of patients "clarify some of their gender issues." The mass-medicalization of gender nonconforming children is very new and only started a few years ago. Throughout history, the standard practice was to leave these children alone and not rush them down the path of transition because most of them, an upwards of 88%, outgrow their feelings of discomfort and wind up being happy gay adults. Doctors, surgeons, and even the New York Times have confirmed that this is Gay Conversion Therapy 2.0, as well. It is not hateful to speak the truth. We want everybody to know that if you support transitioning children, then you are nothing but a vile homophobe, and we look upon you with scorn.


Accusation (Lighting trans people on fire):

Gays Against Groomers is violent and calls on its members to burn trans people to the ground.


No. We specifically advocate against violence. Nobody is trying to light trans people on fire. 


Accusation (LGBTQ+ insanity):

“[Gays Against Groomers] wants to ‘reclaim the community we once called our own’ and has described its mission to ‘put an end’ to the ‘insanity’ of the modern LGBTQ+ movement’s ‘alphabet religion.’”


That is correct.


Accusation (Jaimee Michell is Gay Hitler):

The author accuses GAG of upholding “white cis-supremacy” and that we believe “trans identity is a threat to white cis-supremacy … Combined with a racialized fear that trans identity can undermine white cis-supremacy, GAG justifies eliminating the perceived threat to white children by censoring information about LGBTQ+ experiences, controlling access to all technology and banning gender-affirming health care.” They followed up this accusation by calling our founder a Nazi (again).


Source? If they are implying that all of our volunteers are white, then they are highly mistaken. We were founded by a lesbian couple, neither of whom are white men. How many times are trans extremists going to compare her to Hitler before it becomes problematic? No, seriously. Is the doxxing and proliferation of misinformation about a Jewish lesbian, calling her a Nazi homophobe considered acceptable behavior? We assume the SPLC would know better, given that they claim to conquer bigotry and racism. What a disgusting organization you are.


Accusation (problematic op-ed):

“GAG Washington leader Alex Chrostowski continues this line of thought, claiming, ‘There seems to be a perverse race to the bottom’ in which students seek to “prove their own claims about how ‘disadvantaged’ they are by feigning mental illness and displaying ‘increasingly disruptive attitudes or behaviors in class.’ These behaviors are brought about, Chrostowski claims, by access to information and a permissive social climate that ‘celebrates any divergence from the norm, ie white, straight, cisgender’ and treats whiteness and heterosexuality as ‘if they are to be barely tolerated.’”


This was taken from one of RADAR's best op-eds – a beautifully written piece about how social media culture is affecting the mental health of teenage girls and causing disruptive behaviors in the classroom. Her analysis of identity, victimhood, and self-esteem was spot-on. Ms. Chrostowski really outdid herself with that one. Thank you so much for recognizing 

her brilliance. Bravo. chefs kiss


Accusation (taken from the “INTIMIDATION CAMPAIGNS” section):

Throughout 2022 and 2023, GAG members staged in-person events, participating in demonstrations, protests, testifying in legislatures, and sometimes local school board meetings … Michell, too, participates in this ‘ground team,’ appearing in 2023 at the Moms for Liberty Summit in Philadelphia.”


Gay people have a history of staging protests, testifying in legislatures, and standing up against injustice. But now we are expected to keep quiet because free speech makes nonbinary folx feel intimidated? If holding signs that say, “Kids Can't Consent” is considered a threat to the gender movement, then that is they/them's problem, not ours. Giving a speech at the Moms For Liberty's conference about parental rights and the public education system is not an intimidation campaign.


Accusation (LGBTQ+ Politicians):

The article accused us of disliking “LGBTQ+ Politicians” and the example they provided was proven to be a hoax. “In December 2022, Erik Bottcher, an openly gay New York City Council member, reported harassing phone calls and protests outside his office after attending a drag story hour. Bottcher later reported that two women who “were a part of Gays Against Groomers” graffitied his office and, while he was attending synagogue, entered his apartment building, and were arrested for trespassing. The women used the same rhetoric employed by GAG to demonize LGBTQ+ people in public life. On Dec. 20, 2022, Bottcher tweeted a video of the people he identified as drag story hour protesters assaulting one of his neighbors.”


If the person who wrote this article was acting in good faith, then they would have clarified that this story wound up being FALSE, and the media issued a retraction. We have addressed this hoax multiple times. “On December 19th, all of us were in Arizona for a convention. The people in the news story about vandalizing Erik Bottcher’s office are not in our organization. We have no idea who these people are. And we were bewildered when we saw this news story pop up while all of us were together, on the other side of the country. It was proven to be yet another hoax. We had nothing to do with it. Accusations of terrorism have been disproven. We have every right to call out inappropriate behavior from WITHIN our own so-called “community.” Banning our organization from multiple platforms is anti-gay censorship. Claiming that an organization run by a lesbian couple is "anti-LGBTQ" is homophobic. It shows the true colors of the people pushing this political narrative.” We show and receive support for gay politicians all the time. Some of our members are running for office in local elections, and we are actively endorsing gay politicians whose campaigns are aligned with our mission. This is a LIE. REMOVE THESE ACCUSATIONS IMMEDIATELY.


Accusation (Scott Weiner):

“GAG shared a doctored photo of openly gay California state Sen. [Scott Weiner] holding a book with the title altered to read, ‘SB 107 How to Legally Kidnap Children by Scott Wiener.’”


Yes, and we did it again last Tuesday. 


Accusation (GAG vandalized West Hollywood):

The final section reiterated more disproven accusations of Gays Against Groomers hunting down drag queens and vandalizing traffic poles in West Hollywood. 


Oddly enough, they forgot to cite their sources. Does it have anything to do with the fact that these stories were popularized by GLAAD's defamatory article, which was later debunked? "GLAAD's defamatory article accuses our organization of harassing drag queens in Washington, despite having no evidence. The source they cited did not even mention us (Steele, 2023). For such a powerful corporation, GLAAD should stop lying about gay people to the public ... GLAAD [also] claims that we vandalized West Hollywood in order to harass drag queens. Their proof was that a sticker from our merch store was found on a pole. The sticker and graffiti were not put there by members of Gays Against Groomers. The fact that somebody hung up a sticker with our logo printed on it does not provide evidence that we vandalized Los Angeles. That is absurd."


Accusation (misinformation):

Gays Against Groomers “spreads misinformation about LGBTQ+ people and gender-affirming care.”


We could say the same thing about the Southern Poverty Law Center, but at least we have the decency to list our sources. Groomer.


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